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Brandy Unfairly Targeted, Civil Rights Group Claims

1/30/2007 4:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BrandyBlack civil rights leaders in Los Angeles claim the California Highway Patrol has made singer/actress Brandy "a political trophy."

The Los Angeles City Attorney is deciding whether to file misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges against Brandy, whose Land Rover slammed into a Toyota on the 405 Freeway killing the driver.

Today, Najee Ali, leader of Project Islamic HOPE, said the CHP's recommendation to file charges against the singer "is unfairly targeting her for prosecution because of her celebrity." Ali told TMZ he is organizing an e-mail campaign in the African American community to put pressure on City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo to reject the case.

Delgadillo says "We will treat this case like every other case and treat it very seriously because someone died."


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Only in    

This story is on every new channel Wow. Justice will be served

2759 days ago

ann coulter    

reality check. she's being targeted because someone died and by her OWN ADMISSION, i repeat for those who are a bit dim, by her OWN ADMISSION was at fault (as testified to by a third-party witness). therefore, do not confuse celebrity with negligent driving. the only reason we know about this case is BECAUSE OF her celebrity. appears this islamic group has confused the two. if this was just an Everyman, none of us would know about it and it would eventually wind it's way through the California court system. remember, when you are behind the wheel of a three-ton machine, the ONLY thing you should be doing is driving. that means both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. you take a risk EVERYTIME you get in your car. ALWAYS drive defensively. always. prediction in this case: she won't do any jail time. it was an accident. her insurance company will pay a hefty fee to the family of the deceased. her rates will go up. she will have to live with this for the rest of her life. the sun will rise tomorrow.

2759 days ago


Listen all the Hollywood actors and actress just like the tv people get treated different then us normal people. We don't have the money or resources that they have. If you do the crime you should do the time no matter who you are. It wouldn't take as long for a non-celebrity to be charged or ticketed. It would have happened the same day or a day later. not a month or so like it happens in Hollywood. Look who the govenor is. Money talks bull shxx walks. No money jail time, money do what you please. It doesnt make any difference what color you are, if it was a rich white person, or rick spanish or what ever rules are different for those people. Police are tolded to treat them different

2759 days ago

Michael Richards    

hey Farrah...if you could get in touch with #65, he/she might could educate you and you wouldnt be the biggest dumbass on TMZ

2759 days ago


Not to charge her is unfair to the person who was killed and would be treating her differently because of her "celebrity status". To not charge her for something she caused is saying that the person who died was below her and not worthy of fair and justified actions. I think she should be charged because regardless of if she is "celebrity" she is still human, and we all make mistakes and we all pay for them one way or another. If I had caused a wreck, even regardless if someone died, I would know I would be charged. Why is it different for her? And why all of a sudden is she being treated unfairly? I am sure that, hopefully, justice will prevail.

2759 days ago

coco puff    

I don't want to hear no Uncle Tom's coming on here talking sh*t. You are probably some white cracker who pretends to be black! That's really pathetic, just like some of these motherf***ers pretended to be me! We will never stop our fight against RACISM!! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!!!

2759 days ago


#45 Lisa, what does ADMF stand for? A Dumb Mother F***er?

2759 days ago

Mr. X    

it never fails does it? I wish I could say I was surprised but I'd be lying.

2759 days ago


Whatever! She admitted it was her fault, she threw out the fifth amendment and she admitted guilt. It does not matter what color she is. A mother is dead. If it was neglience on her behalf than she needs to pay the price just like any civilian would. I could go on and on about this but what's the point? I hope justice preveals for the sake of the motherless family.

2759 days ago


Can't we all just get along? Why don't they just take Brandy's mom out into the street, shoot her, and call it even. A mother for a mother. Then we can all come back here and post about how it was unfair that she was shot when she should have been hit with a car. Then we can pick a random blogger (FARRAH) to have hit with a car in order to balance the equation. Because we all know that an idiot with a computer is more dangerous than a smart person with a gun.

2759 days ago

U Know Who    

It wouldn't have mattered if it were some ordinary Joe, black white or yellow. Point is someone died. There is a similar case in Sonoma County California right now. A young man did the EXACT SAME thing as Brandy. Except in his case 5 people died, people in his community are calling for Felony charges to brought against him. And he was not impaired in ANY way nor on the phone.

So I sure as hell hope old Naji Ali goes up to SoCo to help this poor white kid. Or it would seem old Naji is the racist.

Here is a link to one of the stories, check out the comments. And THEN tell me you think "brandy" is being treated "Unfairly". NAJI ALI THIS MEANS YOU!!

2759 days ago


From what I have read, the traffic slowed down but she didn't. There is only one thing that would make this happen, and that is if she wasn't paying attention. The number one reason people are not paying attention when they are driving (in my observations of people driving) is a CELLPHONE! She killed someone. I don't care if she was blue with a gold dildo hanging out of her ass, she copmmited manslaughter, whether it was negligent is for a court to decide and that is why she needs to be tried.

2759 days ago



2759 days ago



2759 days ago


Photo op with Jesse Jackson coming soon. I am so tired of people pulling out the race card whenever they've done something wrong and/or illegal. In this case Brandy's mistake cost someone their life. Granted there was no malice on Brandy's part but the bottom line is she caused the death of an innocent person and there has to be consequences for that, otherwise the justice system has a real problem. Just because she's a (black) celebrity she should not be treated any differently than anyone else. I can't wait to see what Jesse Jackson will have to say about it. He's probably flying to her side right this moment.

2759 days ago
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