Axl and K-Fed Bite the Apple

1/30/2007 3:00 PM PST
Perhaps this proves that butter really does make everything smoother and creamier, even for a famously prickly rock star and an ex-aspiring-rapper on the remake.

Strange banquette-fellows, Axl Rose and Kevin Federline, both alighted upon downtown celebriteria Butter on Monday night, striding quite proudly past the shivering masses. (Would someone please tell Axl that cornrows, particularly cinnamon-colored ones, lost stylistic currency last century?)

Speaking of shivering, our intrepid lensman also braved the mid-winter chill to catch Sienna Miller (sans Diddy) and "Factory Girl" co-star Guy Pearce ducking into the Hotel Chelsea, possibly to re-enact the days of Warhol at the "Factory" after-bash.