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The Craziest Paris Hilton Fans Ever

1/26/2007 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some seriously bizarre things have taken place at Paris Hilton's pad, but a crazy encounter with a group of super-fans last night may have been the strangest yet.

Hilton came home at 2:30 AM and found three screaming high school girls in her driveway, begging for a photo-op with their hero. Paris, who was sporting some massive cleavage and a funky headband, obliged, telling the girls,"Really quick guys, I have to wake up in four hours for work." How responsible of her!

Bursting with excitement, the girls took off screaming into the driveway. One girl was so fired up, she actually fell to the ground.

The neighbors must have loved that.


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She's completely likable after seeing that!!!! The media bliltz's her but she does work for a living. It may not be oscar material but she does work hard ,none-the-less. Hat's off to you Paris!!!

2825 days ago


I am amused and embarrassed for her, that Paris always posts here under pseudonyms with positive comments....what a loser.

2825 days ago


How else did you expect people stupid enough to look up to Paris Hilton to act ??

2825 days ago


People who let their high school children stay out until 2:30 am on a school night should not call themselves parents. They are the reason the next generation will turn out worse than this generation. They could have been abducted, raped or even murdered standing outside in the dark at that hour...not to mention how many hours sleep they will have when they have to get up for school around 7 am. (wouldn't be surprised if they are already school drop-outs). The parents are the stupid ones and fully responsible for how their children turn out. Parenting is a full time job...if you don't have what it takes then use birth control!

2825 days ago


What a bunch of dumb bitches, nice of Paris though.

2825 days ago

Calvin Fleming    

IF she weren't rich, she would just be another cheap whore. The only difference between Paris and the usual streetwalker is this one has the money to ride on her own.

2825 days ago


That was so sweet. I think deep inside Paris is a very sweet person. Maybe too much money and freedom too soon. She made those girls year. They'll be talking about that foreva!!!!

2825 days ago


How is it anyone's business if Paris Hilton partied as a teen or as an adult?

The woman is over 21 and she did not commit a crime.

People are acting as if they never have sex themselves. What Hypocrites!

What I find truly disgusting is people putting their noses into Paris Hilton's private mementos which were clearly not intended for publication.

2825 days ago


Paris Hilton is working long hours on a movie set.
Why on earth would she bother posting here?
Some people really are more Delusional than bemused.

2825 days ago


We all know Paris Hilton did the typical Hollywood party scene. So where is the big surprise?

Should Paris have paid the extortioners? I don't think so.
I feel sorry for her.

It's HER life.
Mind your own business.

2825 days ago


Okay, it seems a lot of people don't like Paris for things she has done. It's here life and she can live it any way she wants.

I'm sure that you don't want people telling you how you should live yours. It amazes me that apparently everyone posting negative comments has lived a perfect life, never done anything that maybe they shouldn't have or that others think they shouldn't have. Lets get real, nobody's perfect and nobody leads a perfect life. What is right to some is wrong to others. You know the old saying those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, well in one way or another everyone lives in glass houses and really has no right to judge someone else.

Seems to me she did a nice thing allowing a photo with her. As someone stated earlier most Celebes would have probably said no and told them to leave.
As far as any videos, I do believe she's an adult and whether on purpose or not, that's her right. If you don't like it, then don't watch it.

You'll here she's out parting all the time, doing this, doing that. So what. She's young and she's having fun. Everyone likes to go out and have fun when their young, I did.

If she wasn't followed all the time by people trying to get the best picture so they can sell it and someone can write a new story about what she's doing then I guess people would have to find something else to complain about. They might actually have to look at there own life instead of someone else's.

I'm a firm believer in treating other people as you would want them to treat you. So remember that the next time you decide to judge someone. Would you want them to judge you as well for things you do or have done.

I don't know if Paris comes and reads these or not but if she does I say go have fun, don't worry about what others say about you, I know it's hard sometimes but their will always be those who want to put you down.

I also see that it looks like most are hiding behind the screen when they leave a comment, I won't, I have nothing to hide so my web site is listed.

2825 days ago


Why does Paris Hilton have fans?!!! She is only famous because she is an heir to the Hilton Hotel chain. She isn't a talented singer, or talented actress. She thinks she is, but she isn't. She has the biggest ego, she is a slut, she has no respect for herself. And she isn't cute!!!! Like those girls were saying. She has fake blonde hair, fake blue eyes, fake tan. It's all fake!

2824 days ago


Umm... #12 stated that you admire Paris Hilton because she seems genuinely polite and sweet, I would just like to know how many different mind-altering substances you're on?! Is this the same Paris Hilton that's making sex-tapes, trash talking her "friends" like Lindsay Lohan, drinking and driving, smoking weed, and contributing absolutely nothing positive to society

2824 days ago


stop blaming the parents, they probably snuck out of the house. i would do that to see paris hilton.

2824 days ago


stop blaming the parents, they probably snuck out of the house. i would do that to see paris hilton.

2824 days ago
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