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Teri Hatcher Likes Bush

2/7/2007 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former President George H.W. Bush expressed his firm affection for Teri Hatcher yesterday with a kiss on the cheek -- and a pat on the ass! Frisky for an 82-year-old, ain't he?

The "Desperate Housewives" star had lunch with the elder Bush in Beverly Hills. Bush was in town to receive the 2007 Ronald Reagan Freedom Award at a Tuesday night gala. George's behavior with Teri could earn him an award from his BFF Bill Clinton!

Hatcher drove off in a Mercedes, Bush in a black Suburban with Secret Service in tow. Perhaps the pair will be reunited on Wisteria Lane.


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At least one person in Hollywierd had brains. Good going Teri Hatcher. All the rest of these TREASON HOLLYWIERD COWARDS, HYPOCRITES, LIAR, TRAITORS & PERVERTS are so full of VILE & IRRATIONAL HATRED it is ridiculous.

The ONLY people SAVING AMERICA are the Christians, Republicans & conservatives. If it was up to the liberals they would turn America over to the terrorists & homosexual perverts.

Take some medication for you DELUSIONS & DELIRIUMS you sick & perverted cowardly spineless EMASCULATED libpukes.

2814 days ago


All you LIBERAL PERVERTS that think Teri Hatcher is ugly just proves ALL LIBERALS are HOMOSEXUAL PERVERTS. You all think Hitery KKKlintoon is pretty. She is a DYKE, lol.

2814 days ago


Liberals are piss poor excuses for human beings.

2814 days ago

Jack Frost    

Hard working admirable leaders that want the best for our country??!??!

What have you been smoking?

2814 days ago


It just looks like he's patting her lower back. Also, it was not done in a covert manner, like he was trying to be touchy-feely. This is being blown way out of proportion.

2814 days ago

Jim Muskers    

How come only the sick minded comment on this blog, they can only have sick thing's to say, no matter who it is, i hope teri and Mr. bush had good lunch, and don't see this nasty blog...........................................

2814 days ago

Priscilla Freeman    

This is no doubt G.B.Sr's first time at this game. The nut don't fall to far from the tree. Too bad Little George hasn't been caught on film. At least Clinton could mess around AND keep our country giong.

2814 days ago


That wasn't even on her ass!!! It was her lower all need glasses!!

2814 days ago

J. Campbell    

Correct, he did pat her on the butt but at least he didn't stick her under the desk in the Oval Office and claim to not know what sex was.

2814 days ago


I wouldn't let that pervert anywhere NEAR me. Bu$h senior is an evil old man who should have used condoms.We wouldn't be in the mess we're in today if he had and we wouldn't have lost our good standing and good name around the world. Thanks.George and your idiot son have RUINED this country.

2814 days ago

the whitest kid u know    

How many of you drooling libs liked her before assuming she was a Republican? C'mon, you know who you are!!

2813 days ago

Alan Frain    

stop dumping on Teri Hatcher just because some old public figure felt her up, if he even did; I have not seen the picture.

2813 days ago

sam fisher    

Clinton clearly has a bad influence on papi Shrub: after a 2nd childhood he's now in his second puberty. I just wish Shrub Jr stopped being a pathetic 6 yr old turning the world into a nuclear playground for spoiled brats like himself and start having bjs of his own in the oval would cost us far less.

2813 days ago

Patty Shaw    

Wow, you liberals are all so narrow minded, most of you all feed from the same dead pool of boring thought. Humans can actually like others even if they have a diferent philosophy about life. So Teri might like George Sr., maybe she is a true American who loves our country and respects the simple fact that he is one of Our past Presidents. Yes I am a conservative and I usually vote Republican, but I still show respect for Bill Clinton even though I did not and still do not agree with him on many issues. He was my President for eight years.
To me Teri just went up in value as a human being! She works in the most unforgiiving business in the WHOLE WORLD, lets see how mean you libs can be! My best to you Teri!

2813 days ago


It is so like you libs to call Republicans hatemongers!! Just look at YOUR posts! Liberals are sooooooooo hypocritical. Just because she likes Bush you tear her apart? Unbelieveable. By the way......Liberals suck and are ruining our country. And I mean that in the most non-hate mongering way!! ;-)

2813 days ago
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