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Cops: Garrison Drunk & Coked Up During Crash

1/31/2007 8:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lane GarrisonBlood tests have revealed that Lane Garrison had "more than twice the legal limit" of alcohol in his system and was under the influence of cocaine during the fatal crash that killed a 17-year-old boy in December, this according to police.

A spokesman for the Beverly Hills Police Department announced today that his department has recommend that the L.A. County District Attorney file a felony charge of gross vehicular manslaughter against the "Prison Break" star.

The D.A. received the police file today and the case is under review. If charges are filed and Garrison is convicted, he faces a maximum of ten years in prison.

According to cops, Garrison's blood alcohol level was at least .16. He could also be prosecuted for driving under the influence. A DUI could be prosecuted based on alcohol, cocaine or both. Since there was bodily injury, a DUI could be prosecuted as a felony.

Cops also recommended that Garrison be prosecuted for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

As TMZ first reported, Garrison met Vahagn Setian and two 15-year-old girls hours before the crash. The teens invited the actor to a party, where people who attended tell TMZ they saw Garrison drink between four and seven shots of Grey Goose vodka in a short period of time. Garrison's high-powered celebrity defense lawyer, Harland Braun, tells TMZ his client was heading back to his apartment when the crash occurred. Setian was killed and the two girls were injured.


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I do not agree with all of your comments to V's buddy Olivia & Carole, as I was born and raised in Southern California too, but this person who is arguing with you of all the virtues' of his friend who was killed by Lane, just throw him a bone. He is obviously distraught over the death of his friend. Hopefully when he/she calms down, they will see that the death of their friend is not the cause of only Garrison Lane, but of the choices VAUGHN made by getting into the car with a wasted Celebrity. It was HIS choice. I do not believe all the crap about rape, they invited Lane to the party and he was going to go back out and score more booze it sounds like. Two little chickies wanted to go because they probably thought he was hot like all the crazies on here and Vaughn wanted to go too since he was "His Celebrity", I mean, he brought him to the party, correct?
Then the unfortunate happened. I saw many of my friends die in similar drunk driving accidents in my younger years (I'm 36 now), celebrities were not involved so we did not have a public forum to which we could discuss them as we do here. But regardless of the pain and anger that V's friends are feeling, he is as responsible for his death as Garrison Lane is. Those are the straight up true facts.
You kids should use this as a wake up call to quit snorting coke and quit underage drinking and thinking because your parents are wealthy, that you are too. You need to start carving out your own footprints in the sand, so if you are to pass early like your friend, there will be something more to remember you by then you dying in a car high on cocaine and alcohol with a celebrity!

2759 days ago

John H    

I read all 75 comments so far. In my opinion, the last one (#75) tells it like it is. I hope all TEENS (AND ADULTS) reading this take a little time to think about what COULD happen by getting in a vehicle with an impaired person driving. It's dangerous enough being on the roadways, and ALOT more dangerous in a situation like what happened here.

Should he be punished? In my opinion YES. For how long, I really don't know. He IS responsible for a death. Yet, there are many factors to consider. As an adult, he should have never been with these teens. at the same time, as a teen you are old enough to make choices. You choose boyfriends/girlfriends, hobbies, sports, etc...
Make a good choice and don't put yourself at risk. I used to party alot as a teen, and now at 44 I consider myself lucky to be alive after some of the nights I had as a teen.
Take care of yourselves. There are plenty of ways to have FUN in life without drugs and alcohol!


2756 days ago


First, let me just say that just because you have the freedom to post a comment here, (no matter how disgusting, peverted, or demented it may be), doesn't change the fact that a 15 year old child is dead; unable to utilize his rights of any nature. A child that has a mother and father, possible siblings, friends, teachers, neighbors, and many others (I'm certain) who are grieving in such a manner that they feel physically ill. A young, talented young man, with the promise of a bright successful future, now anguishes over a death, that he caused. I can tell you, from experience, that alcohol and drugs will alter any persons
judgement....causing them to make tragic mistakes that they would normally not make. I'm sure Lane did not start his day planning to kill someone. But, he did. Unfortunately, the consequences will be all too much for many to bare. Remember, Lane has family, friends, and loved ones too. This is a horrble tragedy ALL the way around. A quote from John Paul 11 - "...the shattered order cannot be fully restored except by a response that combines justice with forgiveness." Wisdom 3:1 "The souls of the just are in the hands of God and no torment will touch them." I can't speak for others, but, I myself choose to pray for them all. Rest in peace, Vahagn. God be with you, Lane.

2754 days ago
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