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Paris Sues Over Sex Stuff, Medical Records

1/30/2007 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has filed a Federal lawsuit, claiming the website is "the single most egregious and reprehensible invasions of privacy ever committed against an individual." includes sex photos and videos, highly-sensitive medical records, diary entries and audiotapes of her conversations. The cache was stored at a warehouse and was purchased for $2,775 at a foreclosure auction after the storage bill went unpaid. The contents were then re-sold to Bardia Persa for a cool $10 mil. Persa then allegedly created, a subscription site which is burning up the Internet.

Just hours after filing the lawsuit yesterday, Paris and Nicole Richie were spotted at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. While Paris may have looked relatively unfazed for the cameras, her rep tells TMZ that she's "deeply hurt" by having her private escapades laid bare once again.

The suit, which asks for compensatory and punitive damages, claims the use of Paris' most personal belongings for commercial purposes is a violation of Federal Copyright laws as well as a violation of Paris' right to privacy. The suit also seeks a restraining order and an injunction against the website.


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2831 days ago


Paris is and will always be a joke. Look up the word liar in the dictionary and you will see a huge picture of her snorting blow up her hook nose with her wonky eye bulging out.

2831 days ago


What an idiot...this is her fault. Number 1, pay your bills, you're rich, number two, stop video taping yourself. What an idiot!

2831 days ago

my opinion    

I believe we should all ask Fila to remove Paris as their spokesman due to her extreme slutness. The only way she will go away is to take her out of the spotlight. Go away you loser!

2831 days ago


the person who said she did this on purpose for attention...omg you have to be f***ing crazy! Who would show this to the world for attention......not saying you are wrong but my god.......if that's true......she's truly f***ed up......and so are her friends and family.

2831 days ago


you people are idiots & apparently know nothing about the law. sure, they have the right to sell her stuff & whomever bought it has the right to own it BUT they don't have the right to make money off of her image, which they started doing as soon as they launched a subscription based site to view the contents.
team paris.

2831 days ago

just my opinion    

poor poor Paris,, feel so sorry for you... NOT!!! LOSER!!! We know you read all these sites.. or at least look at them, not sure you can read! SUCKA... I wasn't a fan of Joe F but after listening to some of his comments to you,, i kinda like the dude.. says it right to your face,, like the rest of us wish we could!!! You deserve everything thats happening, not that your smart enough to know to be embarrassed!!!!!! hahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahaha...

2831 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

No matter how the vultures are licking their lips over these disclosures,
it remains that this is just SO wrong, in every way. It is unethical and should
be illegal. Defamation of character, violation of privacy, smearing someone's
reputation for entertainment purposes, the list of reasons goes on and on.
I don't care who is the victim; like them or not, to defame another intentionally on
such a public forum should be something that a court can and should sort out.
My or your opinion of Paris is neither here nor there; if someone can do this to
Paris, then they can do it to anyone. Including you. There must be some recourse.

2831 days ago


Looks like Nicole should re-hire that stylist. As for Paris, shouldn't you have learned your lesson the last time something like this happened? Like not video taping things that you wouldn't want the public to see? Her vanity exceeds her stupidity

2831 days ago


Well number 61 most of us would pay our bill and not be in this situation to begin with! Snorting cocaine is also illegal.

2831 days ago


61 is hilarious............................why blame the public and website supporters for another Paris actions...hahahha........its is jsut terrible, I am fascinated to see how she will get out of fact any channel that shows this new on Paris , I will consider beneath watching...................too least the Blonde drunk one...emm Tara Ried doent hide her lines..Paris defintely has been hiding her spots, playing holier than thouu when Richie was in Rehab, i never figured her for such a nut...................this is HORRIBLE for the whole Hilton family. I wonder what Nicky has been up to then....can we say similar adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2831 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

to 63 - Do you really think that a young person who forgets to pay a bill should
pay this heavily? That person who is choosing to profit in this way is a scumbag.
I wouldn't do ANYTHING for money. He obviously would and is. Bottom feeder.
What he's doing is hurting another person. Treat others as you would want to be treated...and all that good stuff. Everyone knows she missed paying the bill. The question is one of ethics. No one deserves this. Not paying a bill doesn't justify the horrendous invasive repugnant nature of this website. I just don't believe that 'anything goes' for profit. There has to be responsibility on the part of the business owner if he is considering launching a new venture. I'll bet his mom is proud.

2831 days ago


Paris and her minion, Elliot Mintz, are the ones who are posting positive items here under false names...
She doesn't have any literate fans :0)
I do hope that this paris exposed website will open the eyes of the teenage girls and their parents who may have been seeing her as some kind of role model...
A woman who exposes her breasts and naked crotch, does coke and weed, as well as tramps herself around resulting in herpes is no role model.
You cannot recover from the embarrassment this time, Paris.
Boycott Hilton hotels, Fila and anything else she endorses.
That will get the idea across that we don't want to see any more of Paris Hilton!

2831 days ago


I don't agree with number 61's comments. These tapes were not stolen out of her home. They were taken from a storage unit she did not pay for. She should have been more careful. She probably loves the fact that everyone is drooling over her nasty ass anyway. Worry about something more important.

2831 days ago


Paris is such a loser. Who the heck gets their picture taken pissing on a toilet with their underwear dangling around their wrist? Next she will take a huge sh*t and photograph that.

2831 days ago
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