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Lohan Rolls Out Again, Rehab Residents Complain

1/26/2007 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan took yet another break from rehab on Thursday ... to rehabilitate her Mercedes. And TMZ sources say her fellow residents at the Wonderland rehab facility are annoyed that Lindsay is getting special treatment.

Lohan, who checked into rehab nine days ago, took her SL500 to Beverly Hills Mercedes for service. She also stopped by the set of her new movie, "I Know Who Killed Me." Lindsay then made one last stop -- at a grocery store -- before heading back to Wonderland rehab facility.

When she does go back, other rehab residents have groused to TMZ that Lindsay has her peeps come to pamper her -- a masseur, hairstylist, makeup artist, etc. They're also upset that Lindsay has the magic key to the front door.

This week alone, Lohan left rehab for day-trips on Monday and Wednesday as well as yesterday. On Monday, Lindsay left Wonderland for her condo. On Wednesday, TMZ spies spotted her at Newsroom Cafe having lunch with friends. And of course, yesterday's field trip.

The buzz is that as early as today, Lindsay will be back shooting her movie full time.

"This isn't the Betty Ford Clinic ... " -Lohan's Rep

Leslie Sloane Zelnik, Lindsay's high-powered publicist, told TMZ, "Lindsay is 100% not getting special treatment. She's getting the same as everyone else. This isn't the Betty Ford Clinic, it's not a lockdown facility. There is personal time. All these naysayers who keep blogging and speaking out, like the 'Today' show, they don't know what she's going through, they're not there. They shouldn't speak until they've gone through something like that."

Sloane also wanted to set the record straight about Lohan's recent hospital visit: "For the record, she did have her appendix taken out."


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I give this person not less than six months to a year before she ends up cracking up her Mercedes on a bridge abutment or god forbid she kills someone while in a drugged up stupor.She is a total trainwreck waiting to happen.

2827 days ago


She obviously does NOT care about herself at all. Has anyone seen the marks of where she tried to slit her left rist.. now covered by a huge bandage...that she has been sporting for the last three weeks?
And what about the attemped suiside at the motel she stays at ?
She IS a pretty girl that had alot going for her, but I truly believe she does NOT want to live..nor get the help that is terribly needed.
She is uncontrolable or she would have complied with rehab.
I find it SAD that no one close to her is trying to help her. (hint) Mother, Friends.
She has Zero self esteem and obviously no real love from any one ..perhaps that is why she is coming undone.
Bye Linds... I do like you but you really are killing yourself : (

2827 days ago


I had my appendix taken out and I couldn't just get up and go party, so how could she, without having pain? I had mine done the same way she did. It hurt like hell to get up and down!

2827 days ago


II a I agree with all you who don't get why she is paps popular. She is FUGLY, had ugly a-- teeth and is the biggest attention seeking wannabe whore. She always talks about how much she wants to be like Angelina and be slutty and sleep with everyone, sorry fugly, Ange is sexual but has not slept with that many people. She cites Kate Moss as her fashion idol, yet even with all the expensive clothes she never thinks stylish or trendsetting. She's a lush and I still cannot figure out how she gets in ever bar.
Why don't these bars get shut down? She's a danger on the road and she is also mean and violent to other girls she is jealous of, she has horrible asthma, but there she is all the time, cig in mouth, pack in hand. Please, someone, tell what they see in in LO-Disaster.

2827 days ago


I too am a recovering pill addict. As a veteran of a few rehabs and in knowing alot of people who have gone to the REALLY expensive ones, I know the how it works. You are cut off for a minimum oooof 2 weeks for phone calls so you focus on adjusting and detoxing and are not more interested in the people you usesd with. Then you gradually earn priveleges. You generally cannot leave at all until you are finished or are there a really long time and that is after you have been there awhile. There is such a thing as sober "escorts", but they are usually after you are out and are used when you have to go somewhere that might not be that safe for someone trying to be sober. She DEFINATELY is not in there anymore and is just saying she is b/c she knows everyone is down on her. Just wait, she will die soon. I wish her mom would step up to the plate and say do something.

