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TomKat Can't Dance

2/5/2007 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fred & Ginger they're not.

At a Super Bowl party hosted by Ocean Drive Magazine in Miami on Saturday night, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were seen awkwardly "rocking out" as Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez took the stage.

A clearly rhythmless Cruise attempted to grind with wifey, who bounced around like a reject in J.Lo's "Dancelife" reality show. Katie looked like dancing with Tom wasn't part of their pre-nup.

If the dancing wasn't embarrassing enough, Marc and Jennifer's duet made the whole ordeal even more unbearable, with the couple screeching their way through what was supposed to be a romantic ballad.

Only Lopez's salsa movement offered some real style. TomKat should consult with Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke.


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It is embarrassing to watch. Tom can't seem to keep his hands off Katie and she looks as if she thinks if she ignores his groping he'll stop. If either one of them showed a little rythm it might not have been so noticeable. It looks like a "white people can't dance" routine from SNL. It makes Tom look older than he is. Block out his face and it looks like a 60 year old man trying to be cool and Katie looks like a 10 year old trying to fit in at an older sisters party. Aaaah, here's an idea, Maybe she's not getting into the music, she's bouncing around in excitement because she was allowed to stay up past her bedtime.

2793 days ago

George William Gockel    

I really really love Jennifer Lopez super extremely incredibly much. I really really also am madly deeply continuously passionately and romanticly in love with Jennifer Lopez super extremely incredibly much. I really really love enjoy crave honor cherish worship respect and obey all of Jennifer Lopez from head to toe super extremely incredibly much. I want to marry Jennifer Lopez.

2793 days ago


Katie's the one who looks the most pathetic. She's bopping around like a ten year old trying to dance at her cousin's wedding. Although, Tom looks almost as pathetic. I agree with everyone else....just come out of the closet already, Tom! No one believes there's anything genuine about their marriage.

2793 days ago


These are two of the most "un-hip"...."un-cool" creatures on the planet. Tom is a cartoon at best....and his trying to make Katie into some Paris fashion parrallel what his narcissisim tells him is his style and making this whole scenario into Comic Central. Tom he official alien....and you forget Versace and Vera're strictly Mervyn's and J.C. Penney......

2793 days ago

Denise Beenken    

Man - You guys are rude! Get a life and leave them alone.

2793 days ago


could Cruise's career be any more OVER? Nothing could make this guy ever look hip again.

Run Katie, run for your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2793 days ago


Notice how J.Lo is trying to keep her fake hair on? Is anything about this broad real-besides her awful "singing" voice that is?

2793 days ago


I think they look great togther. i hope it will last for ever.. so there you go tom and kate haters!!!!!!!!!

2793 days ago


It will last only until Katie's "contract" is up. Yeah, they look great together. It's always attractive when a woman makes her husband look like a midget!!!!

2793 days ago


If you have nothing nice to say,u shouldn't say anything!!!!!Tom and Kate are cool!!!

2793 days ago


If you have something NICE to say, Dont say anything....................please Raquel this is an opinion blog..if you get to say your 2 cents worth so does everyone else..

Ignorance is certainly bliss and entertaining to boot.............O P I N I O N S differ among P E O P L E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

did you get that, I think for the first time I spell checked that sentence to make sure you got it.

2793 days ago


Gee Raquel if I could think of something nice to say about midget boy I would. But what's nice about a humorless, unattractive, arrogant, pompous, phony, used -to-the-world's-greatest-movie-star-now-just-the-butt-of-everyone's-jokes dimwit like Cruise?????????????

2793 days ago



katie Holmes had Plastic Surgery.....check out these sites and reway comment 72 on the first link to see a list of what she may have had done

On that note, I wonder just how many surgerys Cruise has had to keep himslef looking the way he does......and for that matter, Nicole..hahah
She actuallty aged herself overnight............ahhahahha..if scientologist beleive in accepting themselves etc, why the nose job..hahahhah

2791 days ago


Man, that was freaking nasty. It was like watching a dwarf trying to dance and grope someone twice his height. LOL! Oh wait. He is a dwarf dancing with someone a foot taller than him.

Katie became the Joey "spineless"Potter version that we all hated. How sad. :(

2790 days ago


wtf ..the nose is really crooked ...she looks very different..wonder how much she paid for all the touch ups

2785 days ago
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