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Can't Stand

Justin's Voice

2/7/2007 12:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears"What Goes Around" came right back around for Britney Spears last night.

TMZ spies caught Justin's ex enjoying a night of drinking and partying with former *NSYNCer JC Chasez -- yeah, Timberlake's old pal -- at club Marquee in NYC, where Spears had a very public jealous moment.

With black thong underwear sticking out of her jeans, Spears decided to check out the DJ booth. Just as she got over to the wheels of steel, the DJ pressed play on a Justin Timberlake track. By the look on her face, Britney was none too pleased.

According to our spy, Britney exchanged a few words with the DJ, and the Timberlake track was promptly replaced with something more to her liking.

Spears doesn't need to worry about the same thing happening with any of K-Fed's music.


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Then per above we need to tell all celebrities that they should give up their professions and stay home with their too, right? And what about other people - do you want them to stay home with their kids too?

2760 days ago

Mad Balls    

I just wish I could have licked Isaac's fingers clean of that " PB " while Brit was giving me a golden shower . Would have made my day ! Sorry , please go back to your racist , anti-gay , pee-brain rants .

2760 days ago


some of you ain't right!

2760 days ago

Chris E    

I like some of Justin's music--but his voice ain't anything special (Nick Lachey outdoes him there). Especially in "My Love"--that was horrible.

2760 days ago

J Doe    

Britard has SERIOUS mental health issues !!!!

2760 days ago

It needs to be said    

Wow! There's a lot of haters out there. To the ones who don't like the way JT sings; He sure has sold a ton of music for him to be so talentless. Gee...maybe all those people who flocked to the nearest music store are all wrong and you're the only person on the planet who sees the real truth? Or maybe YOU have no taste and everyone else is right. Hmmmm. Wonder what it is?
And as for JT having no talent...I sure wish I didn't have the talent he doesn't have.
Maybe then I couldn't be on magazine covers, SNL, on tour to masses of screaming fans and in movies like he isn't.
Grow up you haters. You're just jealous and you know it.

2760 days ago


She must HATE that he has done so well without her and has a career that is respected by the public and his peers alike. She's lucky if she gets the same respect from local least they probably wear panties!

2760 days ago

Mike V.    

Like Justin sang Brittney "What comes around goes back around". I also love the comments that she's bringing skanky back.

2760 days ago


he's bringing sissy back

2760 days ago


don't buy her products
don't buy her mechandise
don't watch the simple life or anything else she appears in
don't idolise her

Parisite Hobag Hilton may seem like this beautiful socialite heiress on the outside but she is really a racist, stuck up, drug taking, alcoholic, spoilt slut with herpes. DON"T SUPPORT HER!

2760 days ago


Hate to say it, but Britney is looking more skanky by the day. What is her deal? She actually looked pretty good right after she announced her divorce. I loved the short blonde hair and the weight loss. I love her pink outfit though. Hope that she gets her shi# together soon.

2760 days ago


I think Justins great, and hot. I like Cameron but she was to old, and he was to young to settle down. As far as Britney take pity on her kids, can you imagine her as your mother!!! In fact, you have to wonder if she ever sees them except for when she wants her picture taken with them so we think she sees them. She's bent out of shape cause Justin won't take her calls.

2759 days ago


Was she the only one at the club? What if someone else wanted to hear Justin Timberlake? Even the DJ was not in charge of his or her OWN selection/choice in music. Britney runs the show. It's all about HER. She has been hanging around with Paris too long. Go home Britney and nurture your children. You're so full of yourself.

2759 days ago


justin is a very sexy man. personally i love his vioce. britney's just a nasty snank that is mad becouse she cant get him back.

2759 days ago


Although I dont care for Britney, I agree with some of the above Justin Timberlake is ugly and cant sing or dance. I think Britney is more classy than him. By the way when did sexy ever leave?

2759 days ago
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