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Paris the Bigot? Hilton Drops the N-Bomb, F-Bomb - no longer available

2/2/2007 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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oh boy. she can be the first celebrity to go to rehab AND gayhab.

2788 days ago


Right. Like this whole time I thought she was the salt of the earth. She has and always will be (probably) a disgusting human being in every respect, from her lack of any sort of intelligence to her STDs to her vulgar behavior towards others (see white trash girl-fighting, dui, etc.). She's a pathetic excuse for a human being and woman who has been glorified by mental midgits because she was able to fulfill the beauty ideal with fake hair and eyes...oh, and she has a lot of money. She should be studied in colleges for being the symbol of the degradation of popular American culture. Her visibility embarasses all of us.

2788 days ago


Let's see.... gays, jews, chinese, blacks, poor people, ugly people... anyone else?

2788 days ago


Sad, so so sad. It's always interesting to know that no matter who smiles in your face, they talk behind your back. Americans don't even trust America, because it's Politians don't give two sh*ts about us. With that kind of leadership, who truly takes stock in the U.S.? Yeah, we say we do, but clearly there are no shades of grey, just white or black issues, and white or black racism.

It's unfortunate, I can't trust a fellow white man/woman because I just wait for the day that, under their breath, I'm called a "nigger" for whatever reasons I may have pissed them off. I've been called it before by a classmate years ago, I'm sure I'll have many years to live to have a repeat offender. No, I don't call white folk names, yes, I don't trust them. How unfortunate. It's a simple trade off that could be ended if we actually took an interest in the well being of America.

2788 days ago



You and your rotten vagina should dissapear from the face of earth!!!

2788 days ago


Some people are acting as if Paris was serious and actually said she's a racist. You just be really stupid to think that she has something against races considering the number of friends of different races she has, including Blacks and Jews.

2788 days ago


I think Paris Hilton should do something useful, perhaps a lap dance for Omar Sharif in Egypt. I think at this point Paris could kill someone any society would still swoon over this ding a ling.

2788 days ago


Paris's cleaners are trying to suppress and tone down down this story.
They keep taking it off of YouTube. Spread the word and don't let this truth be white washed with "media experts" getting paid to hold down the truth!

2788 days ago


I'm not surprised at all. This girl was raised to be an elite, spoiled rotten, racist pile of sh*t. Why she is making fun of everyone under the sun when she herself is a herpes infected whore bag is kind of funny. Hey Paris if you read this at least the people you make fun of aren't a SKANKY, NASTY, HERPES CROTCH INFESTED, LYING, CAMERA WHORE, CELEB WANNA BE, RACIST PIECE OF TRASH.

2788 days ago


#67, you have to be a complete and total idiot to believe that Paris actually has "friends". Please. Bitch is too egotistical, self-centered, and megalomaniacal to have those useless things. She has peons, sycophants, and stupid fans. A person who acts in the way she does, especially when uninhibited as she was in this video, is showing their true character, and anyone who excuses it with some bullsh*t explanation like "she didn't SAY she was racist" is as useless to society as she is.

She didn't SAY she was racist because she was too busy PROVING she was. Or do you need her to lynch someone in order to believe it?

2788 days ago


Seriously, all you racists make me sick. Do you live in a barn somewhere? We are all PEOPLE, and we have all been thruogh a lot of ups and downs, every culture, but this hate needs to stop.

Now Paris Hilton, she so useless, I can not wait for the day I just do not hear her name anymore. She gives Americansaa bad name.

2788 days ago


Paris can file all the lawsuits she wants ! The cat is already out of the bag on her ass! Anyone who defends her on this one is just as stupid and useless as she is.

2788 days ago


To Mr. Oppressor (Dan)

I must say Dan, you guys (The Men) are doing a specatular job of downing fags and framing black people. It may be time to get you a few lynchings in there as well. Maybe pull some indians off their reservation, I mean you've stolen their land before, may as well do it again for the new 2007-2008 season. You might also want to chain another fag to a fence and leave em out their for dead. That will get you a gigantic raise. Oh, you don't need a raise, you'll just pull an Enron.

I bet your mom is so proud of the man she raised, as well as Satan, he's looking up to you with eyes of hate, the same eyes you have! Good luck in the future with your steal kill and destroy mentality of people of color and of course, the fags!

2788 days ago


I bet she's trying to have the video pulled off the internet. She dosen't want the world to see who she really is. Don't they say the truth always comes out when your drunk? Can't wait till this waste of human space herpes bitch drops off the face of the planet.

2788 days ago


I agree media made Paris. She gets off on this type of footage. If she didn't she wouldn't dare make the tapes. She haven't been in the news lately so it's time. Dan made a comment about black people grammer, did you guys get a hold of Paris grammer? Wow she must be black? Nah she's not KOOL enough, a black person wouldn't dare dance like that. lol

Check out Paris calling her friends "bitches" I wonder if anyone know her sister is gay? Two different videos Nickie is hugging the same girl. Paris should be careful of using the "F".

2788 days ago
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