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Paris the Bigot? Hilton Drops the N-Bomb, F-Bomb - no longer available

2/2/2007 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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I agree media made Paris. She gets off on this type of footage. If she didn't she wouldn't dare make the tapes. She haven't been in the news lately so it's time. Dan made a comment about black people grammer, did you guys get a hold of Paris grammer? Wow she must be black? Nah she's not KOOL enough, a black person wouldn't dare dance like that. lol

Check out Paris calling her friends "bitches" I wonder if anyone know her sister is gay? Two different videos Nickie is hugging the same girl. Paris should be careful of using the "F".

Wow the HILTONS should be proud. NOT!!

one daughter's a whore the other daughters love them.

2821 days ago


#66 debutante

Come you really expect us to believe there are black debutantes? I think that is a bit of a strech since a deb is supposed to resemble class. I think we all know the conflict between you and your kind and class.

2821 days ago


Paris Hilton will be the new face of the kkk.

Paris Hilton will be the new face of the Valtrex ads

Paris Hilton is a pathetic excuse for a human.

2821 days ago


I think #46 "tanisha" helped prove my point. Thanks homey

2821 days ago


I just read #63 and it made me so sad/upset because some black people might actually be thinking the majority of white people think this way. Paris is sick and not representative of any majority I know of. Don't let this idiot trick you into thinking that most people are thinking racist thoughts around you. This whole racial discussion following this story in the comments here is just another sign of how toxic this gross person is. I'm so disgusted and pissed that anybody even has to be offended anymore by F'ing morons we see in the media.

2821 days ago

J Doe    

parasites publicist elliot mintz has been extreeeeemly quiet bout this and hasnt given a public statement on extra, entertainment tonight and all those media outlets


he denied denied denied that parasite ever said racist and her drug the truth is out ..he must be pulling his hair out and thinking of way to save face.

2821 days ago


I hope this wasn't a stunt created by Paris so she can get more publicity! If so she is even sicker then she already is.

2821 days ago


I can't believe Starvos let Paris post a "That was me a long time ago" comment on his MySpace. That dude doesnt even KNOW any black people.

2821 days ago


She has the nerve to call Lindsay firecrotch when she herself is a herpes crotch. This bitch has been racist since day one btw.

2821 days ago


makes you wonder what kind of anti-semitic ..racist..homophobic rants KATHY RICHARDS & RICK HILTON spewed in their household during their children's firmative years..& probably still do to teach their 2 sons BARON & CONRAD HILTON>

makes you wonder if the entire HILTON EMPIRE are bigoted racist anti-semitic anti everything whose family has grown up with this values...or rather 'lack of values' .....& the hidden agenda is get them into our hotels ...chincks...jews...homos..n_____s & everyone else for the almighty dollar!

Wonder how Elliot Mintz...he's gay ya know..X-of Sal Mineo...thinks of the family that pays him MILLIOnS to defend this phoney bitch...........

2821 days ago


Guys, Dan is a very lonely man, he's looking for attention. If you don't feed into his BS he will move on to the topic. Where I'm from, when a person spout nonesense we ignore, b/c if we get upset that proves them right. The intelligent thing to do is. Let him be a fool on his own time.

Dan have a nice day.

2821 days ago


Watch her go on TV and apologize and cry and say she was young, dumb, made mistakes etc......... I hope America isn't stupid enough to buy into her bullsh*t.

2821 days ago


It is amazing that PEREZ HILTON blasted Isaish Washington for using the word "faggot", wanting him fired and shunned yet, Paris Hilton called people "nigger" and "faggot" and he says NOTHING... that is why his posts are shallow, meaningless garbage... because he has no strength of character... His holier than thou "preaching" is as empty and fickle as shifting sand. Tell me Perez Hilton, are the bright lights of superficial fame filling the void deep in your soul?? You and I both know that the dull ache of unworthiness persists.... tinseltown is not it Perez... you know that deep down.... stop sucking the energy from others and find your Divine purpose.... the emptiness will not go away, until you do....
Salaam salaa

2821 days ago

rose kred    


Winnipeg Free Press: (PEREZ HILTON) He calls Paris, who is on his speed dial, a mentor. "She gets it. She'd rather be talked about than not talked about. I mean, she created this successful brand for herself, and there's a bunch of models and whatever trying to be like her, but they can't... I look at her as an inspiration."

HAHAHAHAHA. Guess Perez is a self hating racist homophobe too! Birds of a feather. After his Isiah Washington tirade he should be ashamed.

2821 days ago


Dan, FYI you deedeedee, there are indeed black debutantes, who attend lavish Debutante Balls. The term "debutante" doesn't necessarily imply "class" more so wealth, but regardless, I know far more black debutantes and non-debutantes whom behave with far more decorum, class, and respect than this Hilton Whore. Money couldn't buy her class, and class couldn't buy her an out on this.

But I guess you think she's classy.

2821 days ago
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