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How Do You Say "Overexposed" in Korean?

1/29/2007 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If there were videos of you in a bubble bath all over the Internet, you'd probably stay home for like a month. But this is Paris Hilton we're talking about here -- and she's had far worse videos hit the net. be damned, Hilton was back at work yesterday, shooting a photo spread for Fila Korea -- she's the company's 2007 model. The shoot tried to portray Paris' world, so it featured her shopping and driving around in her actual Bentley and Range Rover.

If Fila wanted to actually capture part of her life, they could download it for $39.97.


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well i think shes pretty
if i had a chance i would do her
im just embarassed fo her, i watched a bit of the video, it takes forever to load and it was kinda boring
she looks better with her natural brown eyes and should ditch the blue contacts
everyone is obsessed about hating on her
i hear shes booked all year for work, so we wont see her out at clubs very much

2785 days ago


You can actually get all of it for free at !!!

2785 days ago


Valtrex and an abortion. That's hot!

2785 days ago


to nationwide is on your side

What do you mean you would do her?
Your dick would shrivel up and fall off from the vile STD's.

2785 days ago


What the f@#$? How BIG are her feet?

2785 days ago


Paris needs some serious therapy and an intervention from her family. She needs to lose the "victim" mentality...
She has such low self-esteem and I am embarrassed and feel sorry for her.
She is proof that money can't buy happiness.

2785 days ago


Who really cares about her old photos and what she did as a teenager.
Paris Hilton is not even the same person today,no one is. The videos are the same as what was on her old sex tape.

What can one say?

Paris Hilton has a beautiful body and evidently a very nice personality. Wish I had her in my bed and in my life.

2785 days ago


Does it ever occur to the negative posters that Paris Hilton has FANS?

I don't even know her personally, but I feel sorry for Paris because of the immense hatred which is directed toward her from the have-nots of this world who do not know her either.

Why would anyone worry or care about what a crazy Bev Hillz teenager wrote or did while partying it up? She was young, it is in the past ,so who cares?

Lucky for Paris, most of the footage on the vids is in the PG13 range and the rest is material from the old Soloman tape.
She will survive this, and from now on I will take great care to always buy her merchandise to show my support for her.

2785 days ago


I tend to agree. There is no shock value left in the storage unit junk because of the previous video.
Who would have thunk it?
In a strange way Rick Suleimon did Paris Hilton a favor by taking the edge off.
Paris Hilton was and is still very young. We all wrote dumb things into diaries and we all liked to party. Most of us has sex with our boyfriend,t least here in America.GiveParis Hilton a break.

2785 days ago


what a dirty desperate slag, beth comment 2.17pm 29th jan. why would you envy someone that is soo desperate for attention that she letsmen grope her infront of other people. who has been such a slut she has herpes, and is an up herself self obsessed hoe! Theres plenty of wealthy people who live lives like hers have great bodies, money, but who havent stooped so low and shamefully to get it.

2785 days ago


'I get f***ed in the butt for coke"'_ paris may have money but she has no class and face it shes a dirty desperado skank!
I bet you any money too that the nice comment on here about paris are paris' friends of PR writing it.

2785 days ago


Elliot Mintz or Paris Hilton, your comments are obvious and just because you post under different names we can see that it's you posting.
Noone buys Paris merchandise to support her.
And claiming that the information is old is right off of her quote on myspace.

Paris, you need to reform your behavior if you wish to change opinions....blogging here under pseudonyms only makes you both look desperate, which I guess you are.

2785 days ago

paris's cottage chhese but f*ck and many more tales'    

I wouldnt have sx with that dirty herpes trash if you paid me, theres no way id want any of her diseases.

2785 days ago

Miss Quote    

Before reading other people's comments concerning how obvious it is that any postitive comments made about Paris were done by: "her people", I had the same exact thought. So many of us can see what is so obvious. It's rare for any more then 1 out of 20 TMZ comments to be pro-Paris, yet here the first dozen seem to have been.
Paris Hitlon: America thinks your disgusting and awful. From the educated to the stupid, from the fat to the thin, from the beautiful to the ugly, from the rich to the poor. We all have one thing in common. From Oklahoma to New York, from Alaska to Florida, we share one common bond. From Democrats to Republicans, from Black to White, Asian to Indian, we feel the same way. From the old to the young, the sick to the healthy, we all agree. WE HATE PARIS HILTON.

2785 days ago

paris's cottage chhese but f*ck and many more tales'    

Please parents, dont let your teenage girls idolise someone like this. She has issues, she seems to think she is the only important person in the world. She has made her connections in the early days by sx and drugs as seen in the videos on
She was involved in the release of one night in paris, and she iws probably recieving profits from this.
There are plenty of smart and beautiful women in the world, who have dignity and class. they can still have fun and a great life but havent needed to degrade themselves to get it. I hope that parents will boycott paris products and stop buying into her fame which was made by self humilation self absorbtion and disgusting drug use and vile sx shows

2785 days ago
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