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Gloria Allred: Griffin's Baby Momma Got Hurt Bad

2/7/2007 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The pregnant girlfriend of Griffin O'Neal suffered abrasions, blunt head trauma, facial lacerations and a sinus orbital wall fracture during the Saturday brawl at the home of Ryan O'Neal, this according to lawyer Gloria Allred.

Allred held a news conference today and announced she is representing both Griffin O'Neal and his girlfriend, Joanna Berry. Allred says her clients reject any assertion that Ryan was acting in self defense.

Griffin and Joanna did not speak at the news conference. Allred says her clients may be called to testify in a criminal case. No word yet on whether charges will be filed.

Ryan O'Neal was arrested for allegedly firing a gun during the incident.


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I guess you seem to be forgetting the brothers and sisters like Michael Jackson who molests boys and R. Kelly who molests little girls and video tapes it. And Jesse Jackson who has fathered children outside of his marriage. Isahia Washington who is a bigoted racists just like you are. Your a joke.

2815 days ago


What about American Idol folks. its back.......yah

2815 days ago


I LOVE Gloria Allred. She is my HERO. Brilliant lawyer, outspoken feminist and friend to women and children..


2815 days ago


Farrass you are such a troll. What an exciting life you must lead.
Are you on disablility? At a halfway house with computer priviledges?
In the 5th grade and home schooled?
780LBS and house bound? Working the system and getting paid
to stay home? Drug dealer waiting for your new pool to be put in?
I figure it's got to be one or more.

2815 days ago

Mad Balls    

Hate to correct someone who is going against the "icon" here , but the logic employed by computers was based after an African game of beads . Africans were so good at Mathematics that Hitler had a compound of African blacks he used for mathematical computations . Too bad this " Farrah " is white and has not done his/her homework as Blacks have contributed greatly to the advancement of the Human race .Please don't let my facts or real History stop your ignorant rants . Please rant amongst yourselves again . Thank you !

2815 days ago

Personally I think she has Post Partum Depression it explains her current weird acts    

Griffin is a user and an abuser and of course the pregnant 22 year old chickie is going to stick by him.

Ryan is 65 years old out of shape. He will not have the same physical strength as his ungrateful son. You guys do the math is you want to believe griffin then that is your problem.

Griffin has been a drug abuser for more than 20 years. Griffin also was responsible for the death of another human being during one of these times. So again do the math he is reckless.

Lawyer Gloria was not there and neither wan Tatum Oneil (who lost custody of her children to her ex mcintoe (excuse spelling). Do you see her in wicked she looks like she is in her sixties and Farrah looks younger. I remember Tatum being upset that when Daddy got involved with Ryan that she was going to replace her in her daddys eyes.

Griffin grow up get a job stop sponging off your father and Ryan stop being an enabler to him. If I had done drugs my parents would have disowned me, if some guy got me pregnant they would have sued for custody. Parents need to learn tough love.

Now what ever happened to Griffins and Tatums mother (same mother by the way) if she is alive and had any type of custody she too is partially reponsibible and not just ryan.

Ryan has marks on his body of being hit by a poker and griffin was the one wielding it. Griffin is the one who hit the chickie.

The scenario does not make sense as for griffns side. Lets see if some man had a gun on me and asked me to leave then I am leaving. I am not going to get a fireplace poker and try to hit him. Common sense there is something missing from Griffns story.

2815 days ago


#13, is that you Amber Frey?

2815 days ago


The 42 year old SON should have moved out from his Dad's place a long time ago. Griffin is a LOSER, unable to make anything of himself, and that is not his parents fault. If he was so f-ng unhappy around dear old drunk Dad, HE SHOULD HAVE MOVED OUT ALONG TIME AGO and TAKEN HIS EASY-RIDER GIRLFRIEND ALONG WITH HIM. What low life losers they are - that is some unfortunate child they are bringing into this world, what with their baggage and all. No decency whatever.

And Allred - read: all media, all the time. I once had respect for her - once, way back, when she was a respectable attorney...why can't she stay busy with her plastic surgeons and stay out of our sight????

2815 days ago


babs...Ryan and Farrah were never married.

Griffith is totally nuts. He's the one who took pictures of Redmond smoking pot and selling the pictures of his own brother to the Rags.

I"m no fan of Ryan's but I hope nothing happens to him.
Gloria Allred is what's wrong with this country. She'll sue anyone for anything.
That bitch will burn in hell.

2815 days ago

Only in    

oh gee oh my i cant stop shaking oh scott whats going on i thought you were in paris when are you coming home are you married let s go out on your boat

2815 days ago

carol anne    

Wasn't Griffin involved in a boating accident which resulted in the death of a famous movie producer's son?

2815 days ago

carol anne    

Is Farrah all better now?

2815 days ago


As soon as I saw the name Gloria Allred I just laughed.....she's a media whore and Griffin is going to try to get some of daddy's money (Ryan does ok in the real estate market)

2815 days ago


Well Said Jen!! I think Griffin should have been arrested.

2815 days ago


Griffin (allegedly) hit his own father!!!!! I suggest they test the "defendants" for drug use. Ryan's son is known for his substance abuse, and irresponsible actions/behaviors while drinking and drugging. It is so transparent that they are out to get Ryan's money.

Ryan is being charged with using a gun, as he states to defend himself from his fire poker wielding son. It does not look to me like that girl was hit by a gun!!!

Who knows what story these two came up with to get an attorney like Gloria Allred to represent them. I'm shocked that she is taking their case. She USUALLY takes such respectable cases. Only way I can reason this is that she wants media attention.

2815 days ago
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