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George Lopez: The Chin is A Chump

1/24/2007 7:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ready for the next celeb slugfest? Call it The Chin vs. El Chingon.

The Latino funnyman lashed out at Jay Leno this morning on an Orlando, FL radio show, calling him "the worst interviewer" on TV and "the biggest two-faced dude" in the industry. On the Scott and Erica Morning Show on WOMX, Lopez accused Leno of playing nice by calling him after Lopez's kidney transplant in April 2005, and then putting "the knife in [his] back" through Leno's producers. Lopez didn't specify what that knife was about, but clearly there's some bad blood a brewin' between the two comics.

Reps for Leno and Lopez did not immediately return calls for comment.


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George is not a racist and everyone knows it! He is a comedian and like all other comedians he makes jokes about people regardless of race. I have seen George 2 times, bought 3 CDs, and watch his show on ABC. The man makes fun of everybody, even his own family and race. He is just too funny. Maybe you guys need to "put some Vicks on" to let the healing begin.

Leno is also funny and he makes fun of everyone too. I agree the he is a better standup comic then an interviewer. If you are doing the "Tonight Show" you should be better prepared and not have to read off of cards to ask questions. However I do like Jay.

2798 days ago


George Lopez is a "manufactured" Latino created by the network to attract Hispanic viewers. Ohterwise, he is just another no-talent, wannabe!

2798 days ago


Many valid comments. I must say, I do watch Leno, almost nightly, but lately I have realized that almost EVERY NIGHT, he has to make a negative comment about the Clintons. He must be a TOTAL REPUBLICAN LOVER, as he is also buddies with Azzhole Schwartan*****.

Let's see, Clinton had our BUDGET BALANCED, WITH A SURPLUS OF MONEY, Bush -- we are at war, our own soldiers are dying daily, and BILLIONS IN DEBT. WITHOUT DECIDING WHICH PARTY YOU WANT TO BE IN -- WHICH DO YOU PREFER?

What has Bush done wrong, compared to Clinton. So, Clinton had sex in the oval office, told a fib about it because he was embarrassed and humiliated. But what a great president, as far as accomplishments. AND WE HAD MONEY IN THE BANK!!! Bush is successful at killing young men and women daily in his fake war for oil - NOT WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! And, the economy sucks...

Meanwhile, Leno puts Clinton down, EVERY DAY! Always a lying or sex joke. Isn't it enough already? Why do this for the LAST 6 YEARS? And now, attacking Hillary also.

The comment about Leno checking out every woman's breasts that are on his show, that is totally true...

I don't know what the beef is between him and Lopez, but it seems he is MASTER OF THE PUT-DOWN, and gets away with it daily. That seems to be because most people like to laugh at others problems, so they don't have to focus on themselves.

So, there isn't much on TV at that time, except for good old TV LAND. That has been the recent choice for me, so I don't have to hear ... blah, blah, blah Clinton had sex, blah blah.... or about mean, old Hillary.

LENO HAS TURNED INTO A BOOB! Maybe because he stares at them so much! AND WHAT A BRAGGAR! Always talking about his many expensive cars. He does not have much to spend his money on, except his wife and cat, so he has a 50 car garage of expensive things. Do you ever hear about him doing any charity events? He auctions off a motorcycle for hurricane victims, gets it signed by all his guests, but the bike is donated by Harley Davidson, and not a Leno penny involved.

Lopez, I don't know. Don't watch his show, but I used to hear him on L.A. Radio and not so bad.

Good Luck all, sorry for the ramble, been mad at Jay myself for a long time.

2798 days ago


I like the monalogue part of Jay's show but others write it for him. He does seem to make fun of a lot of people though. I like the funny newpaper issues ads on the show. He is a stupid acting host. Last night stuffing grapes in the guest & his mouth there was no need for and not at all funny! What is entertaining or interesting about that? I don't watch the Lopez show it is usually people just bickering. If you like either one of them watch and if you don't you have the option to turn off YOU TV.

2798 days ago

Sue Wood    

Lopez, Letterman, Leno, Conan, Kimmel, King - all on TV.
It's simple - just change the channel, or turn it off.
Geez people - there are much more serious issues in our country than people bashing. In fact, IF people would NOT buy into people bashing, this would be a much more happy country.

2798 days ago

Cheryl Sims    

the comments about jayl eno being a perv are right on. my girlfriend and i ran into him at a restaurant in Burbank and he stared at her, non stop, for at least 3 minutes straight. we were just ready to complain to management when he got in some antique car and left.


2798 days ago


Lopez is right Leno is a bad interviewer. Leno can be funny but is limited in his humor. He plays it to straight. Lopez is out there and I like when comedy is out there it's more fun.

2798 days ago


lopez goes shooting to the top of the whiney ass - i should be famous and have a show on real tv list.

2798 days ago

pepper sanchez    

What's up Lopez's butt besidw an ability to get his puny thoughts eaten up by 4th rate intervierws. Priceless, not worth S____.

2798 days ago


That's exactly it, #30. Thanks, Bill.

2798 days ago

pepper sanchez    

Lopez's got a problem with the chin boo hoo can you be more of a winer george.Come on George tought you were a bit more above ass wiping.

2798 days ago


How can you say he rips on everybody? He said one thing about Asians, nothing about blacks and everything else was bitter hatred about white people. It wasn't even comical, all that unfunny racist tw*t did was reveal his bitterness and hatred for all white people, disgusting. He's proud of the ignorance of uneducated Latinos and his dumb audience celebrated their ignorance. Yelling viva la raza, and all that crap, the Nazis used to talk about the race too. He also talked about Latinos rebuilding New Orleans. Thats right George, but who do you thinks paying for it? Yes you hate white people, but there would be no USA or American Dream if it wasn't for the people that built this country. Yes thats right white people. Now you go f*** yourself George

2753 days ago

Viva la Gringos    

I just watched George Lopez's HBO Show. Where's the funny? The greatest comic ever, Ricahrd Pryor, used the issues of race to point out how stupid we ALL were. Above all, HE WAS FUNNY.

I am white and proud of it. Each race should be proud of their heritage. But to be proud of being ignorant, or wiping people's food on their ass, that is why La Raza will remain third class. In the white and Asian communities, generally, we applaud success. It seems that success is a bad word, generally, in black and latino communities. Obama is not black enough. Richardson is not latin enough. I have just come to the conclusion that minorities are keeping themselves down. Whites just have to sit back and watch the Black and Latino gangs kill each other off. Lopez is not doing anyone a favor, especially LA Raza. Forget about the man. The man stopped worrying about you a long time ago. Get an education and stop being racist. Bring on the funny.

Go on, and tell me how racist I am, but how funny Lopez is.

As for Leno, he is main stream and a different type of comedian. Not my cup of tea. But I would much rather be bored by Leno, then insulted by Lopez.

2750 days ago

Frank Abagail    

To respond to an earlier post, no, that isn't reverse discrimination. Like the dude said in 'The Animal', reverse discrimination is when you're really nice to the other race for years of the discrimination that have been committed against them.

2749 days ago

melinda casenova    

george lopez rocks whoever disagrees sucks he is halarious watch his show more you people would understand n like it. i love u george lopez

1487 days ago
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