Brody's Fast Break from "Idiot" Friend

2/5/2007 3:21 PM PST
Brody Jenner needs some new friends who know how to shut up.

Brody, sporting a handsome new moustache, endured one of his loud asinine sidekicks trying to make an ass out of Jenner in front of TMZ's cameras as they left Les Deux on Friday. The dopey bud cracked jokes like, "The party is at the prince's house, at the f*cking castle," and took jabs at Jenner's former reality show, "The Princes of Malibu." The buddy also had two ladies in tow, saying they were Brody's new "princesses." As his frustration mounted, Brody kept his smile and warned his pal, "I'm going to f**k you up!"

The valiant Jenner, who's dating "The Hills" star Lauren Conrad, had enough of the blithering idiot and the posse; he pulled a 180 and made a mad dash, ditching the group in the middle of Hollywood Blvd.