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Bogus Lawsuit Against Brandy?

2/5/2007 5:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The $50 million lawsuit filed by the parents of the woman killed in the Brandy car crash may get thrown out of court.

TMZ has done some digging and here's the lowdown. Awatef Aboudihaj was killed December 30 after Brandy's vehicle rear-ended her on a Los Angeles freeway. Aboudihaj was married with two children. Under California law, only the husband, not the parents, can sue for wrongful death.

We're told the parents' lawsuit was filed without consulting the husband beforehand. Even more interesting, Aboudihaj has been living in the United States for 11 years. Her parents have been living in Morocco full-time, so contact between parents and daughter was minimal.

Aboudihaj's parents could file suit if they were financially dependent on her, but we're told that was not the case.

As for Aboudihaj's husband, TMZ has learned he is being represented by Los Angeles attorney Bill Sayed. Sayed tells TMZ he is currently investigating Brandy's net worth and says the matter "will be resolved by settlement or jury verdict." Sayed would not say how much money he'll be demanding, but said it will probably be a combination of Brandy's insurance policy limit -- plus something additional from Brandy herself.

Calls to the attorney for Aboudihaj's parents were not returned.


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Mad Balls    

Don't let me interupt your ? conversation . Boy , Cali is just the place you wanna' kill somebody . Must be the ghost of fatty Arbuckle . I prefer pepsi .

2785 days ago

Supa WhiteGurl    



Here we go--Brandy was on a tv show on UPN in the mid-90's called "Moesha." On the show "Moesha", was a black girl named SHAR JACKSON, not related to Michael or Janet Jackson. Anyhow Shar Jackson began a relationship with an unknown struggling dancer at the time named Kevin, yes FEDERLINE. Kevin moved in with Shar. The story goes that Shar was making around $15,000 per episode at that time, so she had lots of money but Kevin had none. Shar Jackson and Kevin then had a baby. Within a year Shar and Kevin were expecting another kid but of course he got a gig and started hanging out with Brittany "homewrecker" Spears. Then Kevin moved out, Shar Jackson had her baby and Kevin got Brittany pregnant towards the end of Shar's pregnancy. Then Kevin and Brittany "homewrecker" Spears got married, had 2 kids and reaping her own KARMA , Brittany "homewrecker" Spears is now in the same predicament that Kevin left Shar in, too.

So by Brandy getting her own TV show and casting actress Shar Jackson to play one of her best friends on "Moesha" is how Brandy helped discover Kevin Federline. Also Brandy had 2 #1 hit albums, several grammys and did 2 movies in the 90's and early 2000's. Brandy co-starred with Whitney Houston in a Cinderella movie and Brandy then played Diana Ross' daughter in the movie "Double Platinum."

So now you know who Brandy is (she really did pay her own dues and did lots of work over the past 10-15 years)...and again BRANDY HELPED DISCOVER KEVIN FEDERLINE.


2785 days ago

Mad Balls    

Her eyes are like lost in her head . Maybe she couldn't see? WOW ! I heard Farrah pooped a big one over on the Ryan blog . ...... bye simpletons ! Could we have some more bowl worthy floaters , Mr. levine ?

2785 days ago


Buggaboo, have you ever heard the term "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"? Because you don't find Brandy attractive doesn't mean others agree with your assessment. I happen to think she's lovely and talented. She had an accident and unfortunately, someone lost their life. My sympathy goes out to the family of this woman. But lets face it - if a "nobody" had caused this accident do you really believe there would be a lawsuit? I know there wouldn't be. Also, why are the posters on this site continuing to patronize Farrah? This is obviously someone wanting to keep racial tension alive on this board. If you ignore him/her, whether black or white - trust me, this individual will go away.

2785 days ago


First of all, everyone need to realize that this was not just a terrible accident, someone died. We all need to STOP making ignorant comments toward one another and PRAY for everyone that was involved in the accident. As long as the law does their job justly, morally right and fair. Then that will help to start closure for all.

2785 days ago


It's not a mishap or accident only If she was on the cell phone or under the influence I think she should pay the prcie but no cell phone records or DUI then it should be treated as an accident.

