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Lindsay In the Danger Zone

2/5/2007 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rehab-hopping Lindsay Lohan threw herself back into the hornet's nest over the weekend -- by popping into the Hollywood bar scene.

TMZ spies didn't see her drink, but she tempted fate by keeping company with premiere party pal, Paris Hilton.

The tabloid twosome created a paparazzi firestorm Friday night as they laughed and joked on their way out of Les Deux nightclub. Then, less than 24 hours later, TMZ cameras caught Lohan sneaking out of Area nightclub -- alone.


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Lindsay is a alcoholic, one day she will drink herself to death. As for her mother, she is probably in a hotel in L.A. smoking the baloney pony for cash money.

2802 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Loser. Just die. Both of you. And your parents.

2816 days ago

Ms. D' Augerbine in D.C.    

JAKE you and your imaginary friend are a bunch of FAKES. Why are you utilizing TMZ as a stage for you quixotic antics? PATHETIC.

2816 days ago


Any reputable rehabilitation facility would KICK HER OUT of the program for these antics.....she has done nothing but make certain that Wonderland will go out of business....somehow i just don't think she paid them enough to cover their demise.....

2816 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

shes never going to take rehab serious,boot that hoe and let her drink,shes only going because yhe media has made her out a drunk,sorry its not the media,its the company you keep,

2816 days ago

Agent D    

This just solidifies that her "Rehab" is just a publicity stunt. If you really wanted to get sober, you wouldn't go to the damn bar or hang out with friends that will just enable you to drink. Silly little girl. Where is her "mother" when she is going to the bar? If she were my child, I would try to help her get better, not stick up for her when she does dumb sh*t.

I'm not going to ever pay to see a movie this girl is in, and if I had kids, they wouldn't go either. I never have, never will.

2816 days ago


There is obviously NO HOPE what so ever for Lindsay...Going to a Club while in rehab??????? That is just insane. I hate to say it but within a few years she will have no money, no career and still be alive, if She's lucky!!!! Look at Whitney Houston...a Mega Star that spent most of her money on drugs and now has money troubles.....AND SHE WAS ON TOP OF HER CAREER...MOVIES AND MUSIC....You would never think she would have gotten into a financial mess.
Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay.....what a shame....

2816 days ago


What a Mess This Talentless Chick is.......I look at the other young girls in Hollywood that actually work and do well, and think of the many others that would kill to have had the chance she had as an actress and singer. All flushed down the toilet Linds......And wasn't it just a few days ago the Mother took ET to visit this kid in rehab, TV Cameras and all? Was MaMa Out with her those two nights as well???? We all know how tragic this one is gonna end; it goes from bad to worse every few days. And as for the rehab place she is staying in, shame on you!

2816 days ago


Paris hilton can and will be called a lot of things, but i have a few words for her that are totally true!!!! PARIS HILTON IS A RAGGITY ASS SKANK WHO GETS PAID FOR DOING NOTHING! SHE'S A F***ING ATTENTION WHORE!!! IN MICHIGAN, AND THE WORLD, I BELIEVE SHE IS NOTHING BUT A C**T! AND PARIS, HONEY, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, ROLL OVER AND DIE!!!!!!!

2816 days ago


I think racist homphobic bitch would have been a much more appropriate description for Paris in lieu of recent events (i.e. videos of her using derogatory language regarding the Jewish, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and gays and lesbians). I really don't give a damn where the diseased racist whore is partying or whom she is partying with. My concern is that several trusted and respected entertainment reporting sites and magazines are ignoring this slut's deplorable behavior, Everyone went on and on and on and on about Mel Gibson and Isaiah Washington, both of whom expresses seemingly sincere remporse for their hurtful behavior. I would like to know what makes this bitch so special that her doing the same thing and not giving a damn about it, is okay and everything regarding her which is printed here and several other places is just business as usual? I hate that herpes infested bigoted slut and every so-called entertainment news source which is ignoring her racist bullsh*t.

2815 days ago


parisite is not in rehab trying to salvage her career and image
whorehan is the one in "fake" rehab trying to convice the industry, fans and people in general that she is serious about cleaning up her life
but its obvious that whorehan is not serious about rehab
what a shame
shes the next tara reid, no one will take her seriouly
in the future and she will be blacklisted
and be the next straight to dvd actress

2815 days ago


Nope! I didn't buy LL going into rehab for a single minute. If she were truely serious about treating her addiction, she would have gone into IN-patient care. She is too wrapped up in her partying to do that. Everyone claims that it's cause she is young. B.S!!! She is an alcoholic (druggie?)!!!

