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Paris vs. Tara -- Who Sucks More in Bed?!

2/1/2007 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis went on Howard Stern yesterday dishing about his sexual conquests -- which he rated both good (Paris Hilton) and bad (Tara Reid).

When Stern asked Francis who gave the best oral sex, he responded, "Paris is the best ... Paris is amazing in bed ... better than anyone." Go figure.

As for the worst, Joe said it was Tara Reid, but couldn't quite, er, put his finger on why. Robin asked, "Does she just lay there?" and he said, "Yeah, pretty much." And it gets worse ... click the pic to hear it.


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Another thing Howard Stern is a sick bastard........I dunno why people still listen to him.

2759 days ago

yo momma    

of course paris is gonna be good in bed...she's a professional slut

2759 days ago


Howard Stern is a sick and disgusting human being. It appears that he and Joe Francis make a good couple. YUK!

2759 days ago

Mad Balls    

nASTY bOIL was right when he said TMZ is sliding down the toilet to get bits to write . JOE ??? That the guy who has to get underage chicks drunk to screw them ?? funny HA HA . And PayforPLay radio is so popular that its' listeners have requested commercials to interupt their pleasure every fifteen minutes . Howard is the lowest common dull-ass of entertainment . TMZ SUCKS !!

2759 days ago


So does Joe have herpes also? He says he loves Tara Reid but tells the whole world she was the worst in bed and is loose? What a nice guy.

2759 days ago


Paris and this a**hole deserve each other! They are both nasty sleazballs with herpes. PIGS!

2759 days ago


If you want to see the real herpes having, coke sniffing racist party girl Paris, please go here!

Both sites show what Ms. Hilton is so afraid the public will see and is suing over, especially the second one, for her Valtrex (herpes medicine) and many other drug prescriptions. Her miscarriage(abortion), etc
Her racist comments about gays, jewish people, blacks, asians and even the people she calls "friends". Also if you like to see her many naked pics (on the toilet, bath tub, etc.) this site is for you!

Paris makes Tara look like a saint!

2759 days ago

paris's cottage chhese but f*ck and many more tales'    

Oh Joe Francis loves him a bit of the ol herepes!

2759 days ago

paris's cottage chhese but f*ck and many more tales'    

Oh thats real nice. So Paris has been screwin this disgusting creep too. Paris cant expect to lie and have nobody find out. She is such a concieted bitch.
She would have only slept with Joe (and evryone else in hollywood to try and get famous)
And i dont understand how people can like such an openly racist, biggot, full of herself Skank with STD's. Shes no idol.

2759 days ago


He sounds like he's on drugs. It's a lousy interview. Howard's interviews are the best, but only if the person he is interviewing is good also.

2759 days ago


Of all the human filth in the world, I think Francis is the winner.
He's made millions exploiting drunks, and just recently narrowly avoided a trial for here locally with a girl who was sloshed and sexually assaulted, er, taken advantage of (she didn't report the crime soon enough for the DNA evidence to be accurate). Somehow, it's not as cute when it's a local person with parents (not that it's ever cute).
He's fat, a blabbermouth, and I sincerely hope his world comes crashing down.
Ironically, after avoiding prosecution, he just taunted local officials instead of shutting his mouth.

2759 days ago

gtood luck brit    

So..... Paris is only slept with two guys? These two being Joe Francis and rick Solomen HAHA! Oh her poor fiance or love of her life starvos never got a f***. Shes such a lying loser! The fact that she thought anyone would believe this woman who is famous because of being a dirty slut, had only slept with two people proves how much of a coked up butt f***ed dumbass slut she really is.
Not to mention a racist, biggot, who only cares about herself.
if i had of degraded and humiliated myself the way she has i wouldnt be able to live with myself. i bet shes real messed up inside.

2759 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

And this troll Joe Francis is such a stud that he could not believe Tara just laid there? Maybe if he knew what the hell he was doing in bed he could elicit a response from a woman. Even an actress would have trouble faking it when a penis the size of a thumb comes falling out of those tighty whyties.

2759 days ago


Anyone read this revealing article on Joe Francis? DISGUSTING.,0,2664370.story

He is a pedophilic rapist.

2759 days ago


Joe and Paris are both disgusting pigs. Tara should have been smarter to get involved with a man who has to get chicks drunk and high to sleep with them. I also thought Paris only slept with two men? Joe Francis and Rick Soloman? Two scrubs who used her made money off her and gave her herpes. All the money and she has the brains of a piece of shit.

2759 days ago
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