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Will Smith -- I'm No Barack!

2/6/2007 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Will Smith spoke today at the Motion Picture Association of America in Washington D.C. Mr. Smith told the crowd a hilarious story.
Barack Obama and Will Smith
It happened this morning on his way to the event. An older couple approached Smith and said, "We love what you're doing. You're so great for the country!" In true Hollywood fashion, Smith said, "Thank you!"

As the star walked away, the old man said, "And we'll be sure to vote for you."

Come to think of it, Will and Barack have never been seen together. Coincidence?

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I'm responding to the number 6 comment made by Farrah. You complain about racism but yet still manage to call white people "crackers". Thats a hypocritical don't you think? I'm about sick and tired of some black people shouting racism when they themselves are guilty of the worst of it. I can listen to Chris Rock on HBO bash white people with cracker this and cracker that but let one white person even think of the "N" word, and all hell breaks loose. Why don't you practice what you preach.

2813 days ago

Pat Allen    

All I have to say is Obama is one good looking man, not only will I vote for him, he can park his shoes under my bed anytime he wants too

2813 days ago


Oh Please... I'm white, and I have no problem telling Obama and Will Smith apart. I don't think it's a black white thing, I think it's a go to the eye doctor, you need glasses thing! Please!...Will Smith is SOOOOO much better lookin'. And I would rather vote for Will Smith myself!!! Will Smith for president, finally a candidate that we LIKE!!!!!

2813 days ago


...That's Neil WINTERS played by Kristoff St. John from "The Young And The Restless". No, he doesn't look like him, either, but Mr. Obama will definately have my vote based on his INTELLIGENCE and POLITICAL KNOWLEDGE should he win the nom.

2813 days ago

irene forbes    

talk about RACIAL PROFILING !!

they're both black. End of "resemblance"

2813 days ago


They are both great, but, NO, no resemblance there! VOTE for OBAMA!!

2813 days ago


They do not look at all alike, except their teeth do look alike and their eye color!
Both are attractive, articulate, and intelligent. I will definitely vote for Obama if he is nominated!!!!! (and I'm white).

2813 days ago


there are some ppl out there that still think all blacks/asians/hispanics/indians/native american indians all look alike b/c they're too STUPID to stop and consider that there are subtle differences. but that's ok b/c all white ppl look alike, too! HA!

2813 days ago


If black people are smart they will not make the 2008 elections primary and or general a black/white issue. If Obama is the candidate in Nov 2008, he will need the votes of the tradtional white democrats to win! I have seen this happen on a smaller scale in local union elections with a black and white running as soon as the blacks started talking voting black to elect black the black candidate lost over 60% of his support from the white voters. I for one do not want to see that happen in this case, I will vote for the democrat what ever thier color but belive me some people wiil not if they feel it has become a racial issue!

2813 days ago


I think most people recognize the differences - and the similarities - both are attractive men (who happen to be black), and they have so much to offer - Will with his phenomenal talent to entertain, and Barack with his ability to inspire all of us to be better, to expect better.

Not every white person is a racist ass - don't judge us by the fool who stole the White House in 2000 - we look at the pool of candidates and see Barack as one of the best things that has happened in the political arena in a very, very long time. I feel confident that Barack will be on the ticket next year, whether as Pres or VP (think of it - Barack as VP for 8 years, getting the international experience he doesn't have yet ... then another 8 years as Pres - that would be ideal in my eyes, but then, I'm just one person) - any way you look at it, he's in it, and he's going to win - and we, as a country, will be far better for it, for a long time to come.

2813 days ago


Farrah is nothing but a racist himself to use text like he did. It's people like you that fuel this country with the racist attitudes you talk. Obama wouldn't want your vote he's not trash like you. How many white people have you you invited into your home I bet not one. I have many freinds of different color who walk into my home and are considered freinds, the only differents there not trash like you. You keep talking trash and you become one. I'm glad some people I know don't use the race card everytime something bad happens to them the've climbed out of poverty and became something working hard for it not like you.

2813 days ago


Smith and Barak??????? I thought that was pics of Jimmy JJ Dynomite Johnson.

2813 days ago


Did you not read when he said Older couple? They knew it was someone that or they had seen on TV, in the news, what ever. I don`t think it had any thing to with their color. And who knows Will Smith could run for Office one day.....LOL

2813 days ago


To Farrah: Talk about an ignorant racist, it was your bro Nagan and all the other corrupt sob's in La who fomented that situation in N O. Nagan ran out on the people, allowed the cops to run out on the people, gave false information to the White House, and to the FEMA rescue personnel even when FEMA could see people on TV stranded by their local state government - Nagan denied they were stranded, then made up false stories to cover his rear and his corrupt administration. Pres Bush has spent, according to Bono, a hundred times more money on poverty and the age affliction of Africa, 7 billion dollars in one program alone. Treatment for black africans went from less than 50,000 a day to over 1 million, to vote for someone because of their color is as bad as voting against someone because of their color. Try to get some facts before you run your ignorant mouth.

2813 days ago


They may not look alike, but Will could play the part, if they should ever do a movie about Obama. as for the comment about the president being racist, you all need to stop putting down the president and start supporting him. At least he stood up for something, instead of sweeping it under the rug, When you fight you don't know how it will come out. Somebody has to pay for the invasion to the U.S. Also this was not a draft war. These people volunteer, and knew what they were getting into. Only in America can we put the president down, and get away with it. How do you think this looks to outsiders. The man cannot base his decisions on popular opinion. And I'm democrat. I just don't believe the president gets off seeing our troops being killed, but that's the downside to war.

2813 days ago
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