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This Week's Biggest Losers


1/27/2007 5:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is Gary Coleman so hard up for advance cash that he now has to rely on Sundance swag? Is Dustin "Screech" Diamond so desperate to keep his faux sex tape buzz going that he has to compete for attention with Gary Coleman? It's just the tip of this week's surreal (celebrity) life iceberg.

Sharon StoneSharon Stone: You'd think after her breasts bagged the Razzie Award nomination for "Worst Screen Couple" of 2006, this 48-year-old actress' basic instinct would be to keep them under wiry wraps. But no, there she was earlier this week, brazenly brawless at the Ivy in Beverly Hills. Stone is no longer the good kind of MILF -- e.g., a movie star we'd like to fraternize with ... now she's a movie star we'd like to forget. Her take for "Basic Instinct 2" dwarfed that of her other '06 paydays -- "Bobby," "Alpha Dog" and a three-episode arc on Showtime's "Huff." But just as original "Basic Instinct" scribe Joe Ezsterhas has been known to give CAA the one-finger salute, Stone may want to park in front of her agency for a few moments and flip the good folks at William Morris a similar thank you.

M. Knight ShymalanM. Night Shyamalan: This fellow Razzie nominee (Worst Picture, Worst Director and Worst Screenplay) for "Lady in the Water" is finding things in Hollywood to be dark and stormy indeed. Not too long ago, around this time of year, "Manoj" was getting high-fives from executives around town for scoring Best Director and Best Original Screenplay Oscar nominations. This time, it's more like deep-sixes, with Shyamanlan's sci-fic auction block script "Green Planet" eeking out a mere "maybe" from 20th-Century Fox. In the case of this Razzie low-roller, the whisper over the phone from his folks at UTA is probably something along the lines of, "Their people aren't calling your people."

Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning: She came to Sundance riding a wave of controversial buzz for her movie "Hounddog." But unlike other sight-unseen reviled films like "The Passion of the Christ" and "Fahrenheit 9/11," the reviews for this one turned out to be even worse than the advance rope burns. To her credit, the 12-year-old tyke came to the vigorous defense of her family and advisors when the attacks turned personal. But Fanning and her watchful mom have made the tragic mistake of saying yes to a rape scene that is completely superfluous to the plot. One-time child star Jodie Foster wisely waited until she was 25 to make "The Accused." Let's hope fanning the flames of Sundance controversy hasn't put Dakota on the road to Palookaville.

Simon Cowell Simon Cowell: One suspects that the folks at "American Idol," weary of the criticism engendered by season six's shameless-in-Seattle opener, went back into the editing room to slightly rejig footage from this week's Memphis auditions. How else to explain Simon Cowell's transformation from acid-tongued anthropologist to sugar-coated semi-wimp? Our favorite meanie is not supposed to have to apologize for trashing a contestant, especially the day after that same contestant (Kenneth Briggs) made his fifteen-minutes-of-fame debut on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." And when it rains, it reeks; now Paula is blaming Simon for rumors of her being a liquor girl... and a pair of authors - Joanne and Arrica Scaglione - are pinning some of the societal blame on the snarky Brit in their new book, Bully-Proof Children.

Bill Condon Bill Condon: Early on Tuesday morning, the Hollywood choir chimed-in with the wake-up call, "And I Am Going to Tell You ("Dreamgirls" Ain't No "Chicago")." Sure, the musical led this week's Academy Award nominations with eight nods. But when you take away the three Best Original Songs, this movie musical falls behind the likes of "Babel" and "The Queen" on the gilded tote board. Writer/director Condon was snubbed in both the Best Picture and Best Director categories. If he believed his own press, he may be having a hard time;'s Tom O'Neil has been screaming out since October that a "Dreamgirls" Oscar nomination was a done deal. The only thing worse will be if Jennifer Hudson wins for Best Supporting Actress and remembers to thank Simon Cowell and forgets to thank Bill Condon.

