Spade's Swingin' Solo

2/2/2007 6:55 PM PST
David Spade is no longer parking his car at Heather Locklear's Melrose Place. The funnyman admits that he's currently single, meaning America's hottest prime-time bitch is on the hunt for a new nerd.

Spade also says he understands the bewilderment surrounding the former couple's pairing, telling Ellen DeGeneres, "She's got a great vibe about her ... I don't have to tell you why I like her, I think everyone's confused the other way." His self-effacing powers of deductive reasoning are astounding.

On Monday's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Spade takes a few jabs at Lindsay Lohan as well -- saying she went to a "fake rehab" where she can "go to a bar at night, it's like your house ... that sounds fun!"