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Paris Sues Over Sex Stuff, Medical Records

1/30/2007 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has filed a Federal lawsuit, claiming the website is "the single most egregious and reprehensible invasions of privacy ever committed against an individual." includes sex photos and videos, highly-sensitive medical records, diary entries and audiotapes of her conversations. The cache was stored at a warehouse and was purchased for $2,775 at a foreclosure auction after the storage bill went unpaid. The contents were then re-sold to Bardia Persa for a cool $10 mil. Persa then allegedly created, a subscription site which is burning up the Internet.

Just hours after filing the lawsuit yesterday, Paris and Nicole Richie were spotted at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. While Paris may have looked relatively unfazed for the cameras, her rep tells TMZ that she's "deeply hurt" by having her private escapades laid bare once again.

The suit, which asks for compensatory and punitive damages, claims the use of Paris' most personal belongings for commercial purposes is a violation of Federal Copyright laws as well as a violation of Paris' right to privacy. The suit also seeks a restraining order and an injunction against the website.


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Anyone else notice that her birthdate and year are different between her drivers license and passport. 4 apart in fact?

2790 days ago


You're spot on America,
Paris is so thin skinned she has to sit there in front of her computer and put these stupid "Support Paris Hilton," comments up day in and day out.

If she doesn't like it thenW.T.F. does she do such stupid things like make sex tapes and act like a brain dead moron. It's totaly HER OWN FAULT, and if she doesn't like the nrgative comments then she should STOP ACTING LIKE SUCH A DICKHEAD ALL THE TIME!

I've never exposed myself like that, and neither have any of the other people posting in here so STOP ACTING LIKE U DID NOTHING WRONG PARISITE COZ YOU DAMN WELL WON"T GET ANY SYPATHY HERE YOU RICH< OVER EXPOSED WHORE.

2790 days ago


Oh and by the way Paris your sister looks WAY prettier than you do, cos she doesn't have a "FRAKINHONKER" in the middle of her face

2790 days ago


Trust me her customers will pay more for the 'privilages" she provides after all this gossip and nortorious exposure. She's not losing a thing she's building up the Hilton empire.

2790 days ago


Paris Hilton can't even correctly spell words with more than 2 syllables. She is handled by someone who is taking advantage of her 2 digit IQ.

Let the law suit proceed so the world can again see what a money grabbing media manipulating imbecile Paris is.

2790 days ago


It's a cruel world we live in and people will slit their own mother's throats for a nickel. Paris should have kept these items with her instead of leaving them in storage and not paying the fee. Lesson learned. Then again she is a cruel girl who is very nasty to anyone who she feels threatend by LL, Britney etc.... She deserves it.

2790 days ago

Marcy Weissmann    

HA-HA! I think it's hilarioius that Paris has "filed a Federal lawsuit, claiming the website is "the single most egregious and reprehensible invasions of privacy..." First of all - I HIGHLY DOUBT Paris even knows what egregious & reprehensible mean! LOL! Secondly, if you take a look at all that crap found, one will very quickly learn that Paris Hilton herself is egregious & reprehensible.

What a tragic human being she is. She is vapid, ignorant, and lives in a small world (while thinking she's "worldly"!). You would think her parents would be so saddened and try to help her - but what's really sad - they're probably proud of her & think she's the greatest. No wonder every other country out there hates us Americans when they see our visible people like Paris Hilton. Disgusting.

2790 days ago


well she should have just paid the storage bills. She has enough people working foer her you think one of them could have done it. god shes such a skanky loser.

2789 days ago


Stop whining and pay your bills you skank! Or even better stop being a dirty whore and getting butt f***ed to get u where you want ion life. Lets face it shes only who she is today by using sex and degrading and humiliating herself infront of cameras.

2789 days ago


you people that think, we, the literate fans, are on her payroll are clueless (as much about law, as her fanbase). also, to say her popularity has declined by the sales of this invasive website, is just silly, given it is freely accessible & has been for over a week now.

2789 days ago


Regardless's comment-- Yes she should have to pay for her mistake, she didnt pay her bills and she has been made aware of this a number of times in particular by the guy that has now made
She got to the position of fame she is today by releasing a sx video (that she claims to have had no apart of-- but everyone knows she did) so if shes made money of degrading herself, and shes become rich of of it, surely she can pay a few hundred diollar storage bill. So good on theis guy for making money off her sex life, shes certainly made the most of it.
Shes a self obsessed whore, always was always will be. She uses people all the time. She deserves to be used herself.

2789 days ago

The Duke    

I wonder how many people she has given herpes to since finding out she had it herself? I wonder if she even cares. Hmmmm. The gift that keeps on giving. - The Duke

2789 days ago



2789 days ago

paris's cottage chhese but f*ck and many more tales'    

MMM transvestite looking up close, fraggle hair, herpes, got her fame by degrading hersle on camera, and getting butt f***ed by half of hollywood. Yeh i can see how you guys would idolise that! haha losers

2789 days ago

paris's cottage chhese but f*ck and many more tales'    

Shes had pictures of her taken pissing on a toilet? F-ing hell hilton you just get skankier by the minute!
She should be absolutly disgusted in herself, but she knows thats what got her where she is today. Being a slut.

2789 days ago
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