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Can't Stand

Justin's Voice

2/7/2007 12:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears"What Goes Around" came right back around for Britney Spears last night.

TMZ spies caught Justin's ex enjoying a night of drinking and partying with former *NSYNCer JC Chasez -- yeah, Timberlake's old pal -- at club Marquee in NYC, where Spears had a very public jealous moment.

With black thong underwear sticking out of her jeans, Spears decided to check out the DJ booth. Just as she got over to the wheels of steel, the DJ pressed play on a Justin Timberlake track. By the look on her face, Britney was none too pleased.

According to our spy, Britney exchanged a few words with the DJ, and the Timberlake track was promptly replaced with something more to her liking.

Spears doesn't need to worry about the same thing happening with any of K-Fed's music.


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Amy said it better than I ever could. I don't understand how JT can sell albums in the millions. He voice is not special in any way. As for looks, how many of you would give him a second look if he wasn't already famous? Let me answer that. None of you. There is a dumbing down of America when it comes to music. A new generation of kids are buying his music because "everyone else is". Britney couldn't sing live if her career depended on it. Both of them need to go away.

2778 days ago

A Man Who Knows!    

Yeah I agree, she looks more like a five dollar coke whore than any sort of pop "princess" that's for sure. I think what happened is her true self came shining through and what we see is a whole lotta ickiness...ick...eww...gross is what comes to mind when I hear her name. I just hope Isaac wore protection when he hooked up with her. Who knows what others have left behind in that Toxic toilette?

2778 days ago


But when a DJ mixed Toxic and Sexyback and Justin made a face or when he's on stage and gives her the finger to the audience - that's ok right? And that's cause he's a guy and that's cool but you call a woman "'jealous"' . Who writes your stuff anyway???!!!

2778 days ago


JT is a prime example of big bucks backing and spin in the media. He couldn't sing his way out of a paper bag and it's all about the money behind him. Plus sexy? i guess if you tell people something long enough - a few might begin to believe it! Scary.

2778 days ago

Melody Jackson    

Brittany is white trash. Whe always will be. Although I do not defend JT's voice, he does have a much wider range than Brit. Her actions have proven that she is low class, a awful roll model for everyone. Matter of a fact, I don't know anyone who likes her anymore. Why is she still attracting attention, except for the ho live style she lives, I think of her as "little miss door nob, everyone has a turn". JT once said, when asked about KF's spilt with her, "There is a war going on" and for all of you who don't know it, there are our troops, some much younger than Brit, dying in this illegal war...and who gives a rip about the white trash who doesn't account for anything except for how many babies she can spit out and ignore, as if they will be normal when they grow up. And, how much did she give to her wonderful State of Lousiana when Katrina...seeing as she is soooo soooo rich???

2778 days ago

Someone who knows    

The song is not about Britney. It's about his friend Trace who was engaged to Elisha Cuthbert and the song is about her. Do you really think he is still harping over Britney??

2778 days ago


She gave a lot to Lousiana as well as the children of the victims of 9/11.
She has given millions. But no one talks about that, do they?

2778 days ago


Justin can't sing, and is UGLY!

2778 days ago

Britney has issues. She better go home and stay there.

Jimmy Showbiz - Celebrity Gossip

2778 days ago

claudia gamez    

bueno, I know how read english, but hard to write a right stament, i'm steel learning but this is what I want to say: Justin...I don't think he is a great singer, he is a looser..Cameron you such a beautiful lady , what did you see on this teenager look .dude... he is such a sissy ..../ about Britney .....ole!! Britney at leas she decide to be a mom... and she has the have them, not others stars that they refuse to get pregnat , just to take her of her bodies, when they decide to do it ,,,childrens ...should be calling them grandmas....congratulations Britney you more than Justin Don't worry ...he's just jelaus at you...maybe he wish to be your babies Dad..

2778 days ago


hmm.. i wonder what jc thinks he is doing with the britster..

2778 days ago


Too much publicity is being given to Brittney Spears. She has turned into a slut and needs to just go away, grow up and start being a mother to her 2 children.

2778 days ago


Britney is Beautiful she is real and doesn't need all the fancy meals come on give her a break.

and Cameron Diaz is pretty.

Justin who's a cutie wasn't ready to marry anyone and is playing the field but even though K -Fed has his issues he is adorable and hott ....

Let them be them they are just people geez...

2778 days ago

Richard Ott    

If Britney Spears can't stand Justin Timberlake's voice,
maybe that's because the lyrics in the club version of
"My Love" with T.I., "My Love, My Love, My Love, My Love..."
sounds like "Holla', Holla', Holla', Holla'...". Other than that,
that is a preposterous thought, even for Britney Spears.

2778 days ago

Mad Balls    

Well Mr. " I"M BRINGIN' STD'S BACK " Glad it took a confused ,overated , millionaire drunkin' tart to say what we all feel ! Sexy ain't you ! Dickfarts . Sure I aint NASTY BOIL but neither are you !
Just-in Timber gay ! is king of the computer fuze as Britney is Queen of the Dub over Dub . And I thought people were buying more Organics ? Duckheads .

2778 days ago
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