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Is Courtney "Idol's" Next Train Wreck?

1/31/2007 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol's" Paula Abdul is as loopy as any big-time TV personality can hope to be (and still keep her job), but could "Idol" producers be replacing her with the one musical mama who's actually more likely to make an utter idiot of herself on national TV -- Courtney Love?
Paula Abdul and Courtney Love
Love told that she's been approached by "Idol" producers to appear on the show. What's more, a source says that Love might actually be supplanting Abdul, whose tenure as a judge has been studded with all manner of wackiness and scandal, including a well-traveled bout of nuttiness in local TV interviews last month. "Idol's" reps had no comment.

That's just child's play for Courtney, a woman who's done and displayed just about everything under the sun and her shirt to humiliate herself, including (allegedly) flinging mike stands, baring her breasts, and melting down at roasts. (Her reps could not be reached for comment.) And with a national stage of 30 million viewers a week, who knows what insanity awaits?

Courtney Love photo galleryThat wacky Paula Abdul


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I know RACHELL, I am not an idiot. I have been typing for a long time. I know all the tricks. Anyway, You know you like my comments.


2789 days ago


I would absolutely love it if Courtney Love was on this show. I have no problem with Paula Abdul- I think she's pretty great. The hyper-sensitive general public (which consists mostly of subliterates anyways) needs to friggen quit freaking out everytime she does anything. However, Courtney Love is far more interesting and yes, far more intelligent. Yes, I said it. Have any of you ever read from one of the coherent interviews she's given over the years? Or noticed what an outstanding acting performance she gave in the People vs. Larry Flynt? The girl's got a very high IQ. But the great masses clearly prefer the vapid and generic. So she's not so smart when it comes to the drugs/alcohol thing. From what I've read, she's doing all that she can to work on staying clean and sober. I think watching Simon and Courtney Love would be hugely fun. Someone who could probably verbally smack him down? Imagine the hilariousness that would insue....

2789 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Courtney Love would be VERY interesting as a GUEST judge like Olivia Newton John, however. Could be a big crash and burn; but so was Rose and Trump, and look at THEIR ratings. Love is not a loser, however. In her genre, she is loaded with musical talent. Loaded. I hope she gets busy on another hard album, and tours with her new mature head on straight.

2789 days ago


i like paula.she is the sweetheart on the show.courtney is more of a crack whore than paula.she shouldnt be taking paula's place.not in this lifetime!!!!!!!!

2789 days ago

D, Hampton    

If Paula is removed our family will in all probability not watch anymore!!!!
We think she makes the show complete-and I say to all those reporters who are knocking her, be very careful-we the Public have very long memories and
everything you say is extremly suspect as far as were concerned. I believe that Rush Limbaugh coined it aptly, The Drive By Media apparently has it in for Paula-Jealously can be double edged sword -be very careful critics!!!!!

2789 days ago


Courtney Love??????? Trade entertaining Paula for a whacked out female rocker. Let's hope that this dumb idea dies a quick death. Idol has put the best talent forward each year which is confirmed by their album sales. I've thought that sometimes #1 should have been #2, but that's about it.

The show has a good format and the personalities have good ability to judge talent. It's the most successful show on the air. Why mess with it??? I don't think the decision-makers at FOX are dumb enough to try to fix something that isn't broken.

2789 days ago


I think that if Courtney Skank-Love Joins american Idol it will take the show to a low below recoverable Level. She's trash always has been and always will be I think that American Idol should stick With Paula she's 10 times better than Courtney would ever hope to be. Hopefully American Idol will tell courtney Thanks but no thanks go back to the gutter where you belong.

2789 days ago
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