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Britney Groveling to Get Back With K-Fed?

2/2/2007 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney and K-Fed.Britney Spears has been making late-night phone calls to K-Fed in hope of a reconciliation, so say several of Kevin's close peeps. They tell TMZ that Britney's relationship with Isaac Cohen is a ruse to make Kevin jealous.

But other sources -- frankly, the ones that ring true for TMZ -- say Britney is so over him. They tell us that Brit and the Fed have very little contact, and when they do communicate, it's about their two kids.

By the way, according to these sources, the reports that Britney will ante up $25 mil to K-Fed to end their marriage are Hot Britney gallery: Click to launch photosridiculous. One connected source says the $25 million figure is grossly inflated, "by 25 times." In other words, the bad news is that K-Fed will be a millionaire. The good news -- just barely.

Jennifer Hudson: "Idol" Was Abusive

Heavy-Duty Idols gallery: Click to launch galleryNow that she's moved well beyond "American Idol" into Oscar-nominated fame, Jennifer Hudson is dissing the show that made her famous, calling it abusive, misleading, and brainwashing. She tells Essence magazine (via People) of her time on the show, "You go through this mental thing: you've got to get yourself back together. You've been abused, misled and brainwashed to believe whatever they want you to think." Hudson, who finished sixth during Season Three of the show, says that she was "the girl in the turkey wrapping," referring to a particularly bad wardrobe choice, and that to overcome the characterization, she had to "sing my way out of it." Meanwhile, Hudson scoffs at rumors that there was any tension on the set of "Dreamgirls" between her and Beyonce Knowles: "We clicked from day one."

Jess Lookalike Gets Nick in Trouble

Is there trouble in the heretofore blissful romance between Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo? A Rush & Molloy spy says the pair got into a loud tiff at Manhattan club Plumm - and it all started when a Jessica Simpson-lookalike tried to give Nick her digits. Vanessa spotted the attempted exchange and stormed out of the club, yelling, "We have to talk." Lachey followed, and even hailed her a cab, but it was too late - his galpal had already gotten her own cab and hightailed it away from the club. The pair has been inundated with rumors that they're already engaged, and they've been seen around New York looking generally lovey-dovey.

Mariah: Eminem's Obsessed with Me

Mariah Carey is really, truly concerned about rapper Eminem: "Something is clearly askew with him," she tells Playboy, "and I'm not quite sure what it is." Last year, when Carey publicly denied having had any relations with the rapper, he didn't like it -- he called her a liar and reserved some choice rhymes for her on his latest album, "The Re-Up." Mariah simply doesn't understand: "I'm curious as to why he's so obsessed with me." (Uh, Mariah, you're the one still talking about him.) Adds Mimi, "I never got an apology letter, by the way... then again, I wasn't exactly searching my mailbox for it."

Party Favors: McDreamy Welcomes Twins ... Katie Says She Loves "Calling" Tom "Husband"... Johnny Knoxville Separates from Wife

Patrick Dempsey and his wife Jillian welcomed twin boys -- Sullivan and Darby -- into their brood Thursday, according to People. The "Grey's Anatomy" star and his wife also have a five-year-old daughter, Talula. ... No doubt it took months of speech therapy to perfect, but Katie Holmes tells "Harper's Bazaar" that she loves calling Tom Cruise her "husband." Holmes adds that she "definitely" wants more kids and that she'll eventually get back to work. ... Johnny Knoxville and his wife are separating, says The couple have been married since 1995, and one Us source says, "She deserves every penny if she is going to divorce him."


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duh...totally !    

Team K-Fed !

he can't help it if he married an immature skank .....

2759 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I think you are losing your battle,farret,go get your crack pipe and smoke another hit,Crack is something that the white man invented to keep people like you down,thats my mission,Keep people like farret down

2759 days ago


farrah--your nothing but a stupid black bitch so shut the f*** up...why should white americans have to pay for your nine welfare brats? you had discrimination yet you dont like eminem as a rapper because hes White??? your full of sh* need to practice what you preach!

im more upset about johnny knoxville separating from his wife!!! shes ugly but theyve been together since they were teenagers! so i always thought they were cute together!

2759 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Come on, "Farrah" is "Party On Garth". She/he's a white male.