2784 days ago

gotta getta life    

If she had been paying attention to what she was doing there would be no victim. She was negligent and killed an innocent woman. She has to & hopefully, will pay dearly. If it was you or I, we would lose everything we own. She should as well.

2784 days ago

gotta getta life    

BTW Farrah-you are a bigot and a racist.

2784 days ago


The whole truth to all of this is scary--both sides (Brandy/the lady) can happen to anyone. I pray that what is true and good be the end to this sad reality.


2784 days ago


This is funny..............

Brandy had an accident, not under influence of anything, unlike Nicole RIchie and Paris, Stavros and the the boy killer from prison break

Unfortunately its at a time when celebreties are being uncovered for their irresponsible behavior, there Brandy had an accident at a reallybat time

It is yet unknown if there was a problem with the car, something on the road, etc that caused the car to slide, was she daydreaming or checking out her shoes, this particular accident could happen to anyone even if you have a safe driving award in you wall...including the numerous women who make up on the way to work, parents who turn around to talk to kids in the back or those sho eat and talk while driving....or even a strong ray of sunlight causing temporary Nicole case it was defintely temporay blindess a la xtasy!!!:)

Right now, the parents look might bad in the media...unfortunately no amount of money will take away the guilt that Brnandy has to live with, maybe paying the husband and kids will take a tinsy bit of the guilt away, but I bet she is on some drugs right now..depression, anxiety whatever, you name it

I am for celebrites being treated liek any other person, so far Brandy casae is goign by the book and so she should be liable to what amount deemed neccessary by the court and it should not be based on her net worth...

SO far it looks like she will be doing probation, and if the family should not try to overmilk the cow, her guilt will make her might y generous, but defintely not $50 million, otherwise we will have to be looking at each and everyone in the crash to make sure it was really Brandy who caused this accident an d a very highly paid lawyer can easily make the case go away...after all OJ was at the super bowl..!!..then Brandy should defintely be at the soul train reunion......ahahha

Condolences to the family , the husband and the poor kids...are they sure the husband didnt put some grease on the road ..lets see how fast he hook s up with a new wife...just and order classic episode..I wonder when they will feature the lane garrison case.

2784 days ago


First of all let's remember that it was an ACCIDENT. Tragic but still an accident. There is not one of us that hasn't done something stupid while driving and could very well have been right where Brandy is. But Is money going to bring the woman back? Yes her family should be rewarded something but financially ruining brandy who seems like she doesn't have a mean bone in her bodyn for a terrible MISTAKE that she has to live with? Not like she intentionally rammed into the woman people. Misdomeaner remember? Everbody loves to judge from their thrones. Step down cause we all make mistakes.
And stop the celebrity bashing. If you weren't so interested in them why the hell you reading about them on this website. Jealous much? Haters.
Sad for all involved, but worse that they turn the loss of a daughter, wife and most importantly a mother into financial gain. Shame.

2784 days ago


They are only suing because she is a celebrity and she has money, that is the only reason. These people have nothing better to do.

2784 days ago

Richard Ott    

Well. it looks like my prayers as a fan of Brandy
may soon be answered, and the charge against
her may be dropped after all. I would hope that
a forthcoming CD from Brandy will come after
what has been such a false accusation on her,
and she'll keep churning out those music videos
within the next 2 years, given the time length
between her first 4 CD's. I still wanna' be down,
so I hope this case goes down, too. It will make
that scene in her "What About Us" music video
with all those cars in it a thing of the past.

2784 days ago




2784 days ago


People are sue happy in America, anything for a buck. It was an ACCIDENT, not a MURDER! I am sure Brandy is suffering herself, knowing her actions took the life of another. Money will not bring the woman back...but maybe her hubby wants to start over rich, with another woman...they sure seem to care about how much they can screw her out of. Yep, it's a horrible ACCIDENT. Have Brandy pay for the funeral, and whatever wages they think the woman would have made in her life time...and lay the woman to rest. What a farce.

2784 days ago
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