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Time for Plan B! Pitt Attacks Paps With Kindness

1/31/2007 12:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt, one of the most photographed men in the world, desperately tried to get the paparazzi off his back -- with heart-to-heart talks.
Pitt chats with photos: Click to launch photos
Clad in his tough-guy motorcycle gear, Pitt went face-to-face with every photographer stationed outside of his Hollywood Hills mansion yesterday, making a personal plea for privacy. He's got a flair for the dramatic.

While many of the shutterbugs were moved by his efforts, most seemed disinterested and continued to flash away at the star, begging the question -- will you please take off the helmet?!


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I'd be happy if I never saw a photo or heard a word about the Pitts again. They are so overexposed and so unworthy of it. Brad better enjoy himself now because sooner or later she'll be off to the next home that she can wreck.

2825 days ago


#21...what u got the hots for me............get off the couch fat ass......don't hate me because i love brad and not u.....

2825 days ago


Oh please, they invited the attention. They can't just switch on and off. They were the ones that first started courting the paps. Angelina is like the papparazzi queesm, tipping them off to everything, most notably their little Kenya jaunt. Like yes, a papparazzi just happened to be in Kenya to take pictures of them on the beach. Angelina invites them into her life, she loves the attention and they should live wih it.

You don't just use the paps when it's good for you. PITT IS SUCH A P***Y!!!! And yes, Angelina is also a skanky backdoor c**t.

2825 days ago


Think about it as a human being. Would you like someone in your face all the time taking pictures of your children? Trying to catch "the mourning shot" after your mother/mother in law died? It doesn't matter how much money they have. It's not fair to be like that to people. There is nothing going on that you need to take pictures of them for. Leave them alone! Yes, even fans do not like these types of pictures. If you go to most fansites, they are not linking or talking about pictures taken during this time. If they go out of their way for attention, going to The Ivy, shopping, or whatever... then yes FEEL FREE to take pictures. But seriously, how would you feel? Do you not have a mother or a soul or anything?

2825 days ago


Something must be physically and/or mentally wrong with those of you who feel that BP should suffer for divorcing JA . You need to seek help . And if you think this advice is unwarranted then you have a small idea of what your posts indicate about you . JA is not sufffering from her divorce . She came out of the situation millions of dollars ahead due to her marriage to BP . It wouldn't have happened is she had not been so very connected . We know her talent is at best modest . Movie producers are not beating themselves up trying to sign her up for any movies, let alone movies with heavy hitter actors . She has shown her capacity to act at this level and the producers got the message - they don't want her . As for BP and AJ seeking pr . They don't have to seek it - they are hounded by it . The paps won't give them any privacy . Noone asks for this invasiveness on a consstant basis . We all want to have some privacy . So you all who have been so very negative on this post - get some psychological help .

2825 days ago

Only in    

Yea, Brad is pussy-whipped and I think he is riding a BMW?

2825 days ago

Only in    

Post 21 Sharon/Stone I know of a poet exactly like you, about 200 years ago.

2825 days ago

OK! got that right........those dumb ass comments about him are so stuuuuuupid.

2825 days ago


they deserve privacy. Get over Brad leaving Jen, this type of thing happens ever day, he should not have to pay for getting out of a bad marriage for the rest of his life. If Brad and Angie are happy together, leave them alone and let them raise their children. Everyone deserves privacy. Let her bury her mother without being the story of the day, and the picture to get. Leave them alone.

2825 days ago


you dumbass leave sharon alone......don't hate her because she's telling the hurts doesn't it........hah.....brad rocks.......

2825 days ago


Sharon, I'm sure he loves you back, too. You state you "love" a public celebrity. Do you realize how sad this is? Someone you will probably never meet let alone have a chance of a relationship with. How sad. I imagine you as one of those sad creatures whose only chance in a relationship are "imaginary lovers". Please don't waste your life in such an elusive manner-seek someone that can be real for you. Perhaps your mobile home park has a Friday night mixer????

2825 days ago


he deserves to have some privacy, they just had a death in the family! i wouldn't want a camera trying to catch me mourning someone i cared about that passed away! i've heard that a majority of those stalkers/jerks/thugs are from that X17 company. the owner is an alcoholic and they hire thugs to harrass the stars. GIVE THEM SOME SPACE PAPARAZZI! as for those folks who are STILL BRINGING UP JENNIFER ANISTON, God people, get over it!! it's BEEN YEARS!! IT'S OVER! jeez, w/the way you guys carry on about her, it seems as 'her fans' don't think she'll ever be able to find someone else.

2825 days ago


#33. alright already........just shut up.........i am not as stupid as u.......i know this is a with it........relax....let it love u ok now??????

2825 days ago


Her mother is takin a dirt nap.

2825 days ago

No Ring, No Bling    

For the love of people's very private and very painful lives, leave Brad and Angie alone. For one week. Her mother passed away. I don't care how old, or how weird one is, the passing of a parent has to be devastating. As much I don't care for any of them anymore (but yes, I have an inner gawker that leads me here), it seems that Angie should be left in peace to mourn Ms. Bertrand's passing.

FYI - I attend a regular weekly meeting called, "Jen's Anonymous" for those who used to be fans of hers but sort of think... she's seriously hurting and not doing well.

Jen, since it's apparent you read these things, please, please, please fire your publicist. The "People" article today, made me sick. You're above all that - it only makes you look more pathetic. Who cares if you had boob/nose/thigh surgery? If I had your kind of money, I'd do it too! Who cares what anyone thinks of you? Seriously, you had a monstrously successful show and should celebrate that the rest of your life. Don't do dumbass movies just to keep your name out there. Rise above all the nonsense of the pappo's.

Angie will always be a skanky publicity whore. I do not know her or care to. It seems as if everytime Jen had a bad day and it hit the media, Angie just appeared out of no where to have some "bitch slap" for Jen to read. I got tired of that immediately. Angie is who she is. She plays characters close to her own (Good Shepard she played a whore who took another woman's man - and people think she should get some award for that? It was just her playing out her real life!). Angie also plays women who are fierce, competitive, and strong. I like that about her even if she is a skank in real life.

Brad - you loser. Men of the Year? Clooney, Brosnan, class. Pittstink FTL.

2825 days ago
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