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Paris Sues Over Sex Stuff, Medical Records

1/30/2007 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has filed a Federal lawsuit, claiming the website is "the single most egregious and reprehensible invasions of privacy ever committed against an individual." includes sex photos and videos, highly-sensitive medical records, diary entries and audiotapes of her conversations. The cache was stored at a warehouse and was purchased for $2,775 at a foreclosure auction after the storage bill went unpaid. The contents were then re-sold to Bardia Persa for a cool $10 mil. Persa then allegedly created, a subscription site which is burning up the Internet.

Just hours after filing the lawsuit yesterday, Paris and Nicole Richie were spotted at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. While Paris may have looked relatively unfazed for the cameras, her rep tells TMZ that she's "deeply hurt" by having her private escapades laid bare once again.

The suit, which asks for compensatory and punitive damages, claims the use of Paris' most personal belongings for commercial purposes is a violation of Federal Copyright laws as well as a violation of Paris' right to privacy. The suit also seeks a restraining order and an injunction against the website.


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I don't feel the least bit sorry for her. And, rle, when I was young I followed one of the basic rules of party life. You don't ever: write it down in your own handwriting, put it on tape or take pictures of it if you don't intend for it to get out. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that. So, if this dumb bitch is too stupid to have a little bit of discretion while she's out there spending daddy's money on blow and handbags, then f**k her!!

2793 days ago


This bitch did'nt pay, they sold her stuff...she has no merit....all that was in there was pennicillan, A200 Crab Repelent, 5,000 used condoms, and in the nmisdt of all tha there was GREASY BEAR FF#ckING HIMSELF>

2793 days ago

duh...totally !    

Great Dane ....great post !

I agree....and has she even said WHY she didn't pay her bill ??? My dad goes to Storage Unit Auctions all the time ! .... and he gets some great bargains ! :)

anyway....what freaks me some of the stuff in it a Herpes Prescription ? sex tapes, photos ????

she was basically asking for this mess ! get a damn clue Paris !

2793 days ago


They probably just said they never got the rental money. I think the minute they saw Paris Hilton's storage they knew they hit paydirt.

Isn't it interesting that the storage cloed soon after? Wise up. This is probably a con concocted by shady characters.
I feel bad for Paris.

2793 days ago

Mad Balls    

Typical TMZ spin . " Burning up the internet " HUH? Reports from the site say at this rate in a few years the guy might break even . Paris numbers are on the downside as her old fanbase gets wiser . TMZ and Perez have vested interests in keeping the " BIMBO" boat afloat . Francis would love the bathroom tape as it is sellable . I already know she gives anal for coke , has herpes , and can't spell . Wonder if she is to old for the Ms. USA pagent ?

2793 days ago


Personally, I think she mostly cares about the world knowing, once and for all, that she has HERPES.

I think the whole thing is disgusting. If she intended to be famous and have a career which millions of children follow on a daily basis, she should have kept her crotch and all its secrets to herself...and not kept a video diary of her behavioral mistakes. America's youth now has to witness her trashy life choices. Sure; she didn't mean for some internet pervs to take her private belongings and make them public...and sure, she was younger when she made the tapes...but I didn't see her complaining as she flashes random guys, rolls around in a bath, and snorts coke for the camera. Also, I am 23, and when I was 19-20 (how old I believe she was when she made these) I certainly didn't do things quite the caliber of Miss Hilton.

NOTE TO PARIS: The next time you decide to do anything revolving around cocaine, nakedness, and crotch diseases-leave the camera in the closet and pay your storage bill.

2793 days ago

just my opinion    

hahahahahahaha.... Paris if you were that concerned you would have done something about it BEFORE it came out,, not after. You and the rest of us knew about this for months. But don't worry honey, our opinion of you won't change...hahahahahahaha SKANK

2793 days ago


Why didn't she pay the storage fees? Now the whole world knows what a coke whore and a stupid moron she really is. No pity for the skank.

2793 days ago


If it was so personal why in the f*** was it in storage

2793 days ago


She is too stupid to realize Joe Francis and the people on the tape were making fun of her the whole time. Francis saying being in bed with her she calls out her own name! She can sue till the cows come home but she will be laughed out of court.
NOTE TO PARIS: Next time pay your bills on time!

2793 days ago


Regardless of whether or not Ms. Hilton is a whore, slut, or whatever adjective you would like to use, if storage bills are not paid the contents of the storage locker are auctioned off. Usually the person who "buys" the contents has no idea what the contents are until the end of the auction. Letters must have been sent to whomever was responsible for the bills informing them of the balance due and the time constraints within which it had to be paid.

Would I pay to see these items?? No, but I certainly feel that her private medical records should not be put on public display, no matter how anyone feels about her. Unfortunately, there are those out there who don't care how they make their money just so long as they make it. At the very least, her medical records should be removed from the site immediately by the "owner" of the documents. As for the other items, let a judge decide.

2793 days ago


The moral of the story kids, pay up or suffer. Its not like she didnt have the money. Guess shes just TOO STUPID.

2793 days ago


She didn't pay her bills, and the storage company appears to have been well within its rights to sell the items. The guy was therefore well within his rights to buy them.

Copyright laws provide for the protection of original materials created by a person. Unless Paris had explicitly stated that these items belonged in the public domain, they are her personal property and she owns copyright (along with the other creators of the items). Being in possession of a copy of the item does not indicate being in possession of copyright.

Since copyright falls into the domain of private law (not criminal), there is no “innocent until proven guilty” maxim to be applied. Since the dollar amount being applied ($10 million) is so high, however, the guy can be additionally charged with criminal copyright violation.

That said… did anyone else notice the grammatical error in Paris’ claim? She must hire stupid lawyers. It is “the single most egregious and reprehensible invasions of privacy ever committed against an individual.” Just because you apply two adjectives to the “single” invasion of privacy should be treated as a plural word!!!!

2793 days ago

duh...totally !    

Exactly !!!!

the real question in all of this is ~~~~ WHY ???
Why would she not only film such disgusting things..... but then keep them in a storage unit ????? DUH !

I wish her, Joe Francis, greasy Bear, nicole, etc would just freaking GO AWAY with all their talentless drama ! WHO are these freaks ? and WHY are they news-worthy ????

2793 days ago


The only person she should be mad at is herself for not paying her bill! The storage place just wanted what she owed them. She really is naive at trusting the wrong people! That Joe asswipe from girls gone wild? He seems like a real trustworthy guy! She is an idiot.

2793 days ago
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