Kiefer Loves Dick

2/5/2007 4:10 PM PST
Kiefer Sutherland took to the airwaves this morning to clear the air about his limo run-in with Andy Dick. Maybe Andy isn't as delusional as we thought.

Cameras caught the friends leaving a post-SAG Awards bash last Sunday, with Dick hanging all over Kiefer and even trying to force his way into Kiefer's limo. "It was really nothing," Kiefer told "Scott & Todd in the Morning" on WPLJ in New York City. "I've known Andy for ten years and he's hysterical." If you say so, K.

Andy was trying to tell us the same thing last Thursday when he grabbed our camera and yelled, "Let me tell TMZ a little something: Kiefer Sutherland and I are very good friends!" Who knew?