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Cuba Drops N-Bomb: "Yeah, I Said It!"

2/6/2007 2:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cuba Gooding Jr. isn't afraid of a little controversy.

The actor, who made Tom Cruise scream, "I love black people" in "Jerry Maguire," dropped an N-bomb outside of Butter nightclub in New York last night, proudly declaring, "That's right, I said it!"

It's the second time in two weeks that TMZ cameras captured Cuba making racially charged statements, but Cuba doesn't seem to mind. "At least I got all my clothes on."

Also seen in the Big Apple; former N'SYNCer J.C. Chasez, "The Hills" hottie L.C. and our favorite heiress, Paris Hilton.


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That's my dog! Holla at yo White N****a...CUBA!

2752 days ago


Dear #6:

As an educated, 30-something-white-dude, I can see your point. The problem is with the youth of America, those kids who love rap music and like to emulate the African-America culture. Nothing wrong with that of course, but try explaining to a teenager why it's okay for his black classmate to use the N-word on the playground --or even in a movie or music for that matter-- but for a white kid, it is a crime worthy of a violent "beat-down". You say you've earned your hypocrisy, and I certainly won't begrudge you that, but if you believe that the use of the N-word (by anyone) will not get in the way of equality, I must respectfully disagree.

2752 days ago

Great Dane    

It's okay oif HE says it....

It's OKAY if Jay-Z says it.....

It's okay if a BLACK person says it......

It's just not okay if ANYONE else says it.....but, with all of the new, acceptable rules about the word......I guess anyone can get confused......right Michael Richards?

2752 days ago


Farrah- You seem to have a lot of hatred. From what you've said here I don't believe you are concerned with justice or peace- only retribution. In order to be "color blind" everyone must be treated the same. Judge no one. The minute you say blacks are allowed to do something different than whites, hispanics, etc. you are promoting reverse discrimination (and the racism that follows). It may take you time to discover what others already know. Peace.

2752 days ago


yall don't know cuba ain't black he needs to watch his mouth!!!

2752 days ago


Gee peckers never learn a thing about black folks until someone gets hurt. then they shut up!

2752 days ago


He just want publicist. What was the name of the last movie he made? No body knows. Get a Life Cuba?

2752 days ago

patty cake    

I told this a**hole's manager years ago he was a loser and he almost got me fired off a Chris Rock movie...they have the same manager. Do you get it now a**hole?

2752 days ago

patty cake    

Michael Rotenberg is his managers name and he's the one who thinks this guy has a career...he steered him into SNOW DOGS ba hahahahhahahhahah

2752 days ago


This is why its Things like infested media whores like Paris think its ok because its a joke.. You make a big deal about a black man sayin it but a rich white whore says it and you dont even mention it. Kinda wierd. But I guess she pays more to your page..

2752 days ago


Durden, thanks for the response and I was gonna touch on that very issue, but I thought my comments were too long already. You're right about the teenagers growing up today using it. I live in NYC and quite frankly I hear more Puerto Ricans and Dominicans using it than Blacks. That's the result of those groups growing up around us and adopting our word to identify themselves. We generally look the other way. There's a whole new generation of young Whites that have grown up on Hip-Hop and have adopted our culture. The same thing happened with Jazz and Rock&Roll where a lot of the words in those songs became part of the American lexicon.

I believe that the influence of these types of music actually brought Whites and Blacks together in a way that wasn't possible before mass media. Hip-Hop has actually worked to bring more Whites and Blacks together and the "N" word being used is just a result of that. We as Blacks should never use the "N" word, but like I said before it's been in our culture for generations and it's hard to change that in just a couple of years.

Quite honestly there is disparity between how Blacks and Whites perceive different events and most Black people I know resent being told what they can/cannot say. I would suppose that most Whites feel the same way. Getting rid of the "N" word won't solve all of our problems though....

2752 days ago

marc english    

so it's okay for paris to say the n word because cuba used it? totally different situations and your constant tongue up paris' ass is a reminder that your bias that you and perez hilton keeps showing as you lose more respectablility by hanging on to this racist, homophobic, no talent, disease ridden whore, i.e Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton should be boycotted as well as any product that chooses to use her for endorsements. By the way, it's the 21st century people, we're not going back to africa, most of us black americans have been in america longer than your immigrant ancestors, we're not going any where.

2752 days ago

Supa WhiteGurl    

Why waste time reporting on this 15 years ago has-been actor.
I wonder does Cuba Gooding also call his WHITE wife a Ni**er ??
Cuba, get lost, oops you already are !
Kevin Federline says the fast food are now hiring. Rents due-you gotta do something and TMZ ain't paying !

2752 days ago

Supa WhiteGurl    

I live in LA and grew up just down the street from The Goodings, Cuba's parents. I can confirm that neither of his parent s are white. Both of Cuba Gooding's parents are african-americans. He is however, married to a older blonde.

2752 days ago

Supa WhiteGurl    



2752 days ago
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