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Leo Jeered by Spanish Press

1/26/2007 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Leonardo DiCaprio has pissed off the Spanish press.

After arriving an hour late for a photo call in Madrid to promo his film "Blood Diamond," the three-time Oscar nominee met with hooting from the angry press.

Leo could only endure thirty seconds of it and walked out of the room annoyed -- prompting the jeering crowd to break into applause! Adios, Leo! Pobrecito, chapparito!


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the sweet sound of your 15 minutes are up, a-hole

2827 days ago



2827 days ago


This is what happens when you get so high above other , simple people's lives , thinking that you can allow yourself everything since you are a "star".
Other people's kids and families are waiting for them, warm food .. the prospect of sexy loving.... So Leo dont f....k with the people.....The same people who put you on the throne are also the ones who drag you down....
Learn from history dude...

2827 days ago


oh week, the paps are going to love him again...

he shouldn't have been late, but so what? if they didn't want to wait for him, they should have just gone home...

2827 days ago

Great Dane    

The press was mad after waiting 1 hour?


Since when do the press have an issue about waiting around to see a star? They stand outside of the Ivy everyday in hopes of catching a glimpse.....

Haven't we all been an hour late at some point or another? Sh*t happens.....

2827 days ago


Leo, Leo!

2827 days ago

Paris Hater's Live Sad, Dull & Pathetic Lives    

I agree with one of the previous comments: the press shoudn't have waited. It would have been deserving for Leo to show up to an empty room. Next time, he'll be more considerate and show up on time like a true professional. I don't see what all the fuss is about him anyway. I won't go and see his movie. I'm only responding to this article because I can't stand arrogant, egotistical people.

2827 days ago


I don't feel sorry for him, or any of these other stars who show up late to these events... I mean how hard is it to show up for a photo call? Im assuming he just had to sit there and smile and pose.

I think it is sad when these stars take their status for granted and show up late to parties, movie premiers or whatever else these spoiled brats have to do to get paid.

When us normal people are late to work we get fired, at least he still has millions.

So he can deal with a couple of disgruntled photogs

2827 days ago


It is very rude to show up late to a scheduled press conference. He is a little prick.

2827 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Sh*t only happens when you are an arrogant self centered prick..It wasn't like the paps were outside a restaurant waiting for photos..this was an appointment to promote the movie. I agree with Renee. How inconsiderate.

2827 days ago


Does anyone know WHY he was late? Why do we automatically jump to the conclusion that it was intentional? I was twenty minutes late for a doctor's appointment today because of traffic. It happens. Considering the press stalk these celebrities, you would think they could at least let him explain himself before "booing" him.

Celebrities should start copyrighting their images, so that paparazzi have to get their permission before selling pictures of them to magazines. I bet these press and paparazzi will start being much nicer then...

2827 days ago


Who cares what the Spanish think. They're a country of p***ies.

2827 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Leo owed them a simple, heartfelt apology.
They could have then proceeded.
He's young. Needs a do-over.

2827 days ago

Mad Balls    

What the F@ck else are these guys going to photograph ? bulls ?Dickheads . Leo has talent and Ego . Yeah , he's like Orsen like that . Face it , if they act normal --ET and XXTRA -- Act stupid TMZ and UTUBE . Whick one would you want to be seen on ? right .
Dickheads .

2827 days ago


NOW they can pat themselves in the back and can go to bed feeling proud and powerful because they've hooted an American off the room. Yay! he was American from the U.S. n A! THAT'S what it's is all about. - a superiority complex Spain and the French have.

2827 days ago
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