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Diddy Takes Sienna Home

1/29/2007 6:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy seemed to have been caught off guard when he was spotted entering a New York hotel Sunday morning with Sienna Miller.

Diddy, father of newborn twins, was spotted dropping off Miller at her NYC hotel this morning after a rumored night of partying together in the city. Diddy had a trapped rat look when he noticed cameras watching from across the street -- and we're told a bodyguard was sent over to the photographer to try and get him to delete the footage.

Diddy & SiennaCombs and Miller were rumored to have gotten cozy at a MySpace party at TAO Park City during Sundance as well. Maybe Sienna's working on a second career as a rapper.


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WELL SAID..BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
. bu just telling you,

You have a serious problem with black men. Diddy does NOT represent black men. If you assume that, then your mind is very limited. Anybody with a rational mind knows that one or few do NOT represent all. How would you feel if ALL black women assume that ALL white women act like Paris Hilton,Jenna Jameson, Girls Gone Wild and etc?

Please stop assuming that ALL black men act in this manner. Someone's actions DO NOT describe or explain a race.

Posted at 5:11PM on Jan 29th 2007 by Christine

2832 days ago


Am sure the girlfriend knows all about his womenizing.
Hey she got the lifestyle she got his kids who cares.
None of our business!

2832 days ago


You ever see that photo of Bigfoot when he is looking over his shoulder with a bewildered look on his mug? LOL

2832 days ago


Lord have mercy! These people really think they are untouchable don't they? Obviously Kim is having unprotected sex with him...she betta wake up and realize ain't no telling what kinda men that white chile been with. Aids, HIV, herpes and a host of other sexual nasties knows no color, sex, or financial status. KIM....CHILD SUPPORT GIRL! THEN MOVE ON!!!

2832 days ago


Well although we all know by now that P (whatever he chooses to go by these days) has just made a stupid move, In a way recently I can relate because my ex Kyle his current wife (yes he actually married her ass) Tori is pregnant about to pop in Febuarry and he's tried to ask me for sex numerous times yeah I told him no because he's gonna be having kids soon soo what's the point?? (and I know with the whole thing of women not being able to have sex after they give birth) but still Diddy stay at home with the kids, As Justin Timberlake recently sang " who goes around comes back around" I mean he's got twins for pete's sakes I mean seriously why bother with Sienna? unless she was wasted or something I dunno.

Kim, I hope she realizes the truth and sadly it looks as though Diddy ( I guess that's what he calls himself) won't really be changing anytime soon.

Or that maybe they could use some counceling I dunno

2832 days ago


hi you all really think diddy is forking that girl or if is true she is a white girl diddy dont have tiome for white trash is just simply sex period your heard

2832 days ago


You know, Puffy is no better than any other man that wants to cheat rather there kids involved or not. Puffy is a rich cheater. He already been in court before for not paying his child support. Now why is that?! I dont know who this Sienna is but I think its so sad situation. Im glad puffy was caught on camera...sneakin'. If he put the same seriousness in his relationship as his business, he would be alright. Kim knows what shes doing. More kids, more money!!

2832 days ago

duh...totally !    

geez.....some of you are a little hard on Sienna....she's not the one with ALL the kids is she ??? NO....Puffy keeps on making babies with obviously one clueless chick named Kim....if she lets him whore around like that...well that's her deal, not Sienna's fault....

and Pee Diddy is just plain nasty....Sienna is way too hot for him...what the hell is she thiking ???

it won't last anyway....oh well....NEXT !

2832 days ago


Whoa, how the hell do any of you know what they were doing? TMZ, boy, you guys have alot of persuasion when it comes to what people assume...

2832 days ago


I can't believe this dirty nasty man. I hate him so much, right now. I would not be suprise if he is HIV positive because he so nasty and have no class. Sienna is a nasty slut too. If she loved herself she would not be caught dead with Diddy. I guess Diddy means Doo Doo and Sh*t that he walla in (How you doing?). Nasty, Scandalous pair. I am totally disgusted. What goes around comes around.

2832 days ago


Busted! hahaha. He knows he was caught doing something by his reaction at the revolving door. LOL

2832 days ago


# 62 how in the hell can you tell that everybody on this post is a black woman and by the way i like white men so i could careless what a black man do

2832 days ago


as far I'm concern you can put all the black men in a room and blow them up

2832 days ago

He was being a gentleman and walking her up to her door. Maybe....

2832 days ago


Excuse me "just telling you" what is wrong with you. Did your white girlfriend leave you for a black man? Please. He is just another prowling man period. Black, white, yellow, green it does not matter. Brad Pitt was prowling when he met Angelina, Richie Sambora was prowling with his wife's best friend no less. Last time I looked they were not black. You probably stepped out on your girlfriend, boyfriend or whatever yourself. He just a no good man.

2832 days ago
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