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Denise Loves Rock Lobster

2/1/2007 4:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Denise Richards has the shake, Richie Sambora has the bake.

An amazing bikini-clad Denise and her lobster-red boyfriend Richie Sambora sprinted on the beaches of Honolulu yesterday, although it looks like Sambora's having a little trouble jogging with that burn.

Hey Richie, it's called "sunblock."


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Next, we'll hear about Denise's battle with bulemia and Richie's will be in rehab for alcohol abuse (finally). Denise is a media slut and well Richie is just stupid. The Bon Jovi guys do not like Denise and Richie's ego is big enough to make it a huge problem within the band. The only people who like Denise are the ones who want to get in her pants, what a legacy.

2787 days ago


WHy would a pretty girl like that, famous on her own, date such an old spent ugly man??
Also, what's up with these fugly long shorts at the beach? He will be half pink and half white. When will American men realize how stupid it is to wear l;ong shorts to the beach. Speedo revolution in this country like the rest of the world!!

2787 days ago

The Expatriot    

So there's still hope for ugly lardballs. Unfortunately.
I hope they won't procreate.

2787 days ago


How sweet, Denise is helping her elderly father out the water...

2787 days ago

Anne B. Davis    

Hey Ritchie, it's called Diet!
I'm sure this hottie will soon grow tired of her tubby tunester. Dude needs to date women his own age -- if they'll even HAVE him.

2787 days ago


There are pictures of her snorting coke in the moments before this picture was taken. Holding the vial, snorting and chunks in her nostril.Saw them on another blog site just moments ago. This is why she is skinny. Just like the rest of the celebritards. Why are'nt they on here????

2787 days ago


This is a woman with an addiction -- to sex. Or she's just a co-dependent.

He's an old, fat, cheating rocker and she's delusional enough to think that he's a "catch". Well he is a "catch" -- like someone said, he's a whale.

2787 days ago


this is an altered photo

in the original, fat Richie was running to an overeaters anonymous meeting with top waddle -- Tyra Banks

2787 days ago


Saw the same pictures on Perez Hilton of her snorting SOMETHING. Sure looks like coke.

Uh Richie one word. BOWFLEX!

2787 days ago

We, are not amused.    

"Come on can watch me do the pool boy!"

2787 days ago


Denise still looks hot, why is she with that fat old guy ?

2787 days ago



2787 days ago


I am disappointed you haven't posted the other pics that go with these. You know... the ones with her blatantly doing blow! Check it out for yourself

2787 days ago


TMZ should post those photos of her snorting coke, especially the one where you see the coke still in her nose! I also like the picture where the wave is almost knocking her over. You know Charlie had major dirt on Denise, Richie too, that is why Denise dropped the made up allegations so fast. These two are their very own train wreck.

2787 days ago

the wise old owl    

POST # 83 : Laurie : Thanks for the link. Talk about " openly doing drugs " least take it to your room. What a stupid broad.

And just imagine. She was trying to contact the tabloids and devuldge her knowledge about Heather's partying. TALK ABOUT A HYPOCRITE. At least Heather is smart enough to keep her partying " private ". What a dumb ass bitch.

2786 days ago
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