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1/25/2007 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now that every Urban, Spade and Cojo has taken to sporting the Meg Ryan-spawned man-shag, a new haircut of mass destruction has reared its ugly head: The man-bob!

The Man-Bob Attacks
Once relegated to the likes of Dorothy Hamill and Posh Spice, now some of Hollywood's hottest hunks, like actor-turned-goth rocker Jared Leto (upper left), and "Heroes" star Milo Ventimiglia (upper right), are getting their locks sheared, shaped and flat-ironed into the feminine flip. How lovely!

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz (lower left) has taken the emasculating man-bob a step further by also adding heavy eyeliner to the not-so-dandy do, while AFI's Davey Havok's (lower right) man-bob with fake eyelashes makes RuPaul look butch. Can you say Liza with a Z?

Before you start blaming these metrosexual messes for their bad bouffants, send your man-bob hate mail to the real person responsible for its 21st Century resurgence -- Miss Rosie O'Donnell (center).


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I think the precedant to these do's is more pre punk Edie Sedgwick than
a Liza shag

2804 days ago


Yuck. Make up your mind which way you want to go.

2828 days ago


jerad can for some reason still get away with still looking cute but god the rest are sooo ugly.

2828 days ago


"the real man responsible"???? Even in a stupid hair article anyone can slip an ignorant homophobic remark. And in the same breath discussed Isiah Washington's homophobia in condemnation. Psychotic? Sure. Hypocritical,a 100% Ignorant and bigoted, without a doubt!

2828 days ago


Its about time somebody commented on these weirdos. What a bunch of creeps.

2828 days ago


Layered hair equals Man-bob? Uh... The whole pretense of this article is irrefutably lame, it's just tragic that Rosie ODonnell's name and obvious cross cultural fugly equals "an ignorant homophobic remark." I'm more surprised you didn't get nailed for the RuPaul thing. I suppose the fact that Davey veets his pits makes it okay.

2828 days ago


The reason for this look is the fad called EMO. It means emotional whiny boys wear really tight skinny leg jeans and skin tight shirts and steal their sister's eyeliner. It is kind of a gender bending fad because the haircut and style is the exact same for the EMO girls. The really skinny guys with no hips look like thirteen year old girls. The music is a llittle rock with high pitched whiney vocals. All American Rejects, Fall Out Boy and many more have the EMO sound.

2828 days ago

chi chi    

Davey looks great with that cut, he recently has it in a shorter version but I agree he needs to forego the lashes. AFI was on SNL this past weekend where Davey was seen in all his sexaliciousness!

2828 days ago


gross-'nuff said

2828 days ago


Please retract the statement in your article regarding Rosie O'Donnell being "the real man responsible". That's a blatantly homophobic remark and I will no longer be reading TMZ until there is an apology issued or the statement is removed. Celebrity gossip is one thing but homophobia is despicable.

2828 days ago

Ms. V    

Call me crazy but I've always dug boys with funky haicuts and eyeliner. It's a rock chick thing. I can guarantee that Pete Wentz and Jared Leto get more p***y than a kitty litter box. Wentz is packing the goods too.

2828 days ago


Cp is right. This is the emo look, except for Rosie and that guy from Heros. Their hair looks too soft and flowey for emo. The key is the angles and shredded edges. To me, the haircut is sort of replaying the skater fad of the 80s. We called it the skater cut. Boys would grow out their bangs and cut the back and one side short. Nothing new under the sun here.

2828 days ago


Not 100% related but the article mentioned Cojo...have you noticed that he and Lara Spencer, (the once respected correspondent on Antiques Roadshow that has forever been tarnished by appearing on the worst show on TV ever, (the Anorexic twins work out with Mary Jo, Joey and the Long Island Lolita during February sweeps while we claim things that happened last week are "breaking news on The Insider)'s getting difficult to tell Cojo and Lara Spencer apart, no?

2828 days ago

Melissa Roe    

Ummm....#6...while I agree with some of your statement, TMZ has the right to call Rosie whatever they want. It may seem homophobic, but it is what most people think. It is not the fact that she is a lesbian who looks like a 350 pound fatass ugly is her even fatter mouth and obnoxious personality that make people hate her. The fact that no man on earth would touch her and she has had to turn to other obese nasty women is just icing on the cake.

Rosie needs to do everyone a favor and OD on twinkies and McDonalds and leave the world alone. The View sucked enough when Al Reynolds fag hag was on there...but it has went to further depths with the big mouthed ignorant Rosie, who seems to set the standard for fat lesbians everywhere.

2828 days ago


A perfect example why AFI sucks now.

2828 days ago
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