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FOX to Cooper:

'You're Paris Hilton!'

1/30/2007 4:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the world of conservative news nerds, calling someone "Paris Hilton" is an insult. That "slur" has now been hurled by FOX News at grey-haired golden boy Anderson Cooper.

Anderson Cooper
In the latest issue of Television Week, the right-leaning cable net ran a two-page ad with the screaming headline: "MEET THE PARIS HILTON OF TELEVISION NEWS." Anderson isn't pictured or named, but there's a photo, taken from behind, of a slim, grey-haired man in a suit.

The ad also says that "Anderson" is "style over substance" and a "media darling." But here's the kicker: "He still gets beat EVERY NIGHT BY ... Greta Van Susteren." Ouch.

The spat erupted last week when Cooper took a shot at FOX News for hyping Insight magazine's incorrect story that Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama had attended a radical Islamic school as a child in Indonesia. "Others are reporting the heat. We are sticking to the facts," Cooper said at the time.

You call FOX inaccurate, they call you Paris Hilton. So there!


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He's Boring now    

AC is Gay, why wont he come out? Aint that news and the kind liberal Jane Fonda Peace Queers want to hear on CNN? Disagree with a liberal and find out what they're really made of when the peace and lovey dovey love everyone else who is different crap is even questioned. They're going to take the country to being so PC we will all be under Islam. And Islam aint too hip to the free thinking gay loving kind of beliefs last time I checked.

Any AC watchers ever served our Country? Not too many, they love to march and hold hands and cry for freedoms for more fornication but will rarely lift a finger to preserve that right.

AC sucks and is worse than a Paris Hilton could ever be. If it wasnt for his famous Mommy he wouldnt be in the Media.

Aint too many non liberals on this site so I dont expect any support, most of you are probably still unpacking from your DC spit on Soldiers Weekend tour.

As someone on here says often: Dickheads

2821 days ago


Anderson wasn't the only anchor reporting the actual facts on Barack Obama's schooling. So was MSNBC and pretty much all the other networks after they all got wind of the fact that Fox was misrepresenting the truth (as usual) and telling outright lies. They were all, including Anderson, just trying to get the true facts out there. It's too bad Fox presents itself as a news station when they make up as much stuff as the taboids. But when your owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns all the major tabloid magazines around the world, it's really not surprising.

2821 days ago


Don't mess with my favorite gay Vanderbilt.....

2821 days ago


While I love TMZ for all celebrity gossip and generally feel that the reporting and coverage of events are fair, I am constantly amazed at Republicans either being referred to with adjectives first such as Neo Con right wing wacko etc. Referring to FOX News as the conservative news network. Here's my question why is it that Democrats aren't prefeced with terms or adjectives on the other side of aisle. I think when refering to Nancy Pelosi, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn Tim Robbins Katie Couric and the vast majority of celebrities regardless of genre ought to be called Left leaning wacko's Socialists Neo Lib's etc. Your political bias and blinders are more than obvious.

2821 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Anderson Cooper tries to get to the truth.
He made them look bad.
Hence the smear campaign, by Fox who
aligns themselves politically with?...
Nothing new here.

2821 days ago


Anderson Cooper is the man. Greta Van Susteren looks like she's had so much plastic surgery her face doesn't move anymore. Only idiots watch the Fox Noise Channel.

2821 days ago


Van Sustern is so far to the right she can only talk out the right side of her mouth.
Watch her and you will see what I mean.

2821 days ago


this is sheep like to get your news only from people who "look good".
it does not seem to matter if it is correct or not, just who is on the screen. and the big joke is that you people can actually vote.

2821 days ago


I love the ad! It is true!
Love Fox News!
I have always thought Anderson was the most over exposed journalist out there.

2821 days ago


Anderson is such a homo and little sissy to boot. Greta is much better.

2821 days ago


I think Anderson Cooper is great at reporting the facts and his AC360 show is very well balanced...I have seen Greata's show and I just didn't like it...Anderson can be anything you want to call him but his show is still better than Greta's!!!! I think calling him Paris Hilton is sad specially coming from FAKE NEWS, I mean FOX NEWS!

2821 days ago


According to CNN, "Before Anderson Cooper took over the 10pm time slot Fox News had a 174% lead in the demo (Aug. 05). Now it is a mere 21% in Jan. 07." Faux News sounds once again like the schoolyard bully feigning bravado when in fact they are scared sh*tless and wetting themselves.

Anderson Cooper -- A Peabody, a DuPont and three Emmys for 360 in 2006. Greta Van Susteren? Zero. None at all, ever. So who’s the empty suit?

Nuff said.

2821 days ago


Fox is the tool of conservatives and the religious right.

I'm on the fox news diet - watching it at night usually makes me barf up my dinner.

2821 days ago


What's going on with Fox News? Bill O'Reilly has been bashing MSNBC and all other NBC networks. He said they used to be conservative but now they're leaning to the left to get bigger ratings. I happen to watch CNN, FOX, and MSNBC because I like different opinions. The only difference with MSNBC is that now they're are offering the left and right point of views. Whereas FOX will is conservative and republican all the time. I don't see how that's balanced news, but I will still continue to watch all three networks.

2821 days ago

Lenn K    

#12 Jeanie, you nailed it. The funny thing about liberals is that 99% of all the news is left-wing, don't Fox even think of reporting something alittle different. By the way Shona, all news rooms are haters if they don't go along with the left-leaning CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and the New York Time. And don't forget Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2821 days ago
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