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Keith & Nicole -- Something's Fishy

1/30/2007 11:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe all Nicole Kidman needs to relax is a little spicy tuna.

TMZ spotted Kidman, with rehabbed hubby Keith Urban, chowing down last night at the exclusive Sushi Roku in West Hollywood. Nicole looked more than content after she popped some sashimi, seeming to have forgotten all about her frightening on-set rig wreck last week.

Post fish, the two made a quick break for the door, covering their faces as they jumped into their car.


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Is it just me or was she eating with her mouth gaping open? She was really shovelling it in there too. Her lips looked like someone had shot Novocaine in them so maybe that was why she couldn't chew properly.

P.S. If Sushi Roku is "exclusive" then my jobless behind must be Donald Trump. It's practically a chain restaurant by now.

2802 days ago


This is for Number 7: YES Keith did thank Nicole at the awards show and there is a letter read by Ronnie Dunn to prove it! Why is everyone so sure this won't last? THEY ARE HAPPY and she is a wonderful person. So is Keith. I think its because you all don't want them to last.

2795 days ago

Great Dane    

Doesn't sound very fishy to me.....

2826 days ago


Nicole eats sushi with a fork???

2826 days ago


He looks happy as ever. NOT. If you don't want to be seen, don't get picked up by a driver in front of an exclusive West Hollywood eatery.

Media whores.

2826 days ago


Oh geez, that on-set accident was nothing! I'm so tired of everyone making it out to seem like she got into a head-on collision and barely made it out alive. She walked away fine and was released from the hospital only a few hours later with NO problems whatsoever. What's the big deal? Because she's a celebrity? Who cares!

2826 days ago


I agree with Kristen. Let it go.

I hate sushi.

2826 days ago


Remember Kidman; eat raw meat.. get parasites or worms.. or a killer brain disease! EW.

2826 days ago


Urban also did not thank or send his love to Kidman at the country music awards - just his mom & dad.

2826 days ago


I bet they are OVER by years end........High profile celeb couples NEVER EVER last.
Can anyone think of one (with 2 equal heavyweights) cuople who stayed together ?

2826 days ago


They will be OVER OVER OVER by years end. Plus, she sucks as bad as Britney does as a mom.

2826 days ago


Why on earth do these people cover their faces?

2825 days ago


M's Kidme is an over rated tall female with the body of a boy. Most of her pics show a well used rather plain individual with a great deal of facial makeup to enhance a rather bland and boring face. A nose of a hawk, eyes of a night stalker and lips that are filled with with a substance to enhance the thiness.
Had she stayed married to Tom Thumb and practised daily at the church of science fiction with the e meter shoved up her next to non existant ass there may have been some hope.
Her latest marriage to the deranged junkie who thinks he can sing? is probably her last fling at some measure of insanity.
Don't be surprised if she showsup in your daily newspaper in the OBIT section.
Meanwhile Tom Thumb should be castrated prior to producing another midget. Seeing this guy standing near normal people it appears he is sitting down. Whatever his attraction is to women can only be attributed to lonely ugly females that can't find a man to fulfil their fantasies. I heard
Larry bunkhead is the real father in that unholy union.
L Ron Humbug is surely laughing his ass off in his particular hell. John Travolta is definitely gay all due to the e meter at the church of science fiction.
Give it a try the cost is only multi thousands of dollars.

2785 days ago


Just wondering is she the mother of her's and Tom's adopted kids anymore? It seems like they live with him, and she doesn't see them anymore. You would think there would be some sort of pics of her with them. As a Mom I couldn't imagine just giving htem up to my ex.

2822 days ago


I just don't get what these two have in common, other than the fact they grew up in Australia. She and Tom were both drivers and involved in everything. Keith seems just like a nice, laid-back kind of guy just loving his music. Nicole loves the high-profile, look at me long as it is germ free and he will be happy getting wrinkled and growing old.....sort of like Willie Nelson. I wouldn't plan on this lasting.

2818 days ago
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