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Cuba Drops N-Bomb: "Yeah, I Said It!"

2/6/2007 2:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cuba Gooding Jr. isn't afraid of a little controversy.

The actor, who made Tom Cruise scream, "I love black people" in "Jerry Maguire," dropped an N-bomb outside of Butter nightclub in New York last night, proudly declaring, "That's right, I said it!"

It's the second time in two weeks that TMZ cameras captured Cuba making racially charged statements, but Cuba doesn't seem to mind. "At least I got all my clothes on."

Also seen in the Big Apple; former N'SYNCer J.C. Chasez, "The Hills" hottie L.C. and our favorite heiress, Paris Hilton.


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who the f*** cares. seriously! as long as you're not calling someone a n*gger to be disrespectful...that word has become to diluted to get up in arms every time someone says's like "bitch." Women used to get pissed, but now we're like eeeehhhh, whatever

2783 days ago


Ugh! Who the f*** cares TMZ!

2783 days ago


I wish this idiot and all the others like him would just SHUT UP! This is just ridiculous. No one should use the word in any form--no matter what color you are. He's a washed up has-been looking for some attention, but this is not the way he should go about it. What an embarassment and disappointment he is.

2783 days ago

coco puff    

We can use the word because it has been used against us for so long as a RACIST connotation. When we use it, it is a term of endearment. The white, RACIST crackers use it a derogatory and degrading word. It is taboo to use this word if your white, unless you want a beat down. I will, never, ever, stop my fight against RACISM! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

2783 days ago


Does this no talent hack have a new project coming out? He seems very desperate for attention lately. He's a joke.

2783 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

black americans are stupid. i prefer africans neway. lol

2783 days ago


YOUR FAVORITE HEIRESS? YOU LOSERS ARE SUCH KISS ASSES! I still cannot believe TMZ let that BITCH off the hook after all her slurs! No one else gets away with it. I am so done with your site and will let EVERYONE I know to go elsewhere!

2783 days ago


He seriously just wants attention..he was on Leno the other night talking about how his daughter said the "N" word and made a huge production out of it...then it turned out the "N" word was "NO"'s great he's getting attention for himself by capitalizing on a racial slur and what a great way to sellout the rest of his people.

2783 days ago


Seriously. For all White people that don't already know.. a lot of us (not all) Black people use the "N" word. We have for years. Yes, it's a charged word, but like it or not we have been using it. There has generally been an unwritten rule that Whites can't say it. I didn't make the rule up but it's been like this for about 40-50 years.

Why are you White people so obsessed with us using this and the fact that you can not. There are plenty of words/curses that other cultures and languages use that are taboo as well. If you say "cabron" in certain Latin American countries you will probably die, but in some it's used as a greeting. Does this bother you? Probably not. Then why are you getting mad at Black people for using this word? The real question is not why can Blacks use a word that Whites gave up their rights to use when they used it to oppress and degrade us. The question is why do you want to say it in the first place.

I know I'll be flamed by a bunch of racist posts and there'll be tons of derogatory comments towards Blacks and our hypocrisy, but think about all of the struggles Blacks made just to be seen as human in America's eyes. Millions of Blacks died dirt poor and broke their backs to build up a country that treated them as subhuman products and took away their language, history and split up their families.

Nothing can change those facts and truth be told, our generation is the most multi-cultural in America's history. 200 years from now we'll probably never use the "N" word, but for now...can we just have this one word to ourselves???

2783 days ago


I loved him in snowdogs..

2783 days ago


People in showbiz rub shoulders with people of all creeds and colors, rarely are they really racist.
When they come out with saying dumb stuff they're usually high or drunk or both. Forget about it.

2783 days ago

Only in    

Farrah ,Farrah The very few times that the beat down takes place,charges are filed, you get arrested, then you get sued in civil court, you know, like the oj thing. Call Me

2783 days ago


Who the f*** cares about his D-List ass. He's just trying to get some attention because he hasn't had a hit movie in awhile. And to poster #3 no one cares who you prefer, some people don't liked mulattos either.

2782 days ago


Cuba needs a j.o.b.-please, someone, hire him. What do you expect for an Oscar winning actor, now reduced to films like "chicken Run and Boat Trip". He has to get an attention any which cheap way possible. it's pathetic. HIRE THIS MAN. PULLEEZE! He needs to pay his mortgage.

2782 days ago


Personally I thought it was really funny when Michael Richards used it.

2782 days ago
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