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Time for Plan B! Pitt Attacks Paps With Kindness

1/31/2007 12:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt, one of the most photographed men in the world, desperately tried to get the paparazzi off his back -- with heart-to-heart talks.
Pitt chats with photos: Click to launch photos
Clad in his tough-guy motorcycle gear, Pitt went face-to-face with every photographer stationed outside of his Hollywood Hills mansion yesterday, making a personal plea for privacy. He's got a flair for the dramatic.

While many of the shutterbugs were moved by his efforts, most seemed disinterested and continued to flash away at the star, begging the question -- will you please take off the helmet?!


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I hear Jennifer Aniston fan's are looney in the head and have no sense of what's right or wrong. Jen still can't have Brad back, sorry. He has a real family now.

2786 days ago


Boo Hoo. Move out of LA - move to a small town Like Harrison Ford, Paul Newman, Bruce Willlis or Julia Roberts. If your in LA you are going to have to deal with paps.

2786 days ago

water crotch    

the question isn't: "does brad deserve privacy?"
but: " do we deserve a break from Brad?"
answer to both: YES!!!

2786 days ago


Brad Love's his family. Look at him.

2786 days ago


Please...this is His publicity stunt. Seems that pops are outside the gate, he could have just stayed inside and shared QT w/ his, not brad, he dressed up, jumped on a motorcyle, and comes outside for some one-on-ones for all for the world to see how much he loves her and lengths he'll go to protect her. Dear Brad, always the knight in shining armor! He knew they'd take his picture making his plea, his "do-gooder" imagine with raise a little higher, Letterman might call, this keeps his paychecks and freebies at sundance coming. All of his and AJ's famously photographed charity stunts are just to help clean their images after they got caught in africa....he SUKS!

2786 days ago


While I love Brad Pitt and Angie and I do feel they deserve some privacy, especially on their private property, you have to understand that stars know what their life is going to be like, get paid millions of dollars, and the public has a high interest in their lives. They know all this before going into the business. The paprazzi can be hazardous and relentless, but stars should be grateful they are in the business and be kind to their public when asked for autograph. I dont feel the paprazzi should be hounding them at their home or especially on the roads while driving. But in a public place (a restaurant), I feel its okay.

2786 days ago


Some of the JA fan's talk out of the side of their necks instead of from their heads. They have dates and timelines all wrong, case and point Sparky.

2786 days ago


AJ's mother just died. All they are asking for is time to greive in private. Damn would any of you want a camera up your face during a time like that...All you fools keep talking about is how he left her for her and blah blah blah. There had to be issues in the marriage if he chose to look elsewhere, end of story.
Now let them greive in private. Or better yet donate to the American Breast Cancer Society and make a difference in this ugly battle against women.

2786 days ago


I took a really close look at that picture of Brad. Even with heavy motorcycle boots on, it appears his shoe size is a 7. Why would JA want him back?

2786 days ago


One good thing you can say about him is he has good taste in bikes - it's a Confederate Hellcat, about $60k.

2786 days ago


BP and AJ do not have to seek publicity - they are hounded by it . So to call them publicity whores is not true . The requirement of the UNHCR is that their ambassadors bring national attention to the problems identified by the UNHCR. AJ has to if she takes her role seriously) allow the media to cover her for the express purpose of calling attention to what she is doing for the UNHCR . JA and BP mutually called it quits . JA did not contest the divorce - especially since she filed . Of course the known fact that they had not really had a successful marriage for some time simply made it easier to call it quit . No one says anything about the fact that it was fraud on her part since she did not intend to have any children and she knew he very much wanted them . So she allowed him to believe that they would have children knowing that she was not going to get pregnant . So after 5 years he said we need to go on - you to pursue your oscar and me to find a family with children to grow old with . Why can't some of you posters who hate him so much ( you say its because of the publicity and that he had the nerve to leave JA) admit these things , leave this s*** behind and grow up and get a life .

2786 days ago


Jennifer Aniston fans do always start nasty comments. Thay are bunches of people whose been miserable, reflection of their idol Maniston. Their insecurities are so incorrigible. I read their comments and I just shake my head how shallow these people are --- exactly just like their idol. So, whatever Brad and Angelina do, they will always find ways to be nasty and vile. These people are not over the FACT that couples in this earth do get divoced if the marriage don't work out.

2785 days ago


and its a FACT that they don't marry when relationships are not all they're supposed to be.

2785 days ago


Maniston's fans are so primitive. They live a life of believing one should stay on a marriage that is not joyous and unproductive. They are so on denial just like their idol. They do have co-dependency problems just like their idol. I feel sorry for all of them.

I am glad to be a Jolie fan. She is strong, doesn't depend on a PR or a man, very successful in her own game, honest, bold and so human. She doesn't lie about her imperfection but learn from them. I like the fact that she says things as it is whether one likes it or not. She relies on her ability to be an actress, a caring daughter, a loving mother, a respectful partner to Brad and a humanitarian as much as she can.

All you Maniston fans, stop putting your idols name whenever a tabloid talks about the Jolie-Pitt. It is just so pathetic. The only time Fugliton is talked about is when the Jolie-Pitt is on the picture. Quite desperate, innit???

2785 days ago


i hope this is primitive enough, the plain HONEST, FRANK, BLUNT, EXPLICIT truth is, i call a whore a whore when i see one. I bet she can still look at herself in the mirror.

2785 days ago
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