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TomKat Can't Dance

2/5/2007 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fred & Ginger they're not.

At a Super Bowl party hosted by Ocean Drive Magazine in Miami on Saturday night, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were seen awkwardly "rocking out" as Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez took the stage.

A clearly rhythmless Cruise attempted to grind with wifey, who bounced around like a reject in J.Lo's "Dancelife" reality show. Katie looked like dancing with Tom wasn't part of their pre-nup.

If the dancing wasn't embarrassing enough, Marc and Jennifer's duet made the whole ordeal even more unbearable, with the couple screeching their way through what was supposed to be a romantic ballad.

Only Lopez's salsa movement offered some real style. TomKat should consult with Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke.


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Hollywood Heartbreaker    

This clip makes me feel really uncomfortable...something just isnt right.....

2784 days ago


Good god, stop grabbing at that poor woman for TWO SECONDS, you total FREAK. Why can't he just let her do her little dance by herself? He makes my skin crawl.

2784 days ago


Have you ever noticed he "man handles" her all the time. Those creepy controlling hands are always all over her making sure he is her man. She sold her soul. Her "career" is OVER!

2784 days ago


24. Those 2 don't have enough rythym to create a baby. That's why there is NO way Suri can be their child.

Posted at 8:54PM on Feb 5th 2007 by Kat
My thoughts EXACTLY!! Suri was in the oven Pre TC and the next one (in there is a next one) will be by turkey baster and a Cruise relative for DNA reasons!

2784 days ago

chris stroh    

How sad!

2783 days ago



2783 days ago


Okay, HE gives me the CREEPS esp in this video. And YES she looks like the last thing on this L.RON HUBBARD world for her is to be anywhere NEAR him. And I don't think Suri is his. She looks waaayyy too much like Chris Klein. I hope she comes to her senses!!! It's soo embarrasing watching these two.

2783 days ago


did Katie Holmes get any publicity pre-TomKat? I don't think so...this is clearly an "arranged" marriage..........Tom gets to look hetero, and Katie gets money and fame by association..............
soon the contract will come to an end.............we will see.

2783 days ago


For almost a year now we have had to watch Tom stroking, hugging, petting, kissing and generally mauling Kat in public. Is it part of the pre-nup that she has to allow this?? I don't know which one of them sickens me more- Tom for doing it or Kat for not telling him to stop. Yuk.

2783 days ago


#15....thats exactly what I thought....LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOROL

Tomkat is my coffee for the day !!1hahahhah

2783 days ago


They look like Daine Keaton and Jack Nicolson in "Something gotta give, you old old folks but without the chemistry of course .........ahhaha. Why does he have to push it in the media that he is horny in her presence and has to always touch her...PDA is defintely big time in this household and akward it is too..I think they lost their PDA chorepgrapher after the wedding...I guess the tought of Miscaviage in the near vicinity in clearwater makes Tom horny, a trip is defintely inevitbale, so Tom can take care of his horniness with his midget Miscaviage....hmm wonder if they will be stopping off to see horse face Greta Van Susteren and hubby ............
LMAO ROF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JEJEJEJJEJEJ

2783 days ago


Eww.. how awkward! He's grabbing her like a prop, no chemistry whatsoever. She looks like she doesn't want to be there or anywhere near him either. On the top of everything else, he brings his mom. The man is transparent and doesn't even know it.

2783 days ago


nothing but a dog in heat.

2783 days ago


Tom is great in anything!!

2783 days ago


To me it looks like Katie doesn't even want Tom to touch her, she lets go of his hand to adjust her hair!! Can't see this marriage lasting too long (it's fake anyway).

2783 days ago
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