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Allred Tree    

I for one am so SICK of DREAMGIRLS and all the PUBLICITY I wouldn't care to see it if they paid me. I am lucky to be old enough to have grown up in the '60's when the MUSIC was GREAT and was a big fan of THE SUPREMES and MOTOWN! These copycats cannot begin to compare talent-wise and I HOPE DIANA ROSS does see the movie with her LAWYERS as she said she might do when she appeared on one of the late night shows the other evening.

2827 days ago


Sounds like someone's schizophrenic to me- you're going through FBI files? Oh REALLY? .... Are you on a secret mission from Mars? Are the Zulu people communicating through your dental fillings? Do you wish those Russian Spy Mosquitos would STOP THEIR F**KING BUZZING SO YOU CAN GET SOME SLEEP, YOU HAVE A MEETING WITH KING KONG AT 5am!!!!! Scientology is using one of your "threads" to illustrate bipolar disorder in an actor? Scientology doesn't BELIEVE bipolar disorder exists; their befiefs are way far removed from traditional western psychiatry. Try the thorazine, man.

2827 days ago


This is such bull, tmz, I totally agree with Feminist: the moment a woman comes across as emancipated and opinionated, not to mention extremely beautiful like La Stone, people trty to downplay it with the age and sexuality issue. More power to you, Sharon - if you want to go braless, if you're confident about your body - and she sure as hell can be, putting most younger women to shame - by all means do as you please. Maybe tmz needs to ducktape their unintelligent mouth.

MORE POWER TO YA, SHARON! You've got it all: fabulous looks, brains, cash and just about everything. Plus, you're a single mother doing it for yourself! Who cares about Basic Instinct 2: you looked amazing, Roger Ebert praised you, and you're lauging all the way to the bank, baby. She did get $14 mil!

Hating on Sharon mostly proves that men still - and some unenlightened women too - hate TRUE WOMEN. There's nothing like an independent woman - I take Sharon over most women in Hollywood any day. Screw Lindsay, Paris, little miss proper Reese, Nicole Kidman, Renee etc.!


She'll never be mediocre!

2827 days ago

Allred Tree    

Isn't it funny but I always thought PARENTS and ADVISORS were supposed to defend those in their care! DAKOTA honey, I hope your parent have a nice TRUST FUND set up for you because your career is OVER IMO!!! They best get you the best TUTORS YOUR MONEY CAN BUY so you won't flunk out of school and can prepare yourself to maybe get a job at Mac Donald's - and not in one of their COMMERCIALS! YOU ARE SO OVER before you really had a chance to begin! PIMPING PITIFUL!
And maybe your so-called parents can go to Vocational Rehabilitation and get themselves a REAL JOB!

2827 days ago

Allred Tree    

I sure hope Dakota's parents don't turn out to steal her money lile Gary Coleman's did his. Dakota, study your arithmetic very well as I have a feeling you need to check your money! OVERPAID - Yes, Yes, Yes and VASTLY OVER-RATED!
There is a war on and people will not spend their hard-earned money to line your pockets any more!

2827 days ago

Allred Tree    

Rosie O'Donnell has called beauty pagents outmoded and for the President of the United States of America's IMPEACHMENT!
I read where someone asked her if she would like to host the Academy Awards and she said no, but then of course, had to admit SHE HAD NOT BEEN ASKED!
But, that may not stop her (from crashing them).
IMO the Academy Awards are OVER! Who watches them really. Most of the movies stink, the speeches are too long and there are way too many award shows. Just like too many reality shows and talk shows. TIMES HAVE CHANGED and in many ways for worse - not better!
Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce etc. have, IMO ruined there chances by being "way too out there" with all this advance publicity. Beyonce must think she just won a medal at the Olympics with that pose she strikes. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!

