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Jacko's Kids Unmasked!

2/1/2007 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's children are usually hiding behind masks ... but not yesterday.

MJ's three kiddos; Prince Michael I (pictured here), Paris and Prince Michael II (aka Blanket), were seen without their usual disguises at Circus Circus hotel in Las Vegas yesterday. Perhaps the amusement rides there remind them of Neverland. Or being dangled off a balcony.

The King of Pop was not seen in the kids' company, but son Prince's facial expression betrays a slight family resemblance. Jackson took up residence in Sin City last month amid rumors of a deal for regular appearances at a hotel there.


Prince Michael II
Prince Michael II (aka Blanket).

Prince Michael I and sister Paris
Prince Michael I and sister Paris Jackson.

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Why can't we all get along? Blacks blame whites for everything wrong in their lives and it's time it stopped. This is mainly for the one who wrote eairler that whites are all bastards. R u jealous??? I think so! Why else would u say something so stupid!!! I hate a racist and I'm really sure u r one. Get a life and blame yourself for the mess your life is in. U dumbass!!!!!!

2783 days ago


I know biracial kids - half black and half white who don't really show any black traits. They have white skin, white hair even blonde hair and green eyes. So because they aren't dark . They are cute besides they have enough problems.

2783 days ago


I have 2 biracial nephews, both have different complexions one is lighter skinned but you can tell he is biracial, different features and different hair, same father, you can just tell the traits they have picked up from certain sides of the family. There is NO way those children are his, not one of them looks the slightest bit biracial. They are pretty cute kids though.

2783 days ago


I think you guys are the ones who are pathetic. Why can't you leave the man alone?! Whether they are his biological children or not, he has been their father since they were born and, by most accounts, he raises them well. As for them not being biracial looking, I have known people who had african american parents with dark skin and the children had blonde hair, blue eyes and light skin! So there kind of goes your argument...

2783 days ago


A long came a blackbird and snipped off his nose. Get real people, he has too many holes in his head already. Feel bad for these children.

2783 days ago



i like your comments, and i think she is sooo cute too! i think that she reminds me of mariah carey in some ways, she has gorgeous curly hair, and is a more typical representation of a biracial person. i'm a fan.

Yes, we all know that there are exceptions to this rule. what are the odds, though, of having 3 exceptions to the rule, in a row? NONE. ZERO. NADA. ZIP.

We have evidence that MJ is a freak, so why are "fans" not making a correlation between numerous said surgeries to change appearance, and unlikely chance of freak rare occurence of having 3 kids in a row who appear white.

oh, and how strange that his 'surrogate' is white! NO BLACK PEOPLE ANYWHERE TO BE SEEN! stop defending him, guys. stop making up excuses. the evidence is all around you that he is obsessed with WHITE, and WHITE features, not brown, not mixed ( he didn't even stop with the surgeries when he still looked slighly mixed with his cute, round nose, gerry curled hair) oh no, please, he just kept going until he was able to get the most HIDEOUS EXCUSE FOR A FAKE ARYAN NOSE THAT THERE COULD POSSIBLY BE. ( if i were black, i'd be highly annoyed.)

So let's just stop with the pretense. Man's got issues. The kids are cute. They are just not his, and MOST OF ALL, I WISH HE WOULD STOP MAKING THEM WEAR PAINTED FACES, VEILS, ETC..............WHEN THEY GO OUT!

2783 days ago


We all know he had several nose jobs to change his nose from a "black nose" to a "white nose", but how come none of his genetics passed on to his kids? Even during slavery when slaves bore children of their "masters", their was always some trace of their black heritage. Come on now, I guess he wants us to believe these are his biological children just as he wants us to belive he is really white, huh?

2783 days ago


I would like to give praise to Mr. Michael Jackson for being a father to his children. It doesn't matter what people say negative about someone and/or their children. What counts is that he Loves them with all his heart and wants to give them everything that's good in this world. One day you all will see the Love that he now share with his children. Keep on being a good father Mr. Michael Jackson. Your children are beautiful .

2782 days ago


Why is it that this person has to be jealous of white people? Maybe this person has been shown racism in some extreme form. You ask the question "Why can't we all get along?" It's those sort of comments from a white person is the reason we can't "get along". Maybe you should ask someone what is their basis for their oppinion first, before assuming that ALL black people are blaming whites for their problems. I truly don't believe that ANY black person truly has a reason to be JEALOUS of any other white person. The accusation of this person being "jealous" is a racist comment!!! Just thought I would point that out.

2782 days ago


Beautiful children as all children on earth, come with their own challenges. Beautiful parents, as all parents on earth come with their own challenges. I don’t know of a sole born in the absence of challenges but it is the irony and beauty of this human experience that we are all tied into that shapes our thoughts into thinking anothers is greater than ours... Wow. Stones.

2782 days ago


Judge not less you be judged also.You all are the most judgemental,negative and condemning people.Leave Micheal alone.That's his family-blood ties are not! He's been found innocent of all charges.In the end he will stand before God and answer only to Him.

2782 days ago


Black? White? Who cares? These kids are Micheal's wether he is the sperm donor or not, he has raised them and loved them. Molester? That was not proven and he was found innocent , give it a break will ya? Such hateful people in this world. I would trust my children with him, thats a fact jack. Beautiful children Micheal..

2782 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Dear chevygirl 101,

Your comment (903) is as cheap and as mindless as your signature name. You must be nuts to think that those children are safe with Michael. Let me ask you dear chevygirl 101 ....are you one of those mindless fools who thought OJ was innocent? You need your engine checked ol chevy girl,


2782 days ago

Jane Moreau    

Jacksons children are beautiful and if you think mixed race couples can't have very light skinned children, you are very wrong. Your problem is a closed mind.

2782 days ago


I hope those kids inherit enough money to get the future psychiatric care they will need as adults.

2782 days ago
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