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Jacko's Kids Unmasked!

2/1/2007 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's children are usually hiding behind masks ... but not yesterday.

MJ's three kiddos; Prince Michael I (pictured here), Paris and Prince Michael II (aka Blanket), were seen without their usual disguises at Circus Circus hotel in Las Vegas yesterday. Perhaps the amusement rides there remind them of Neverland. Or being dangled off a balcony.

The King of Pop was not seen in the kids' company, but son Prince's facial expression betrays a slight family resemblance. Jackson took up residence in Sin City last month amid rumors of a deal for regular appearances at a hotel there.


Prince Michael II
Prince Michael II (aka Blanket).

Prince Michael I and sister Paris
Prince Michael I and sister Paris Jackson.

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These people who are saying that these kids are not Michael Jackson's based only on these pictures don't know what they are talking about. They do favor him. They don't have to have "dark" skin. I know because I'm black. My mother is very light skinned. I have pictures of her when she was younger. She could pass for white. My father is very darked skinned. My brothers and sisters and I have varying degrees of skin color. One of my brothers have a set of twins who are very light skinned. Also, I have a multi-cultured family. I have neices and nephews that are half hispanic and black. I also have white people in my family. We are all different shades. So you can't tell just from skin tone if someone is partly black. People need to get beyond skin color anyway.

2809 days ago

Daniel J    

Ok anyone with half a brain left not battered into docility by the disseminators of infotainment know that these children are not genetically related to Michael at all.

Now, to deal with the issue of it being a boon for these children to have this strange man fuffilling his absurd fantasiacal, vicarial fatherhood by playing daddy.

This is most definately not a good thing. Nor is all well becuase "they won't have to struggle financial" as one poster stated. In fact, you sound like someone that believes there is such a thing. God, evolution, or anything one can believe in that is worth considering should mandate that one have to struggle to survive.

What is so abhorrent about that? Is it an affront to your sensibilities about the neccisity of the Nanny/Welfare state?

Addressing the issue of couples adopting children of other races: it isn't a good thing. It is comparable to allowing gay people to adopt straight children. How could a black family possible acknowledge the complexities of white existence?

How could a white family properly address "blackness?"

Can I float the idea that these kids belong to the money-hungry Jewish nanny who has pressured the precariously close to insane Jack-O into this completely aberrant relationship.

2809 days ago


979. These people who are saying that these kids are not Michael Jackson's based only on these pictures don't know what they are talking about. I know because I'm black. My mother is very light skinned. I have pictures of her when she was younger. She could pass for white.
If your mother was very light and could pass for white, then you're not "black." Not scientifically black, anyway. What is "light black" anyway? People who are 99% white call themselves black. That's sheer nonsense. Do you know that in Brazil anyone who is one drop white is considered to be white? So, since your mother was primarily white, it's entirely possible your siblings were light skinned as well. Michael Jackson's parents however are clearly "black" and are not in any way mixed - nor are his siblings, those who haven't had plastic surgery. I do agree with you that people pay too much attention to skin color. (But go tell that to Michael Jackson! He's obsessed with it.)
However, in this case coloring is relevant because the topic was whether they resemble him. And the fact is that whether it be skin, hair, features ... NOTHING bears any resemblance to Michael or his parents.

2809 days ago


Cutie pie children. I agree though. Do a DNA. Just want to know if the children are his. (Which I don't think so). I hope the Nanny are teaching the children how to become a human being.

2809 days ago



thank you for having the most common sense that i have seen in awhile.

if your "black" mother has white kids, then she MUST carry much white dna....MUST. those are the laws of genetics.

2809 days ago


Not way those kids belong to that freak. It amazes me that losers continue to defend this degenerate. That he is a musical genius is questionable, that he is a disturbed and sick individual is obvious.

2808 days ago


Anybody can see these kids are not related to Michael Jackson. I was also pretty sure the mom was artificially inseminated, but now the question is who was the donor?

2808 days ago


Those are Debbie Rowe's children but there is obviously no "blood relation" to Michael Jackson

2808 days ago

J Staires    

I'm not certain but I think I see the resemblance in all their noses to their father's. Seriously!

2808 days ago


What I want to know is, what does Tito and the gang think when they see these children? Yes, they're cute, and the unfortunate terms of their custody is no fault of their own. But if I were part of the Jackson family, I'd wonder "Who's kids are these-----really?!!! And should we really be letting MICHAEL raise them?"

2808 days ago


Who dressed these kids? They look like a fashion disaster.

2808 days ago

Marcel Lee (    

Some of you people are real idiots; arguing back and forth over whether or not they're his biological children when the bottom line is that, at most, only a handful of people know for sure. Michael Jackson may or may not be included in that group, but I say you should give him the benefit of the doubt you'd give any other celebrity parent. After all, as common sense suggests, you can't determine whether or not a man is the father of a kid by looking at pictures of them.

2808 days ago

santa fe, NM    

Those kids look like the "milk mans" kids. They are not bi-racial nor Wacko Jackos kids. Poor things to have to live with that man!!!!!

2808 days ago


I guees being super loaded CAN get you anything. Including white kids with blonde hair. It's a miracle!. This guy needs Jesus.

2808 days ago


In some instances children of B/W parentage will appear to be either all black or all white. In most circumstances they appear to be both, exam. Mariah Carey. The actress Jennifer Beals of the movie Flashdance appeared to be all white but is in fact bi-racial. I have a cousin who is half b/w but appears to be 100% white. I also know a family member, of a family member who is half b/w. Her mother is black and was raped by a white man. This girl has long flowing brown hair, blue eyes and appears to be totally white. Look in Feb.'s Ebony mag. there is an exceptional article written by a man whose father is black and mother white. He appears to be 100% white. He reveals some of the racist comments made to him by white people because they assume he is just another white man. I can't say with certainty that those are or are not MJ's kids. However, it is possible even if they do appear to be all white.

2808 days ago
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