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Indy Car Legend Busted for DUI

1/26/2007 3:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the mugshot of race car driver Al Unser Jr., taken moments after he was busted for DUI and leaving the scene of a crash on a Nevada freeway.
Al Unser Jr.
According to law enforcement officials, the Indy 500 racer was arrested after he was identified as the driver of a car that sideswiped another on the Las Vegas Beltway early Thursday morning.

Unser's car was practically unscathed in the incident, but the other car crashed into a cement center median. No injuries were reported at the scene.

Unser, who won the Indy 500 in both 1992 and 1994, underwent treatment for alcohol abuse in 2002.


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That picture is worth a thousand words...ha ha ha

2795 days ago

coco puff    

Just a warning to you'll. Don't piss off another driver on the road. He may be a race car champion, who even drunk, will put your ass into the wall and keep on racing. God Bless you Al, we love you!!!

2795 days ago

Great Dane    

He looks like the kind of guy that would be sitting at the end of the bar, trying to get the young ladies to talk to him......

Why can't people just take a cab, or call a friend.....this DUI stuff is out of control!!!!!!!

2795 days ago


Sure looks like he has a good attitude about the whole

2795 days ago

avid reader    

That's not side-swipping, it's called rubbing! It's legal in racing, apparently he forgot he wasn't on the race track. On a more serious note, I find it very upsetting that someone who makes his fortune because of his driving abilities and who many young people look up to, decided to get behind the wheel of a car under the influence. I definetly think NASCAR should take a strong stance on this matter.

2795 days ago

Michael Richards    

He doesnt race in NASCAR, #6. By the looks of that pic, he has hit the wall several times, WITH HIS FACE!!!! muahh ha ha ha ha

2795 days ago

Hot Carl    

Even drunk as sh*t this guy drives better than Brandy, Nicole's stunt driver, Nicole, and Paris combined!!

2795 days ago

tn titan fan    

Hey avid reader Al Unser Jr drivers INDY 500 cars not Nascar it is up to INDY to do anything about it just like it is up to the football teams to do something to their players when they get a dui or etc. this goes for any kind of sports most of the time the head of the raceing only gets on a racers if it was something that happen on the track or if he failed a drug test etc. I think Al may need to try rehab again I am sure the vegas courts will handle it .I am just glad that I am home in Tn. visiting family and not home in Las vegas right there is crazy drivers out there
I do hope Al learns from this
nascar loverrrrrrrr
dale jr fan

2795 days ago


First, Little Al is retired. He does not race anything. He may get a ride for the Indy 500, but he is not a full time driver. Additionally, he was not a NASCAR driver. He competed in a far more difficult and challenging style of racing, Indy car. Guys like Dale Earnhardt could never even get a sniff at that level of racing.

It's unfortunate that Al is going through this again. He could have been the absolute best driver ever, better than Foyt. Unfortunately, he battles the Unser demons. Ultimately, he comes from a true racing family that lived on the edge and lost many members in racing fatalities. It's hard not to envision them seeking solace in the bottle.

2795 days ago


Too many Celebrities getting away with drunk driving..And don't most families have Demons.. ? The Unser Family has lost one person to a racing accident..that was Jerry.. would have been Al,Jr.'s Uncle..

2795 days ago

Michael Richards    

I dont think this is a mugshot. He is wearing flame retardant nike shirt. Looks like he is about to suit up for a race.....

2795 days ago

We, are not amused.    

I fricking HATE when that got a good buzz on, you're cruising along and then some amateur gets in the way...oh well..."Mr. Amateur, meet Mr. Wall!"

2795 days ago


just another drunken redneck........whats the big deal?

2795 days ago


There should be a new category, "Driving While Under the Influence of Stupidity".
DUS. While there are many drunk drivers on the road, there are sure a lot of lost stupid fucks who'll think nothing of coming to a dead stop while they figure out what they are going to do next.....on a busy road a rush hour....or if they're lost, I guess I'm supposed to understand they are getting directions while they are driving so these simpletons need to stop and concentrate while they hold up an entire road. DUS! DUS! DUS!

2794 days ago

patty cake    

drunk hick..lucky white trash with a bank account...lock him up ASSHOLE

2794 days ago
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