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J.Lo's Super Sunday -- Pigskin and Champagne

2/4/2007 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

J.Lo might be having champagne this Superbowl Sunday.

When Jennifer Lopez stopped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Friday, the talk show host presented her with funnel hats for Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony to wear for the big game. While Anthony's was equipped with two Colt 45s, Lopez scored a far classier, diamond studded version loaded with two bottles of bubbly.

Nothing says "Jenny from the Block" like a champagne-filled funnel hat.


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in the know dont know sh*T    

shes got the right idea with that, but I'd but some bud light in there. And oh ya Jessica, I went to that sight and all i got to say is DAMN! Thanks for the tip

2756 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

Ah, way to line up your FOURTH (4TH) husband, Jennifer........ or, would that be your fifth (5th)???

2756 days ago

in the know dont know sh*T    


2756 days ago


Hey Jenny from the block, go home and make a baby that
you're always saying you want.
You're clock is ticking.

2756 days ago


methinks she's been spending some time at the plastic surgeon's office. subtle though. kudos.

2756 days ago

Lenn K    

That worm Marc Anthony left his beautiful wife for that Fat-ass hack from the block. What a loser for both of them.

2756 days ago

Chris X    

So you think she's been spending time at the plastic surgeon's office - Ya think? Look at her picture from back in the day when she was married to the first one - it is like the difference between Michael jackson then and now. Too bad she can't find a plastic surgeon to fic those nasty insides - maybe then she coudld have that kid she is always yapping about and stay the hell home with it.

2756 days ago


with that big fat out of porportioned butt of hers, she probably has to raise the toilet seat to take a dump!

2756 days ago


OH, PFFFFT...!!! Marc Anthony couldn't even keep his marriage together and now he's married to the QUEEN of not being able to do it. lol They DESERVE each other! Yeah, like the p.p. said: Time's a-tickin' on that baby, you near-spinster. :-D

2756 days ago

george vieto    

Jennifer has been more like the Invisible Girl than newsworthy gal since she married Marc Anthony. I hope Jennifer and Marc enjoyed the Sleepy Bowl.

2756 days ago



That is "only" her third and longest so far.

2756 days ago

Great Dane    

I think J-Lo is cool and down to earth....I think Ellen is hysterical....therefore, it is no wonder they were smiling and laughing and having a great time with these super bowl hats......Champagne and Pernil PR

2755 days ago

Marty C    

I think J Lo is great. Don't be haters. They're marriage seems to be lasting. I think J Lo is hot and has a great body. So don't be jealous

2753 days ago

I.C. Stine    

I think she is sooooo FAKE!!!! When she ran around with P.Diddy, she acted black! She didn't want to even speak spanish. Now she broke up this loser's marriage to a good woman(Dayanara Torres who by the way was Miss UNIVERSE) J.Hoe will never know what that tittle means. She is so fabricated!! All her movies stink, all her songs are duets with others L.L Cool J, Jarule etc..When she was with Ben Affleck she acted like she was a classy white girl!! Girl please, go back to the Bronx to your roach infested house. Now, she wants to sing in Spanish!!! Go learn to speak it first. Fake Ass!!!! Literally!!!

2752 days ago

I.C. Stine    

Jenny from the block is all Fake! When was the last time you saw her give Spanish interviews before now that she is trying to promote her Spanish Cd??? When she had her fashion show in New York a while back the only press she left out was the Spanish press, now she wants us to promote her Cd!!! Really? Now she is attached to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes like a roach on a crumb of food. Get a real identity!!! be yourself. I will never buy a movie ticket, a cd or any thing that has her fake name attach to it. Go feed that skinny husband of yours!!! He looks like he has AIDS, she probably gave it to him with all the men she ran around with!!!

2752 days ago
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