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Brandy -- Busted by Meter Maid?

1/24/2007 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two weeks after she was behind the wheel in a fatal crash, it looks like Brandy had more car trouble.

After shopping at The Bodhi Tree Bookstore on Melrose Avenue last Friday, a smiling Brandy returned to her car, unaware of what appears to be a parking ticket on her windshield.

She then jumped into her ride and drove off without even noticing the ticket.

Coincidentally, the DVD she purchased was about the power of positive thinking.


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george vieto    

The Domino effect is in place. First a car accident and now a parking ticket. Brandy will need all the help she can get.

2798 days ago

Beverly Alexander    

Why do you people give a F*** about these damn celebrities? This is happening in every day life why are we condemning this woman? Because she's a celebrity? Give it a F-ing rest or get a damn life. Yes she's driving again ,she's gonna continue to drive and live her life. So F-ing WHAT? GEEZ!!!!!

2798 days ago


Brandi will be put in check soon.

2798 days ago


"Dead Woman?" .... "Dead Woman, Who?!" ... "I needs to gets me to BestBuy and pick up a 'Grand Theft Auto' on (Nintendo) Wii for my baby's daddy, yo!" Tsk. lol Hey, what would that fat, Black woman, Thea say??? Anyone remember the failed mid-'90s ABC sitcom, 'Thea'? She was this Black Roseanne (Barr). You know...... the show that helped LAUNCH Brandy Norwood's snivelling, miserable career?!

2798 days ago


Farrah is funny as hell...she's doing that because some of you folks that that all the time. i also want to note that women are bad drivers. i had a accident a few days ago but i was also...

2798 days ago


iI wish Brandy had died instead. then we would have had people call the mother some kind of towel head. either way the racist wldve been happy. Rest in peace to the woman who have died. I hope your in heaven knowing that Brandy didnt wake up wondering who to kill and whose life to cause pain upon. she can only be in heaven with those thoughts. Farrah as in Farrakhan?

2798 days ago

David McQueen    

About time to play the race card, hey, Brandy?

2798 days ago


I had alittle smypathy for her, but now she can go straight to hell, the smug look on her face, PAY THE TICKET BIT--! You're no better than the rest of us.

2798 days ago


Hey Brandy Fan, when you hit someone from behind it's called your fault, not paying attention, following too close, need I say more. IT WAS HER FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2797 days ago


SO WHAT IF THE WRECK WAS HER FAULT!!! People have ACCIDENTS. Famous and non-famous.
To quote "I had alittle smypathy for her, but now she can go straight to hell, the smug look on her face, PAY THE TICKET BIT--! You're no better than the rest of us."
It's plain to see that the picture of Brandy smiling is a different picture than of the one getting in her car from the DVD store. TABLOIDS ADD PICTURES! She's human. HUMAN HUMAN HUMAN!!! Like me and you. God forbid YOU should get into an accident that takes someones life. God forbid your family or friends, or complete strangers go around judging you, saying you planned to kill the person in the car that you killed. You all act like she's HAPPY for a horrible car crash. She's not. She's probably going through the same pain as those poor people who lost that young mother. It's called having a heart, and Brandy has a big one. God help any of you IDIOTS who made bad slurs on her, if your fate should take a turn, and one day you are walking in her shoes.
I'm done posting here on this topic, it's pointless trying to talk to SOME people with no common sense. Leave the girl alone... she's the same and me or you. I hope and pray none of you have to go through what she is no doubt going through.
To all the ones posting with a BRAIN.... good job on keeping your common sense about it all. To everyone else.. once again... BACK OFF! One day you may be sticking your pretty little feet in that girls shoes!

2797 days ago



Brandy's insurance company will have to pay any amount due to the victim's family if it's found to be Brancy's fault. I KNOW that once a person receives money from an insurance company you cannot try to sue the insured driver for an additional amount. It's called a "Settlement". That's why it's important to carry 100/300/500 or more insurance on each policy.

No extras here !

2797 days ago
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