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How Do You Say "Overexposed" in Korean?

1/29/2007 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If there were videos of you in a bubble bath all over the Internet, you'd probably stay home for like a month. But this is Paris Hilton we're talking about here -- and she's had far worse videos hit the net. be damned, Hilton was back at work yesterday, shooting a photo spread for Fila Korea -- she's the company's 2007 model. The shoot tried to portray Paris' world, so it featured her shopping and driving around in her actual Bentley and Range Rover.

If Fila wanted to actually capture part of her life, they could download it for $39.97.


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Hey Josh Levin! Shalom aleichem! Please be a Mensch and help Paris out a little! Will you?

Most of us who have followed the locker deal story know that that this German was in kahootz with the storage people and they tried to blackmail Paris for at least a year.

The German (Schmitz) even approached Paris in New York at signing last year.

And Persa no doubt is of Iranian descend.

They just saw a quick way to make a fast buck off Paris Hilton and I admire her for not giving in to their demands. Thanks Josh.

2824 days ago


She may be able to fix that half-mast eye and hook nose but there is nothing she can do about those huge feet which look like the promenade deck of the Titanic!

2824 days ago


Civilized people do not rummage through other people's private papers and videos or put them on the web for money.
The group which did that ought to be de-balled!

That said, I envy Paris her gorgeous body! Wish I could live her life!
And no, she is NOT drug addicted. She knows the difference between work and play.

2824 days ago


Paris is lovely! Full of Grace and Beauty! I totally support her and her right to live Life on HER terms! Go Paris!

2824 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

I watch your videos over and over and over again.
I love Victoria English. I thought she was funny.
I am glad she was the Sorority of the Year.
I hope you start The Simple Life 5 soon. I have not heard anything about it for
a long time now.
I watch The Simple Life 1-4 Over and over and over and over again.
You are so beautiful and cuddly.
James L. Crum

2824 days ago

Shanny Smitty    

Is that a GUT? Beer Belly??? LMFAO!!! SUCK IT IN, PARIS!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

2824 days ago


Why doesn't someone send Fila Korea that website information and privilage to see their precious showgirl in action? Being a notorious porn/druggie might drive the price of her modeling fee's down and cool Paris' That's Hot! jets considerably!

2824 days ago


Why is she famous?? What did she do??

2824 days ago


this is hilarious!!! paris considered classy?? lol............and she's 'risen above' the whore-crowd?!?! lmao...........she IS Queen of the Whores!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2824 days ago


Seen the website. Yawn. Just a rehash of the Solomon tape I already have.

But Paris Hilton is such a vivacious and lovely person. Many people would like to live the life she lives.
I adore her and I buy all her products for the young girls in our family.

2824 days ago


Only prudish old women with dried up c**ts would call the lovely Miss Hilton a bunch of names.
There is nothing in the least bit whorish about enjoying sex with a boyfriend or having such a glorious young body.
God looking at Paris makes me weep with happiness, she is STUNNING.

Oh and Fila knows there was a sex tape. Most of the people who have followed Paris over the years know it. That's why we all love Paris!

2824 days ago


OH.MY.GOSH. Paris and her publicist are continually posting positive comments on this website under different pseudonyms.
Don't be deceived, Paris...the world can see what you are. Posting on website blogs will not change anyone's opinion of you.

2824 days ago


She is such a loser. All the money in the world can't buy your reputation back.
Tape after tape of nudity and doing drugs, herpes and an abortion.......unbelievable.

2824 days ago


Want to bet that after Paris complained about being affected by the negative blogs about her, that her PR minions are working round the clock to post good things?
You could probably feed a family of 10 on what these stoolies are paid to "spin" all the skanky news of Paris...

2824 days ago


I agree with the above comments----obviously someone is typing nice things and she doesn't really have any fans who are literate, so they must be PAID;0)

2824 days ago
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