Fans Throw Tori Spelling a Pity Party

2/2/2007 3:37 PM PST
With Tori Spelling's baby due in the next few weeks, her fans (they do exist) have started doing what her mom wouldn't ... buying her gifts from her baby registry!

Tori aficionados have been purchasing all kind of gifts; from slippers to picture frames to stuffed animals from Tori's Petit Tresor registry and sending them with notes to the 33-year-old expectant TV heiress. It was reported that Tupperware, not Tori's mother Candy, was hosting her baby shower. One particulary concerned fan/gift-giver/loser wrote, "Dear Tori, I felt so bad for you when I read that Tupperware was giving you your shower and not your mother, so here is a little something for your new bundle of joy!" Nothing substitutes for a mother's love like burp n' seal storage containers.

Strangely enough, we're told that A-list stars like Jennifer Garner, Heidi Klum, Katie Holmes and Britney Spears have also been registered with Petit Tresor, but never had any fans purchase items from their registry. Never underestimate the love of a "90210" fan. *burp*