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Time for Plan B! Pitt Attacks Paps With Kindness

1/31/2007 12:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt, one of the most photographed men in the world, desperately tried to get the paparazzi off his back -- with heart-to-heart talks.
Pitt chats with photos: Click to launch photos
Clad in his tough-guy motorcycle gear, Pitt went face-to-face with every photographer stationed outside of his Hollywood Hills mansion yesterday, making a personal plea for privacy. He's got a flair for the dramatic.

While many of the shutterbugs were moved by his efforts, most seemed disinterested and continued to flash away at the star, begging the question -- will you please take off the helmet?!


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heydeserveeachother -
If you think she is a whore, majority of people don't think so. You know what??? Let me tell you this.... I and others cannot control how you speak, we can just control ours. Also, we cannot level with stupidity. Stupidity, just like how your brain works, will only accept what it wants to accept. Really, one cannot talk back and act back to stupidity. You can be as vile as you want, we are just gonna stay cool and open-minded. That's all!!

2767 days ago


I believe that all persons after a personal loss should have privacy. Why is it that money can buy anything? Thier a FAMILY, people wake up, Regardless of thier fame and forture they want the same Quilty of live we all do. Remember the old saying, you always want what you cant have....? Think about it.... We go on about our days without issue. Imagine everyday some one who looks like cyclopse inches from you. Your "Mom" dies and its it mateing season out front cyclopse camara man running to the "perfect" spot... We need to Punk a "cyclopse" everyone, looks who's laughin now.

2767 days ago


A man and a woman and their children. What they do for a living is not 100% our business away from their promotion and their work.
But the nastiness of people calling them names and attacking their looks, that's scary and sad.
In the end,
Pitt and Jolie have a good life, their bills are paid and they love their children and each other. Wishing all the haters, half of that love.

2767 days ago


Nice bike.

2766 days ago


# 77 So very True! I agree with you 100%.
Just wanted to add: We need to do something to help change things in the world for the better. Brad & Angie forever!

2766 days ago


Brad Pitt has owned the Hollywood house for over a decade, I live nearby. It is the media that has gone crazy. There never used to be cameras there like nowadays. No gate even. I recall 10 years ago driving by his house on Oscar afternoon. There was a limo in his driveway waiting for him as he was nominated that year. Just the limo and driver standing there. Times have changed and now the media are stalkers 24/7.

2766 days ago


people are so f-cking rude,who cares who they are they just lost someone close to them.They deserve there privacy no matter who they are.There is so much hate in this world its a shame it really is.Does something lke the world trade center have to happen before you's have simpathy?PATHETIC!!!!!!

2765 days ago


This is heavy stuff. Marianna take a breather. Dang

2764 days ago


Here we go again, I like countless others love a good rumor/scandel/drama but then after it all ends I realize that they are REGULAR people who just so happen to have A LOT of money to burn.
If that was me I think I would go berserk! I mean, having people constantly in your life just so they can further thier carrers while feeding off of yours......Well people gotta do what they gotta do I guess.
Besides we don't REALLY know what he said, for all we know he could have told that guy that he was parked in a no parking zone!!!LOL.

2683 days ago

Linda wallace    

Brad belongs with Jen not Angie , just doesn't make any sense any of it!!!!!

2683 days ago
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