Brit's Jumbo Bodyguard Picks Fight

2/5/2007 3:28 PM PST
A helpless Britney Spears could only watch in open-mouthed horror as her enormous bodyguard worsened a hostile situation by taunting paparazzi outside a Midtown NYC office building.

As Brit's behemoth protector escorted the pop queen into a building, an angry photog stationed outside accused him of intentionally knocking into his camera. As a perplexed Britney waited a few feet away, the enraged photog began shouting racial slurs and threats at the gargantuan bodyguard, who responded by blowing a kiss. As the insults continued, the fed up bodyguard reached his breaking point and walked threateningly toward the photog. Just as the situation was about to turn violent, the giant stopped, turned away and went back to Britney.

A short while later, Britney, the elephantine bodyguard and the rest of her posse left the building -- escorted by two NYPD officers.