2759 days ago

coco puff    

We will never be discouraged in our fight against RACISM! The racist crackers need to be exposed and believe me, we will find you. I'm a very busy woman who's mission in life is to end RACISM! I have made great strides already, on this site. The crackers are doing my work for me because they show their RACISM in their posts. I will never stop my fight against RACISM! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

2759 days ago


Lachey and Minillo will not last anyway, seems she is another fame hungry gal, looking ot make it into the big leagues.

Jennifer Hudson is extremely stupid. Whatever her opinions on the show, she should keep to herself, fame is a mistress to many, here one day gone the next, those you meet on your way up the ladder are teh same one you will meet on your climb down. People are connected in this entertainment business, they take note of ungratefulness, so my advise to her is SHUT UP and enjoy for now , when asked about Idol , simply say no comment....What a foolish girl, she wants to render her trophies useless before she even got the big one...and those voting are defintely going to take note..........Dumbasss.........wont be suprised if she really had issues with Beyonce. She is waiting to move on from dreamgrisl before she says anything about that one. Besides she didnt protest too much when she was riding up to 6th place....???

Congratulations to Dempsey...

I doubt Britney misses K-fed, maybe she missed havinf sex at her convinience but not K-fed, he was just a baby machine.......GO girl, get rid of HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! he doesnt desserve anything...I think since he is do concerned about his kids, they should work out an arrangement putting the million into a trust fund for the babies......that will show his fatherly love immensely hahahha:)

2759 days ago


Hudson's ignorance, ingratitude, arrogance and immaturity are really showing. If it weren't for Idol, she would've never gotten any exposure and would've continued slithering around in the Chicago-area trying to make it with her so-called talent. Too many over-indulged idiots like her have had everything handed to them without any expectations being made; coddle, coddle and coo from family and friends. The Idol treatment, however defined, is exactly how it is in real life. You don't get your way just because you want it, which is why Hudson failed on the Idol and is now vomiting up complaints about supposed abuse, mistreatment, ad nauseaum. Just stop her boo-hooing you immature, over-exposed, so-so talent. Those who nominated you and voted you for any award need to see shrinks. Your exposure, awards and nominations are a fluke; you're a flash in the pan and because your talent is limited, you won't be able to sustain it. I understand that Hudson is behaving rather badly these days with all of the little people who made things possible for her, by being a bit demanding, rude and insulting; acting so full of herself and the diva she isn't! She's all nicey-nice before the cameras, but stabbing people in the back. I hope she loses the Oscar; she doesn't deserve it at all.

2759 days ago


Okay, Jen, you're on the high now, but remember you get to where you ARE now. Don't bite the finger that is feeding you now. Remember by this time next year, you will not be on the front pages like now. Even if you think you get abused, -in your mental thinking, keep it to yourself. Don't get too carried away just because too many cameras are in your face all the time. You need to apologize before the media start chopping you down- and you know that will eventually come. They build you up get tired, -next? Bring you down. Don't open your mouth too much, sister! Remember what's happening to your fellow black person, Isiah Washington. Becareful.

2759 days ago


I told you blondes are NO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2759 days ago


Farrah, along with everyone else making all these hostile comments------------You need love and hug.

2759 days ago


hey farrah, there you are white's it going sitting there in your momma's house playing on the computer pretending to be black just so someone in your pitiful life will acknowledge you? sad, sad, sad, especially since we all know that you are surrounded by posters of eminem and mariah and johnny and k-fed and mcdreamy....they are all your heroes.....

2759 days ago


If not for American Idol Hudson wouldn't be on Dream Girls. The show opened doors for her. She should show a little gratefulness for what AI has done for her career. Her feelings may have been hurt by the comments given her, but she knew that was going to happen. Without AI where would she be right now? It's not wise to diss the show that made one's name known to the public and the entertainment industry. She should enjoy her fame, but she should keep her feet on the ground. Most of the time, those who go up fast go down faster. The public likes entertainers who are humble enough to give credit to those who helped advance their career. American Idol helped your career, Ms. Hudson, don't forget that.

2759 days ago

Keeping it Real    

I don't believe the Nick story happened like they said, but at least he has a woman now that gives a damn about her man. The ex, was too busy flirting with every John, Johnny, Bam, and Adam, to give a damn about him.

2759 days ago


Eminem probably put it in her pooper...and we all know guys get tripped up girls that will take it in the pooper..

---Mr. DB

2759 days ago


Stop the presses. Twit and Fed-Ex remembered they have KIDS?

2759 days ago
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