She doesn't want to stop, she doesn't want to miss a single photo op & she clearly doesn't think she has a problem. First she said she was in AA, and now out-patient? This dumb girl needs structure! She needs to be away from her enablers: her mom & her firends! Lindsay, if you want to be taken seriously as an actress, then act accordingly!

I think anyone who is possibly looking at her for a role in any movie should demand daily testing. Not for her, but to protect THEIR investment in making a movie. I am just waiting for the day that she either doesn't make it to work cause she is locked up or in the hospital for DWI. Soon the day will come when she passes out DRUNK on set. Oh, I ain't buying anything about your exhaustion or even your appendix operation either! (Alcoholics will say/do anything to cover their illness)

If she really wants to win an Oscar as she has claimed in the past, she better start getting her $#i= together NOW!!! The longer she stays in the bottle the farther & farther out of her reach that gold man will be. Whatta crappy role-model for young girls.

2815 days ago


See!!! "Fake" rehab. I used to like lindsay. Loved the parent trap and some of her recent films. Loved that song about her dad because it touched me and reminded me of me and my mom in a way. But anyways, she's not to be taken seriously when all she seem's to be doing is lieing. She's an actress and a terrible one these days it seems. She's not even a good liar and shouldn't bother to lie, and just say she'd rather not discuss certain issues rather than lieing about them, because in the end we always find out the truth. Someone always tells the truth for her and the pictures help to prove it. She lied about being a party girl...basically saying she just went out with friends to go dancing...which infact she did but there was more to it than that...meaning that she went out and drank like every night and yes...did drugs and coke being a favorite one of them. Lied about guys she was seeing which infact pictures prove it. I could go on, but everyone know's what a pathelogical liar she is, and what she's really up to. I hope tmz and anyone else who can...makes her look like the liar she really is. I hope she's followed 24/7. She obviously likes the attention since she goes everywhere the paparrazzi goes. SO LINDSAY IF YOU READ THIS...I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU LOST A FAN. A lot of the celeb's always say they wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the fan's. I have the parent trap movie and couldn't bring myself to throw it out but her latest cd is in the garbage and a couple movies are in the garbage as well. But yeah, she's a terrible role model for girl's her age and I hope she does what's right/best for herself because I dont think she realizes exactly what the media can do to her reputation and most of all what she's doing to her body. She must think she's god's gift or something and that everyone is going to believe what she says and buy her movies and cd's anyways. She's fake, and never tell's the truth. It's sad and she need's more than just rehab. She's doesn't realize how many fan's she's losing too right now. Who's going to buy her movies and cd's when she's still fucking up? Probably all the trailer trash teenager's who like people like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and that whole crowd. Why does anyone even like these girls?! It's all great gossip. Thats the only thing I like about these girls's fun to see them mess up because that's what you expect from Paris, Nicole, Lindsay and that whole crowd. So thanks TMZ for all the gossip you bring on this site about these girl's because its hilarious to some extent and it teaches young girl's about good role models & bad role models. And in this case Lindsay is a bad one. I believe in second chances but I dont think our world should be exposed to anymore Paris, Lindsay, Nicole bullshit. Just because they have rich parents, have money, look beautiful...doesn't mean they should do w/e they want. I dont know why anyone would want to bother giving trash like that anymore job offer's. And its sad because these girl's still have parents. Parents who lie for them and act like everything is ok and blame it on their age. I know 16 year old's who are more grown up then these girl's and probably more grown up than the parents. But anways tmz....keep bringing on the Lindsay, Paris, Nicole(those type girl's) gossip. And I hope TMZ agree's that we dont need to be exposed to their digusting behaviour any longer. PLEASE DONT GIVE THESE GIRL'S ANYMORE JOB OFFER'S!! They are a disgrace.

2814 days ago


She is JUST A LITTLE KID with too much money and no sense of morals or the real world. The rehab thing means nothing to her. She's buying her way out. She has youth on her side right now but if she doesn't straighten herself out as she gets older she'll she could be the next Anna Nichol......I hope not.

2812 days ago


ahhh iknew she couldnt have been in rehab! why be a square? i mean i guess its fun being DD. hahah. fuck that, party it uppp!

2811 days ago
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