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K-Fed Dishes About His Buns

2/3/2007 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is the world ready for a clean cut K-Fed?

Federline spoke to "EXTRA" while on the set of his new Super Bowl commercial where he revealed his shocking wardrobe for 2007 -- "You won't see me outside of a suit unless I'm going to the grocery store or something on Sunday!" Federline without his t-shirts and trucker hats?

The FedEx kept quiet about his split from Brit, saying only, "I always try to stay positive, no matter what."

His commercial has him working at a fast food restaurant after day-dreaming about his success as a rapper. Dream on.


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in the know dont know sh*T    

Kfed you are such a pimp sh*T. But them hoes aint got nothing on me baby. If you want how you like it, email me. Just go to my website.

2828 days ago


Even if all of this is a publicity stunt, you have to give Kevin Federline props for being SMART ENOUGH to put up a publicity stunt during a divorce and custody hearing when a judge will be trying to decide which parent is more competent. When you look at just HOW bad Britney got, you have to give Kevin the kids, just because Britney will end up drowning them in the shallow end of her gene pool, probably while they're floaties are improperly inflated and facing the wrong direction.

2828 days ago

Pat Cromwell    

I read that KFed has apologized for his super bowl commercial because his protrayal of a fast food worker is insulting to all fast food workers!!! Oh my God!!! when is this doing to stop. The guy was taking pot shots at himself. This is really getting ridiculous. Donald Trump called Rosie fat - not all overweight people, but Tyra Banks asks him to apologies to all the "Big Girls" out there (Hey Tyra what about the big boys! Also Tyra some calling a grown woman a girl can be considered offensive - are you going to apologize?). Michael Richardson had to apologize to all us black folk and did so via Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson (By the way Michael, neither Al or Jessie has been intouch with me to relay that apology). Isaiah in the heat of the moment called his co-star a faggot so he has to attend a seminar to help him with his homophobic issue! Please!!! The guy works in the entertainment industry! Like he doesn't come in contact with gay people on a steady basis. IThis is really getting stupid! People in other countries think that americans are super stupid sensitive snobs! Well go figure. How can we as a super power be so sensitive and whinny. But in this wave of new found politically correctness, the next time I call my sister a Stupid Fat Old Ass Black Bitch, I'll be sure to take an ad out in the Indianapolis News apologizing to all the fat people, stupid people, over 40 people, black people and bitchy perople. Oh yeah I want to apologize in advance to any group of people that are offended by my comment. I know this is america and in america we have freedom of speech, but still......

2828 days ago

We, are not amused.    

I'm sorry but can the "We hate K-fed" bus pull over at this stop..yeah, right here.
I'm getting off.
Look this guy was dancing as a chorus boy, got picked out of the line to live the dream as a "stud" had plenty of perks and a mucho bueno time. Got kicked to the curb, and is trying to make his way in the world.


It sounds to me like he has a publicist or someone giving him some good advice. I predict that within a year, he will be standing in tall cotton and farting in silk!
No, I didn't buy his lame ass CD, but I plan on watching his Super Bowl commercial!

2828 days ago

Mad Balls    

Wasn't he married to that transsexual girl that can't stop peeing ? I heard she/he is like way stupid and likes to party way toooooo much . Got his/her number ?? TEE HEE !!!

2828 days ago

Lenn K    

#6 you got a point. K-Dirt has kept his self out of the media and out of trouble. And it's true he was just a dancer who got Britney to ask him for his hand in marriage. The guy will get over with about 20 million dollars not bad for just slumming two years.

2828 days ago


He has nothing to apologize for. The ad was funny, silly but smart, not offensive. Why aren't fast food workers backlashing against the many movies and tv shows depicting fast food workers as losers? Besides, lawyers, car salesmen and many other professions get ridiculed all the time, you don't hear them whining about their feelings being hurt. I'm happy to see K-Fed trying to at least make a living, even if it is riding the coattails of the fame that being Mr Spears for a couple of years. She pursued him, got 2 kids out of him, then dumped him and started acting like a slut on spring break. I'd take her for all she's worth too!

2828 days ago


Lord help me. I'm beginning to like K-Fed.

2828 days ago

Michael Richards    

White boys trying to be black boys is just IGNERNT

2828 days ago

in the know    

He might not be book smart, but he has enough street and money smarts to listen to his publicist. He had alot to lose if he didn't and alot to gain if he did. Why doesn't Britney listen to hers? She already has plenty of money and isn't in need of it like Kevin. Kevin had a taste of rich and wants to keep it. It is hard to listen to advice of other people when you are worth millions more than the person who is dishing it out.

2828 days ago

Free yourself    

2828 days ago


The word is Prenup he will not get 20 mill. Lets face it not taking money into the mix. Between the both of them in the past they have not shown much class. Your not seeing much about him because He isn't famous. He is going to drift into the shadows and he won't get into the clubs he was once welcome in.

2828 days ago



The prenup might not allow him millions of dollars, however, K-Fed is playing it smart. He's (at least appearing) to clean up his act and make it seem as though he is ready to be a responsible adult.

Britney...hanging out with Paris, Lindsay and Firecrotch Davis? Showing off her nether region and partying non-stop with a newborn at home. And not just for a week or two, to celebrate her freedom, it's been MONTHS.

What it will eventually come down to is this: Britney pays Kevin money so he can remain in the lifestyle that he's become accustomed to...or he uses her own irresponbile behavior against her and takes the kids away. It may sound cruel and manipulative, but it proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's 100x's smarter than Britney is and can't be much worse of a parent.

I never thought I would be rooting for Kevin Federline, but when the other option is Britney "I like to show off my tw*t" Spears...well, Kevin gets my vote.

2828 days ago


Its a sad world we live in when people start liking k-fed. i agree with everyone in the fact im tired of hearing bad things about him, because im tired of hearing about him at all in general. unless he falls off a cliff and lands on paris hilton and kills both of them ......PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM!!!

2827 days ago


I can't believe people are actually fooled by this idiot just because he's wearing a suit. Go back and look at pictures of him for the last 2 years.

And please people... YEs Britney hung out with Paris.... but she hasn't for months and one week of hanging out with Paris does not make her a horrible person. Makes her stupid, but doesn't make her a horrible person. She saw the error of her ways and is now being a responsible adult.

2827 days ago
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