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Paris the Bigot? Hilton Drops the N-Bomb, F-Bomb - no longer available

2/2/2007 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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First of all..TMZ is late with this information..because this news was out a long time ago...I saw people talking about this on other sites already..When you know that hundreds of people know that Paris Hilton is a bigot..than you know that its true and that it happened...Why should I be suprised of her behavior when all she has alot of money and no brain...and a large ability to inhale alcohol..A bigot in this world is like a cancer infested body...

2787 days ago


Yeah, yeah... WHO CARES if TMZ got it late?! At least they're reporting unlike other sites - GEEZ.

2787 days ago


Paris is a scumbag and has been forever, and everyone needs to realize that, Perez Hilton needs to get off her nuts too. People in Hollywood should just learn not to associate with her. Without her parent she would be no one. She needs to remember where she came from, and instead of acting like a rich bitch she should do some good with her money.

2787 days ago


Paris doesn't make me feel that all people of her race are this way..but its the people that comment on here with racial slurs..that make me wonder what my country of America is for in the first place...When I hear racial slurs from anyone of any race...I see nothing but the devil in them..Nothing but evil...

2787 days ago


This coming from one of the Biggest Tways out there...F*** this bitch and whoever she is f***ing now...f***ing skank ass whore!!!

2787 days ago


Candice I agree and I apologize for my "Paris can't dance comment"

2787 days ago


This will be the last time I comment on a an bile and benal person of Dan's stanards. You are obviously not an educated person if surprisingly you are your very ignorant or delusional. YES there are (OH, MY GOODNESS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?) BLACK DEBUTANTS. but of course I don't expect you to know that as I'M sure all your much researched information on black people are on par. My screen name has nothing to do with society life or referring to bienf a debutant, why you would assume that is beyond me, your obviuosly the one that needs a reality check. Believe me you don't want to take me on. UGH! I can't believe I EVEN LOWERED MY STANDARDS TO REPLY TO YOU. EEEW! I LOVE MY PEOPLE MY KIND AND EVERY OTHER PERSON FEGARDLESS OF THEIR RACE WHO HAVE LOVE FOR HUMANITY, MAYBE SOMEDAY YOU WILL LOVE YOURSELF AND BE ABLE TO EXPERIENCE LIVING A LOVING LIFE .

2787 days ago


What's in the dark will come to light. Why are Nicole and Kim friends with this gum on the bottom of my shoe slut. I frankly will never stay at a hilton hotel ever again. she has no respect for people of color. And most of the time the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

2787 days ago


You know the only way to deal with a racist is to ignore them....talking to them till you are blue in the face.....Those who incite and provoke and those who repsond in the same tone with hateful words are equally matched. Two wrongs dont make a right and till you ignore these people they will only come back with worse statement .

Its very safe to throw out insults in anonymity. Its quite disconcerting to think that a co-worker who is nice to you, goes online and says such horrid things . What a worls, Paris, Elliot and Isiah has done all the Racists adn bigots a serious public service, by publicaly voicing what t they couldn't. does that mean we will be seeing them on as spokes persons for the KKK...meaning Isiaih will be left out without a role?? I guess for Isiaih its doesnt pay to be a bigot

I say ignore them all, post your comments on Paris and move on............

2787 days ago


Her saying those word's is nothing out of the ordinary. I mean I know so many people who use those word's. They arent used to make fun of anyone a lot of the time. Thats the weird thing. I remember being a teenager and everyone was saying those word's. I know adults who even say those word's. The people around me in High School and Paris dont seem to be acting racist. They are just random word's people say when they are acting cool, silly, drunk or high. Everyone has said nigger and faggot one time or another in their lives. I'll admit I have. And I think in that video Paris must have been a bit tipsy or high on something. The only thing I dont agree with is how she's always letting herself get caught doing things like this on Camera. She need's to tell people to shut the damn camera's off and not let men take advantage of her. Mabe she likes the attention I dunno. I love Paris but these days she doesnt seem like the role model she should be. I mean people call her a slut cause they know that she has lots of sex, well thats because she's caught on tape having sex and being groped by men like for example what the "Girls Gone Wild" guy did to her on one video I saw. She's dumb for letting people constantly video tape her. But you think if all of you were video taped, you would turn out to be a good role model. Nope. Everyone lose's their virginity young these days and it seems like more and more people go out and party, drink and do drugs. I dont, but just about everyone I know does and they do crazy sh*t like Paris does. We are all like her in one way or another. I just think that she should stop letting herself get video taped and stop pretending to be innocent about everything she does. Im still rooting for you Paris!! Your just not the girl I thought you were. I hope for once your parents decide to play a part in your life. I figure thats why you hang out with the loser's you hang with, do the things you do and act the way you do. I blame your parents while your still young. I really wish you the best Paris. Good luck! xo

2787 days ago

DaisyFly is down. heh. Karma is sweet.

2787 days ago


TMZ???..... a little late arent ya just like the rest of the mainstream media??? not to say that TMZ is mainstream, yeah right!!

2787 days ago


TMZ left out the parts where she sang about being a Jappy Jew which is hilarious considering how much they harangued Mel Gibson for going on his similarly insipid anti-semitic rant. Wonder why TMZ doesn't play up that aspect of her charming personality? Will you have to give back the "good press only" fee she paid you after you confronted her with all the nasty comments left on here last year (or is she under contract to give hand & blow jobs to Mr. Levine for good press?). She's a vile, STD-addled (aka Paris IS Burning...and HOW) piece of wasteless sh*t!!


Well, I'm not sure how it took me so long to find this one, but here it is: Paris Hilton celebrating the new year with champagne and bigotry (quick sidenote: that's what the Hamptons smell like).

To be sure, I checked, and Paris wasn't ringing in the year 1896, which would have made her racism/anti-Semitism a bit more understandable and forgivableâ%u20AC%u201Dkind of like when I forgave my ex's grandfather for calling me a mulatto (I can dig it, old timer: ignorance). No, this party definitely took place during the 20th century or later, and, personally, I think it looks like the kind of soirée that made Nick Carraway really start to loathe East Egg.

Keep an ear open for "I'm a JAP-ey Jew" and "I'm a nigger...I steal..." If this is on the Internet and her modeling career is still going strong, it's pretty clear that nothing's gonna stop Paris Hilton. Hear that? Nothing. Get goosebumps.

Somewhere, Michael Richards is going, "HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and pointing at this video.

2787 days ago
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