2827 days ago

Mad Balls    

First , lookingatmyfatass , penis size is not important or else such a big dick as you would be president . Dickhead . And I'm glad you and your "husband " have been together for 19 years . WOW ! GAY MARRIAGES DO WORK ! I read through the general release files that recently become open to the Public of notables Wilhelm Reich , Marilyn Monroe and others . Very fun and informative , and free ! The Fan Club ? don't feel threatened that the Nasty is taking over , yet ! Maybe soon .Dickhead .remember ?? Its' frikin' Iceland , Baby ! And thanks for Your warm welcomes back , my loyal legion of TMZheads . Ah , I enjoyed the warm beaches of San Paulo and sex with South American big butted ladies but its' good to be back . SH*T I'm back . Dickheads .

2827 days ago


Damn everybody is just so effing right on today. I am thoroughly amused.

2827 days ago


Why is everyone picking on Stone, can't she live her life as she pleases, don't you...WTF....she's a real woman with real breasts....and the problem is...what???...lack of implants.......I admire her for keeping it real...TMZ you consider her an actress to forget.....your opinion, worthless as usual.........

Hey "LIVEWIRE" .........has anyone...seen my old pal...The Sultan of Humor ?

2827 days ago


When you give a possessed performance like she gave in Casino (she lost the oscar to Sarandon - and it was Stone that deserved it), and you give a truly iconic role like Catherine Tramell which is like Hannibal Lecter or Norman Bates - WTF do you people want. She had her share of amazing reviews for her acting: Broken Flowers, The Muse, The MIghty, Bobby (one of the 25 best performances of the year 2006 acc. to Premiere magazine)...So she was in a bad movie - so friggin' what...Blame the director!


2827 days ago


Remember.....Sharon Stone’s.... Gap T-shirt/Valentino skirt combo .....she is also a trend setter, and she is A list... leading lady all the many A list actor/actresses have had bad roles......get over it....she rocks ...Nemaste'

2827 days ago

James in Milwaukee    

I love Sharon, she's the new Joan Crawford. I appreciate her brand of glamour and style. Sharon Stone kicks ass. Always has and always will.

2827 days ago

Lenn K    

I like Sharon Stone, but to make Basic Instinct 2 was abit too much. She was trying to play the actor that she was almost 15 years ago and that didn't work. Time and age gets us all. Simon is the man and no he's not too mean the problem in America today is the truth scares people. The left-wing wants to feminize the male of today, can't spank your child, can't use red ink to grade papers, and men can't just be men like they've always been.

2826 days ago

Allred Tree    

Good Morning Morning Glories! I have been doing a little thinking and just have to say (even though it is Sunday) that I hope Dreamgirls does not win a thing!
Sorry Jennifer; if anybody wins I hope it is you based on the WAY TOO MUCH PUBLICITY! OMG, by the time these awards arrive, everybody will be so sick of hearing about them they won't watch or care at all. Let alone go see the movies if they haven't already done so. Actually, IMO Beyonce has ruined it for the whole movie and cast. Way too much talk about the dresses, the weight and HER STINKY ARMPITS!
I'll also bet there will be MORE SEAT FILLERS in the audience this year than ever at the Academy Awards but they may even have a hard time faking the audience considering all the BOYCOTTING!

2826 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

O.K. anyone under 35; sit down and pay attention, and welcome to Life 101.
Regarding Sharon Stone: life nor attractiveness does not end after 35, no matter what you think. Just as teens are attracted to teens, and twenty somethings are attractive to 20 somethings, 40 somethings like Sharon ARE ATTRACTIVE to some twenty, thirty, forty, fifty and sixty somethings. The world does NOT revolve around your age group, and that is a good thing. Do you want to know why?
Listen closely now...
It's because in 15 - 20 years, these faces will be your age group, and you will feel the same inside, but for some reason your body has earned a few stripes. Listen VERY closely now, as this is even more important: your intelligence, wisdom, wit , humour and knowledge will MORE than compensate for the bit of lost elasticity, and if you are psychologically healthy, you won't give a sh*t about that OR about the lack of respect and shallowness of young people. You'll be too busy presenting the best face you are able, and then enjoying life with what you've learned. Quiz twenty years from now. -Love, Regardless

2826 days ago
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