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The Craziest Paris Hilton Fans Ever

1/26/2007 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some seriously bizarre things have taken place at Paris Hilton's pad, but a crazy encounter with a group of super-fans last night may have been the strangest yet.

Hilton came home at 2:30 AM and found three screaming high school girls in her driveway, begging for a photo-op with their hero. Paris, who was sporting some massive cleavage and a funky headband, obliged, telling the girls,"Really quick guys, I have to wake up in four hours for work." How responsible of her!

Bursting with excitement, the girls took off screaming into the driveway. One girl was so fired up, she actually fell to the ground.

The neighbors must have loved that.


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What work does Paris do? Can someone please tell me..especially how someone makes money doing nothing...

2792 days ago


First of all to the people that say that some of us judge..Let me break it down for you...Paris drives drunk..I don't care what age she is..teen or adult...I care if she drives over me or anybody I know just because she's too busy drinking with a bunch of rich girls that feel that they can do whatever they want because their daddies get them whatever they want...Have u ever seen Paris talk? We have very big issues going on in the world...and Paris doesn't even know what the hell Walmart is? She probably doesn't even know what Iraq is? We have too much going on in this world for someone to be that damn stupid...It starts from the parents..I dont' give a damn how rich her parents are...where the hell were they and where are they now..that this girl thinks that its ladylike to make sex tapes and its ladylike to sleep with every Tom Dick and Harry....

2792 days ago

James E Baurle    

Any one with an iota of sanity would,nt worship,but be appalled by the(Hilton) selfish self centered attention seeker.What is see really doing with the porn thing too. She has the body of a peguin and itty bitty titties.With all that money 'Paris' go to an ethics class and also get your body revamped into something desirable like other Ladies of the Ego from Hollywood...What a bad example for anyone,never mind younger girls to follow.

2791 days ago


Whom would I contact to help market a product,, I am thinking of putting out panties,, called "Paris Panties",, Many thoughts on this.. even marketing a used panite type product. Of course there not realy used but they could be manufactured to suggest having been used.. Thinking of calling them by styles,, The Nite In Paris, Close to the Paris, Love me like no other, I am sure this would realy sell fast,, is there any suggestions you might have for me to explore this. ? Thankyou.. Steve S.

2791 days ago

Used to Love her    

YOUR all asking the wrong question. It's like the tree falling in the woods. I've watched that video over and over and YOU HAVE TO ASK, WOULD she HAVE LET them TAKE THAT PICTURE if there HAD NOT BEEN A CAMERA RECORDING EVERYTHING and Papparazzi snapping?? I don't know if she would have. Maybe. WHY IS SHE STAYING OUT THAT LATE when she has to work the next morning? Irresponsible but we don't expect much anyway.

2785 days ago


excuse me all you rude people sighning below me
but i happen to think that these three young ladies
are the funniest people ever
you dont even know who they are
you cant say their parents are absent in their life
when you dont even no them
i love this video
just because some of you people dont like paris
doesnt mean you cant love these girls
thank you.

2779 days ago
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