2827 days ago

Maybe Lindsay should consider going to the Caron Foundation in PA. Miss USA Tara Conner found it helped her immensely.

2826 days ago


Lindsay, i love you. People are so f***ing pathetic.

2826 days ago

cheryl paoli    

with so many of my family members in recovery i am amazed at what lindsey does.. she HAS NOT reached her bottom..recovery is more important than her job her money her friends and her family...this is her life.. unbelievable how much her people think that we actually believe the excuses.. wow we are not is sad so very very sad.. lindsey you are in my day you will get sick and tired of being sick and tired untill then well............................

2826 days ago



2825 days ago


It's her money paying for the rehab...who care's if she an idiot and doesn't really want help. It's her life, let her waste it. Amazing how a girl who has so much talent, can just throw it away at the blink of a eye. Hanging with the people she does, it's no wonder she is how she is. Monkey see, Monkey do.

2825 days ago


Until Miss Lohan loses the diva attitude, she will be beyond help. Her actions strike me as someone going through the motions because someone told her it would look good if she went to rehab. And her Mother, although probably well-intended, is Lindsay's biggest enabler. Their co-dependent relationship is hurting both of them. Lindsay is young, there is hope for her to shake off the shackles of stupidity and immaturity and rise above all this. She is acting her age, the age of someone with a lot of money and no maturity to realize how to spend it.
Unfortunately something will happen that will change her life forever, and open her eyes once and for all to her destructive ways. It will be enough to knock the diva crown from her head and wake her up to reality. I just hope innocent people don't have to pay for that to happen. Hitting rock bottom can be very humbling. She needs a serious wake up call. And until she gets it, she's just going through the motions...and wasting $35,000 a month.

2825 days ago


The only person that she is hurting, is of course, herself... She thinks because of who she is, that she should be treated differently.... Which, according to this report, she is.... In the long run, the other patients will be on the road to recovery, while she will just be repeating herself with numerous stays... She will never get better the way she is doing it now....

2825 days ago


Lindsey Lohen treats Rehab as a joke i had to go for 3 monthes 2 years ago(proud to say been sober for 2 in a half years) and she is just gonna end up like any other druged up superstar.
she's a waste at life

2825 days ago


5 years ago I went through rehab for pain pill addiction. What I am seeing in the press for Lindsay is not representative of rehab. Part of her treatment should be no contact with the outside. She needs to concentrate on herself and no one else; something imperative in her putting her life in order and learning how to live in the outside world without exposing herself to bad friends and relationships. There's no doubt she has a problem, but unfortunately has lacked the discipline and guidance of her parents. Mom as a "friend" and Dad as a fellow addict, along with her chosen career are all working against her. I hope she sincerely gets help, because there is nowhere to go from here for her but death or the very tough work of real rehab.

2825 days ago

Bryan H    

Wow...don't talk until we have "gone through what she's gone through" Sorry, PR guy, I have gone through...REAL rehab is about learning to do it someone else's way. You, PR guy, are going to be one of the people that kiss her ass right into an early coffin...I'll be kinder to her because she is "one of us" You will feel much happier if you drop the bullshit and just go party. That way you will get to the truth about your life...that mercedes that is just so important that I gott go take care of it isn't going to not crush in on your skull someday in the accident that your life is fast becoming. What do you want Lindsay? Having 18years myself, I've seen way too many that have run out of was in my one and only rehab that I discovered (by doing it instead of the "lunch") that I wasn't that neccessary to the world. One way or the other, no matter who kisses your ass, you'll learn that lesson too. It hurts like a mother...if you're lucky. If you're not, well, how many have I seen die doing recovery the way your are (lying mostly to yourself)? 16. Hey, good news for you: that's not even 1 a year!

2825 days ago
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